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If We Were Having Coffee September 2019

Hello everyone! Let’s grab a drink and catch up, shall we?

I am going to grab the new iced blueberry tea drink from Starbucks although at this time I don’t think it’s that new. It’s been out all summer I believe!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, how amazing my NYC trip was. I really had a good time with my sister, her roommate, and her roommate’s mom in New York City. We did see two musicals and so many of the top tourist “must sees” so I’m so happy we did so much in just three days!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I really love Taylor Swift’s new album Lover. I felt like every song I listened to I was convinced that was the best song on the album but then each that followed was also amazing. I love the overall sound of the album which I was surprised at since I loved Reputation so much and so I wasn’t sure how I would like something as different from it as Lover. But I do really enjoy it and I love listening to it! I did an album review of Reputation I believe so if you want one for Lover then let me know and I’m happy to do one.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that I’m both happy and sad the end of summer is here. The school buses have been out which is super annoying, but it’s nice to be able to go outside and not start instantly sweating. Pros and cons to everything! It’s also been great to be able to open our windows again and not be subjected to AC so much.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I received my first ARC! In case you don’t know, ARC stands for “advance reader copy” which is basically a book that is sent out to people to review before it goes on sale to the public. They are essentially finished copies but the artwork is generally different than the final version and some things might be changed/updated before that final version goes on sale. The point of ARCs is to increase interest in the book before the release so they’re sent out to people to review and get others familiarized with them. This company has sent me two books before (I still need to review the second one they sent me) but this is my first ARC, so it’s exciting! I have had ARCs before but I got them when I went to BookCon back in 2016 I believe it was so this is a really nice thing to get. I’m so grateful!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I don’t have another trip planned right now, unfortunately. I sort of have used trips as something to really look forward to in the past few months so this is a weird and not my favorite thing but it is my wallet’s favorite thing so I think I’m just going to stay put for awhile longer. Unless something else comes up anyway!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I am still really into the idea of redecorating either my bedroom or home office but I really don’t want to buy furniture or spend too much on them so for now I’m just going to focus on reorganizing and seeing if that will tide me over. I just feel like I have so much cute stuff but they don’t shine because there’s no real theme so I’m really hoping to put some order to everything.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that I’m nearly done playing through Life is Strange: Before the Storm and I’m quite sad about that! I really do love the series so it’s super fun to be able to actually play it and go through the story. This is the first game I ever saw a playthrough for of the series so I feel extra close to this story. I got the deluxe version so I plan to play the Farewell prequel next, and I haven’t seen a playthrough of that one at all so it’s going to be the first game in a long time that I’ll be playing blind. I hope to finish them both (I have episode 3 left and then Farewell) this weekend and maybe review them later this month.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I did go down to 1 post per week but I have a lot to say so right now I’m planning on 2 per week in September. It might not happen, as I have a ton of other stuff going on, but I do hope so because it’s stuff I really want to share.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that I’ve been pretty good at the “balance” goal of mine. I do think that I’ve really focused on me this past month because I’ve truly needed it. I think this month will be much of the same, since this back to school season has hit me harder than I thought. I just love learning so I found it pretty tough knowing everyone was going back to the classroom and I wasn’t. I miss it so much!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I wish I was more positive lately. I have been having a hard past few weeks, so I haven’t been so positive but I am slowly getting back to it. I have decided to focus on positivity through gratefulness this month because I have a ton to be grateful for. It’s pretty easy when looking at it that way!

So, what would you tell me if we were having coffee? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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    • Glad you enjoy the format! I actually copied it from other blogger friends of mine that copied it from others eons ago but I really love writing them so I’ve stuck to them. I’ve never had a flat white though so now I’m interested!

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  1. Would love to read your thoughts on Lover by Taylor Swift! Hope you get to do some redecorating and having a project might help increase your positive mindset. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling the greatest recently, it will pass and we all go through periods of this – sending lots of sunshine and happiness your way ❀

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  2. I’m the same when it comes to Summer. Sad that its over but also I am super excited for cosy evenings ahead. Also deffo recommend a redecoration. Something as simple as buying a new rug or just moving things around makes all the difference and its a great way to end summer!

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    • I do love bundling up and snuggling with fuzzy blankets so that is something to look forward to for sure! And I really think I ought to get to that redecoration because everyone seems to be super on board with that plan! πŸ™‚

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  3. Whaaaat? I didn’t know Starbucks had a blueberry iced tea. I hope it doesn’t go away so I can still try it. 😭

    I started a profile on Netgalley & was approved for a few ARCs but, it bothered me that in the beginning of the book, it says it could be different from the final version lol I probably won’t read those books until they’re officially published now.

    You will enjoy your freedom from school, Pamela! It just seems odd not to have it right now. β™‘ Stay positive & enjoy your Septemeber!! Lovely having a coffee chat with ya, as always!!

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    • I hope you do get to try it! It’s so yummy!!!

      Yeah, I don’t think they normally have big changes and normally it’s like correcting errors that were missed and stuff like that. I’m not 100% sure but I believe that’s it!

      Thank you Hunida! It is also very nice not having to worry about school haha! There’s so much free time now!!!! I tend to go on walks after work now with my parents which I could have never done when I was in school because of all the homework and readings haha. Thanks for joining me for this coffee chat! πŸ™‚


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