my july life

My July Life

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Life post! It’ll be a recap of my life this past month and mixed in with my old Lively and Favorites post. This one is all July.

my july life

I might play around with the flow of these posts for a few months until I settle into one I really like. Hopefully you’ll be patient with me while I figure that out! I decided that I was going to do a bit of the Lively and Favorites in here too. I might remove them later but for now, here they are!


I started and finished the game Life is Strange on my Playstation 4. I saw the game was on sale and I’ve loved watching people play it on YouTube so I had to play it as well! I actually planned to play Life is Strange: Before the Storm first, because it was the first game I saw a playthrough of between those two, even if it was a prequel to the original game. However, I bought them as a bundle and LiS downloaded first/faster so I played it first anyway. Does anyone want a video game review on it?

I also have really been enjoying Hogwarts Mystery still. Ava Samwise Quagmire has gone on her first date with Barnaby, finished year 5, and seems to be a known as a curse-breaker outside of Hogwarts now too. How fun! It did hit me that she now only has this year and the next, then it’s Ava Samwise’s graduation. It’s gone by so fast (jk, it’s been very slow).

I’ve started to write two more songs. One of them I have the full chorus and a verse, the other I really only have a few lines and not really a melody yet. But that’s pretty cool to me that I have two new ideas! I really should finish at least one of the four songs I have started though.

This month I also had a few ballet classes. I missed the week with 4th of July as class wasn’t held on the holiday and the week after I was in California for work. So I still don’t really know the people in the class, plus a lot of them don’t go every week either. But it’s a ton of fun and there’s so much I can still work on and learn. For example, I really need to work on balance and spotting for turns! There was one day when I got really dizzy from pique turns but I just kept going and thankfully didn’t fall over. I’m getting better at leaps though!

Otherwise, for DIY nights we did a fun rock painting! I found some inspiration on Pinterest before getting started and I decided to do an ice cream cone. My rock was a little on the square side and the paint took quite some time to dry and layer on so it didn’t go quite as I planned but it was really fun! We also did plastic bag basket weaving. That one was way too time consuming if you ask me but eventually I got a tiny little basket. Fun!


I loved using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer this month, especially since I was travelling! It lasts so long and looks great, so I wanted to give it a shout out.

To go along with that is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. After a few 13 hour days working at VidCon, my makeup was still in place due to this spray! I love it!


VidCon 2019

I had a really great work trip to Anaheim, California this month for the event VidCon! If you don’t know, it’s all about online content, and I had a blast. I saw so many featured creators, the VidCon team was amazing, and I even went to Downtown Disney and got myself Minnie ears!

When I tell people how many creators I saw and how I got to go to the event for work everyone seems to be so jealous! Haha, I’m not going to lie, that is the best part of the job. I love adding to an amazing event and seeing it come together at the end. It’s a ton of work and there’s plenty of tougher days (I’m going through a really rough patch at work right now actually) but these highlights are always special.

Otherwise I’ve worked with my dad’s company a few times this month too. I missed two or so weeks and in that few weeks everything suddenly grew so much! The flowers look great, the new trees are looking a little more established, and of course the weeds are trying their hardest to get in there. It’s crazy to think that summer is almost over when it feels like it’s just started!

So that’s my July Life! Let me know if you like this format and that I put everything together in a way or if you would rather only get my Life updates and drop the rest.

Thanks for reading!


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