fall 2019 fabfitfun box

My Fall 2019 FabFitFun Box

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my FabFitFun box for the fall 2019 season.

fall 2019 fabfitfun box

I wasn’t blown away by this box but I did like the options more this time around because it was so varied. I still wasn’t super into any of the options really so I am still leaning towards canceling although it was more fun this month. I did have a bit of a weird thing with my add-ons but more on that later.

The Box: Theme & Charity

The theme of this month seems centered around self-care and self-love, so the box had heart art on it! The artist is Cecilia Castelli who is an Italian illustrator and I thought the box looked beautiful. The charity is City of Hope which is focused on curing cancer and other severe illnesses. For last season’s charity, Global Gift Foundation USA and Eva Longoria Foundation received $87,740 in donations.

fall 2019 fabfitfun box items

The Items

So I’ll start with the customizations. All members get to make three selections and annual members make an additional two. The remaining four items are in every box. I’ll just specify the items I got but include a general idea of what else was offered.

All Member Customizations

The first item I selected was the Plush Ultra Soft Plaid Scarf, which retails for $75. I haven’t opened it up yet but already I can feel it is indeed very soft! From photos I’ve seen it’s pretty large and since it’s getting chilly I’m looking forward to using it soon! I do have a ton of scarves so although I loved this option right away I wanted to get something else but the other options weren’t really anything I’d be excited about. The other ones were a travel yoga mat, a flat iron, a teeth whitening kit, and a mystery item which ended up being an eye cream. Actually originally I was going to go with the teeth whitening kit but I found mixed reviews of it online and then it ended up being taken out I believe so I’m glad I went with the scarf!

For the second option I picked the NASSIFMD Detox Pads, which retail for $45. This container was so much larger than I expected so I was happy with this choice. The other choices were a lunch box (which I would have liked but seemed small), a wallet (useful but I have a few already), and a cheese board (which I almost went for but I don’t have a kitchen of my own yet!).

The third option I went for was the Cosmedix Pure C, which retails for $54. It’s a vitamin C to add to nighttime serums or moisturizers, which sounds weird but I wanted to try it out. The other options were a face mask and earrings.

Select Member Customizations

The next item I picked was the Trestique Mini Eye Essentials (Set of 4), which retails for $48. They’re a brow pencil, eyeliner, and shadow crayons in a set, which is pretty cool. I think I’ll leave this to be a gift for my cousins in Mexico probably although I am tempted to keep them because I do like the brand and they’re so cute. The other options were a body gel, salt and pepper mill, and a hair towel.

The last customization I made was for the Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner, which retails for $30. I am almost out of my current toner so I figured it was good to get this. The other options were eye masks or an aromatherapy rollerball.

All Box Items

The last three items were the Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanser, and Human + Kind Body Souffle. They retail for $30, $16, and $18 respectively. I think I’ll keep the sugar cubes but the others will be saved for gifts, although I’m tempted by the body souffle. I will say, the box smelled great when I opened it and I do think it’s the sugar cubes. They weren’t damaged or anything but I think they just smell strongly. I liked the items although I won’t use them all.

Overall, my box was worth $316, which is in the middle of this season’s range. I don’t really care about the value because I’ve had boxes at the top of the range, middle, and lower end and I don’t find that the value makes the box any better or worse really, it’s just what items you like best!

fall 2019 fabfitfun box add ons

My Add-Ons

For my add-ons I got three packets of the Daily Concepts Daily Bio-Cotton Make Up Removers, which I got for $5 each. I looked them up and each box retails for $12. I decided to get these because I always feel bad using cotton rounds and throwing them out after each use. These are washable so I’m going to try them out. I did get 3 thinking I can also gift one so we’ll see how good these are!

That’s all I got this time around, but as I said there was a weird thing with my add-ons. Normally they ship with the box, so the box just gets placed in a bigger brown box with the add-ons and they’re promoted that way as well. However, this time I got my box really fast (last season I got it really late) but I noticed it was just the box and no add-ons. Since I’d heard of people being charged for add-ons that never showed up then I started getting worried but I checked my email which said they would ship separately. It took awhile to get them, which was weird, but they did appear eventually! I preferred to get them separately than to have my entire box delayed though so I was happy about that.

And that was my fall 2019 FFF box! What about you? Would you have been excited about this box?

Thanks for reading!


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    • I went to go use them yesterday and realized that the instructions said to throw them in the washing machine first! So I threw them in my laundry and I can’t wait to try them out! And I’m so excited because it’s finally cool enough to wear scarves so I’m going to wear my new scarf ASAP!

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  1. This is so exciting! I just ordered the fall box because of a good Labor Day sale so I’m excited to receive it! I’ve heard mixed reviews about the fall box. I only purchased this one and I’m not sure if I’ll add the annual membership.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooooo I hope you enjoy your first box! Honestly, it’s not the most “fall” box and after some time they do feel a bit repetitive but I do think this is one of the better boxes in awhile. But of course everyone has such a wide range of interests that it’s hard to please everyone. For example, this past summer’s box was a pretty big hit with lots of members but I personally wasn’t a fan of it. I hope you do enjoy this box though!


      • Thank you! I’ve always loved reading your posts about the boxes! I’m excited to try some of the skincare. I didn’t end up picking any of the bigger items like the scarf or lunch box because I knew I wouldn’t use them. It should be pretty interesting! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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