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My Anaheim Trip

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing a bit about my work trip to Anaheim, California for VidCon 2019!

This is going to be a bit of a overview of my trip. A room tour, a few outfits, and a little bit about the event! Since I was there for work, I didn’t do too much but it was still a great trip overall.

Day 1 – Travelling Tuesday to Anaheim

So my flight was at 7am which meant I was up super early to go to the airport. I had already checked in on my app for my flight (on American Airlines) and so I just printed my boarding pass at the kiosk and got in line for security. It was a pretty long line but it went fast. When I got through I grabbed a drink at Starbucks and then went to my gate. I felt it was too early to eat but later regretted it!

The flight was four hours so by the time I landed it was lunch time back in Chicago. I landed at Santa Ana’s airport (John Wayne) and then took a Lyft to my hotel. I was staying at the Embassy Suites Anaheim South and it was great! Normally, I’ve never had issues getting my room early but that’s usually been around noon. Since I was now on Pacific time in Cali, my room wasn’t ready yet so I stored my bag with the hotel and went to the convention center where two of my coworkers were already working. I met up with them and then we had a quick lunch before I headed back to my hotel to check on my room. I still didn’t have a room so I went to the hotel where I would be primarily working from. I won’t say which one but it was in the area I was staying at so I had a little bit of a walk and in the Cali sun, it was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be haha!

I made it through the confusing hallways (eventually they made sense but at first I was so confused) and then got to the room where I would be working in. At first the three ladies in the room looked up at me and were confused who was walking in but once I said “Hi I’m Pamela” they immediately started CLAPPING and CHEERING and then all three got up to give me a huge group hug! They were sooooo sweet! After some more introductions and apologizing for looking like a mess (because I hadn’t had a room to get cleaned up properly) I got right to work. There was quite a bit to do so I was busy until about 3, which was check in time anyway. I headed back to my hotel and my room was finally ready so off I went to go unpack.

hotel room tour

I ended up in one of the larger suites at the hotel! I walked in and there was the living area that had a couch and chair (it was also a pullout sofa) facing a TV, then a dining table in the room as well as the countertop and cabinets in the hallway with the coffee maker, fridge, and sink. I did get a nice snack bag of chips, water, and a chocolate bar too! Then in the hallway was the bathroom which had a bath/shower combo and it was great. The bedroom had a king bed, a tv on the dresser, a vanity, a tall dresser, and then another couch by the big windows. I loved it! There was so much room and the room was very comfortable. Since it was so big I couldn’t really fit everything in a couple of photos but you get a good idea!

After changing and everything I headed back out to meet up with my coworkers at the convention center and then we headed out to find dinner. We ended up at The Fifth, which is the rooftop bar of the hotel Grand Legacy at the Park. The food and drinks were good, and we got to see the fireworks from there! The bar also played the same music as the park so that was even better! We headed back to our hotels at that.

Day 2 – Check In Day

This was the first big day for us as most people started to arrive. I was handling the hotel stuffs for all the staff, some VIPs, and the featured creators at the hotel so I was incredibly busy handling requests to change dates, change rooms, etc. Some of them were very reasonable, such as ADA needs, and then others were more out there such as the one where a standard room deemed “not a creator room” and there “wasn’t space to film” (yeah we weren’t setting up mini studios in each room clearly). Either way, the requests were handled and it was great!

Now, my hours were supposed to be 8am to 5pm but I didn’t end up leaving until 9pm because it was just so much to take care of. That’s onsite life for you! If you don’t work over 12 hours, did you really work?

This day though we ended up with a staff member having a medical emergency. I was the one that called 911 and we were all very, very freaked out. We sent another staff member with the paramedics to accompany the person which left us a little short staffed but we were very happy we did as that was the best thing to do for sure. We would get updates throughout the week after that. Luckily the staff member also had family friends in the area so they weren’t completely alone once the other staff came back to work.

Day 3 – A Bit of This, A Bit of That

By Thursday everyone had pretty much already showed up so I had very little to do other than the occasional requests to go down to the front desk to change something. By this time, the hotel staff decided it was best to print out my picture from my LinkedIn and post it at their computers to show I was authorized to make changes for any room. That made it so much faster and easier but the thing was, there was so little to do and it was so fast to do it that I ended up not having much left. So I started checking in creators!

VidCon 2019

I met quite a bit of YouTubers that way. Obviously I played it cool, as did everyone else, but we would all have fun talking about who we met and such after to each other. The Featured Creators that I met were all very lovely. I don’t want to say which ones just to be respectful of their privacy and because it was a work thing not like a meet and greet, ya know? Still it was super fun and cool to meet some of them. There were some where they were calling me directly too so it was a little surreal that the people I’d been watching for years were on the phone with me. They were all great though and I enjoyed my interactions with them. Overall, we had hardly any problems so it was a great event on my end.

Day 4 – Work & Downtown Disney

Friday was also slow housing wise but also check-in wise. At this point almost everyone was already at the event so there was very little to get done. I did get fed a lot though as food kept showing up and then treats did too. I headed out of work a little early and headed to the convention center to see a bit of the event. Since I had a crew badge I was able to get around everywhere so I walked the show floor a bit, walked around the industry level a bit too, and then looked around at the area where the featured creators were networking too. I didn’t really stick around though so I quickly left to the hotel were I was meeting my coworkers and we headed off to Downtown Disney!

We had thought about going into a park but decided not to in the end as we wouldn’t have a lot of time at either park. So we stuck to Downtown Disney, did a bit of shopping, found a good bar to enjoy, and then headed back to our hotels. I insisted on getting Minnie ears and enjoyed shopping for gifts for my parents and sister while I was there but I do wish I’d stayed an extra day or two in order to do a Disney day.

downtown disney anaheim

Day 5 – Going Home

The next day was really just a travel day for me so I did stop by the hotel I was working at to say good bye. I did fix one thing while there but otherwise just said good bye and headed out to the convention center to drop off the onsite cell phone. I walked around the expo hall a bit more and watched a panel (photos above in Day 3’s stuff) where I thought the advice was a little dubious but ah well. Then I walked around a bit more and just enjoyed the hall a bit more. After that I went back to my hotel and then picked up my stuff to head to the airport.

I wish I’d stayed in that area a little longer though, as I ended up at the airport about three hours before my flight and then realized it’s not at all like O’Hare with long lines and tons of shops. It was tiny and there was almost no line for security so I just sat around and got lunch. Then we boarded, I slept through a good portion of the documentaries Free Solo and Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis. Oh the way there I had listened to a ton of podcasts but my battery was running low so I charged my phone instead of more podcasts. Then we landed and I was happy to be home!

Some Outfits

my anaheim work trip outfits

Well, I forgot nearly every day to get an outfit picture so here’s a few that I did. First is my travel outfit, jeans and a sweater. Then another day I had black flats, black dress pants, a pink shirt, and a black cardigan. Then I had the same shoes and pants in the other one but with a blue shirt. I didn’t get a picture with my outfits with grey dress pants but I promise I had another pair! I do wish I’d packed less dressy tops and the workout clothes because I didn’t end up needing as much. I also accidentally packed a dress instead of a swim suit cover up which was annoying (it was like the bright colored pattern so I mixed up the patterns in my head). I wish instead I’d packed a heavier cardigan so I could wear that while working as it was cold in the hotel where I was working. I would also have packed sandals for the down time instead but I was already at four pairs of shoes with my sneakers, flip flops, and two pairs of flats so that was excessive already. It was overall pretty good though!

So that’s my work trip to Anaheim! I really enjoyed my time there and I loved my experience working with VidCon. The staff were amazing and kind and we all kept such a positive environment that week. It was great!

Thanks for reading!


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    • Haha, there’s definitely the stressful or difficult parts but the events themselves are so great that I love experiencing them so much and being a little part of it! And I haven’t heard about her since the event since she and I don’t work together (she works for VidCon I believe but I don’t work with her portion of the event directly). She was doing well last I heard, just very shaken by everything.
      Glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m glad you had a nice trip! I’m always surprised by other airports because of how crazy O’Hare is at all hours. We always get to the airport so early to leave California and end up walking around a ton. It’s so much better than feeling rushed and stressed out though.


    • Thank you!!! Haha I love my Minnie ears so much although looking back I’m fairly sure that’s why the bartender carded me… But also EVERY female had Minnie ears on! So maybe it’s just my face haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved reading about your trip, Pamela! So scary about your coworker & the emegency call. How brave of you to be the one to call 911. I hope s/he’s alright now.

    The VidCon event sounds awesome!! I am so curious which YouTubers you met/were directly calling you but I totally get why you want to keep it private.

    Downtown Disney sounds like a blast, too!

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Anaheim with us!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Hunida! Sorry, I’ve taken a bit of an unexpected blogging break but I think I’m back! (Mostly.)

      I actually don’t work with the young woman on a regular basis and I haven’t asked because I don’t want to seem like I’m nosey but I hope she’s doing alright now too!

      VidCon was so fun! And I really want to spill the beans SO BAD but I just feel like it’s not nice, you know? They were very sweet though and I’m happy I was able to help them out.

      Downtown Disney was SO FUN but I wish I’d stayed an extra day or two to go into an actual park. It’s expensive though!

      Glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll catch up on all I missed on your blog soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aw that’s okay, I definitely understand but, I was just thinking how I was missing you on my Reader!!! SO nice to see your face again, babe. ❤

        I totally get what you mean about not wanting to be nosy & also, about not wanting to spill the beans! I'm really happy to hear they were all nice though. 🙂 I've actually never heard of DT Disney until this post! It looked/sounded cool what you got to see & do without the extra day!

        ❤ ❤ No worries at all, skip them if you need to, you know all I do is ramble LOL!!

        Liked by 1 person

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