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My August Life

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to go over my life this August!

my august life featured image

I have to say, it’s been one super long month! Also now that I’m blogging once a week I feel a lot less stress to keep up with it but also kind of disconnected from blogging in general. I’m also not really keeping up with other blogs so I really need to get back into it! But here’s what I’ve been up to this month!


I finished up my summer ballet class! I was sad when it ended as this year was probably the most advanced ballet class I’d taken. I did learn a lot, including that I’m terrible at remembering combinations! I’m sure if I took more classes I’d get better, along with the technique but right now I’m not very good at it. I love the barre part of class though. The park district where I take the classes didn’t schedule an adult ballet class in the fall unfortunately but I’ve been told to check back in the spring to see if there’s a spot for it then. I didn’t really connect with the other students this year as there were so many and everyone seemed to be out all the time so it was hard but everyone was still nice and supportive. There is a new dance studio that moved to the same town from another town awhile ago so I did see they have a fall class but they’re also a lot more expensive so I didn’t sign up for it. If it’s not held in the spring then I hope to do it again next summer!

I’ve also been playing more Hogwarts Mystery. Ava Samwise Quagmire is off to a good start in Year 6 and I’m getting more and more sad that it’s nearly the end. I’m starting to get worried about her friendships too. They require so many interactions to get to the next level and with new people added in every year, plus not being completely caught up with the others makes me nervous that she won’t get full friendships with everyone. Oh, and she did run into her brother recently and it took so many duels to beat him. I’m convinced it’s rigged!

I mentioned this already in my NYC trip post but I did see two musicals! I watched The Phantom of the Opera and Be More Chill while I was in New York City. They were both amazing! I do want to do a review of Be More Chill and maybe a new Phantom one too.

For DIY nights we made two things. One is a lantern where we used a balloon to get the shape and then used some sort of plaster to make a lantern. I haven’t finished it yet as I planned to spray paint it but haven’t even removed the balloon yet. The other was painting wooden cactuses! That one was fun and everyone was super creative with them. I really enjoyed that project.

For songwriting, I wrote a verse of what I thought was one of my songs where I already had the chorus but now I’m not sure they’re the same song anymore. They’re very similar though so I feel like I’m finding a sound that I really like. Think a mix of Taylor Swift and Gabbie Hanna.


I’ve really enjoyed the Be More Chill music as well as Taylor Swift’s new Lover album! Or at least what I’ve heard of her album so far. I preordered the CD but somehow it shipped as standard shipping instead of my regular two day shipping so I haven’t even gotten it yet! I’ve listed to a few songs on YouTube but really need to get to all of them soon. I really enjoy “Michael in the Bathroom” and “Do You Want A Ride?” from Be More Chill and right now my favorite from Lover is the title song, “Lover”.

I recently started watching Clevver videos after loving the Shared channel of Lily and Joslyn. I’m really enjoying all their old Beauty Tripin’ videos and their Taylor Swift content recently they also had a really great 24 hours in the Clevver office video.

I don’t really have any beauty favorites this month!


I don’t want to be so negative but I haven’t had the best month for sure. August has been quite the struggle for me but NYC was definitely amazing! I really enjoyed that trip and had a great time. I loved the break I got from everything going on and it was so much fun. If you missed that post, feel free to go read it so you can catch up on those adventures!

And that’s my August life! I’m really sad to see summer come to a close, especially since I don’t have school anymore and I did enjoy the start of the semesters these past two years. Ah well, we must all move on eventually!

I hope you had an amazing August and will have a spectacular September!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’m sorry you haven’t had the best month, Pamela but, I am so happy NYC was in the middle of it all for you. ♡ Can’t wait to read the Be More Chill review & can’t belive you’re still playing the HP game– that’s dedication!!

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