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My June Life

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing my June life with you!

my june life featured image

It was a nice month with some exciting stuff but also some low-key times too, which is always nice.

Sweetener World Tour

sweetener world tour sister selfie

First, I went to see Ariana Grande’s tour for her albums Sweetener and thank u, next. I wrote about my experience already in a post so I won’t go too in detail with this but I will say it was a lot of fun and Ari was amazing!

The next morning I had a low-key morning in Chicago where I hung out at Millennium Park, walked around downtown a bit, and then said a quick hello to a former coworker who now works in the city.

Landscape season

As you might already know, I work with my dad who owns his own landscape business. It’s fun to spend time outside and work with him so that’s been a great part of this month! We also tend to see a ton of wildlife. Early this month there was a fawn on the property we work on and so we gave it a wide area to rest at while we worked and it waited for it’s mom to come back. On another trip we saw a huge owl on the patio! It just stared at us as we walked past. We mostly left it alone but it was in an area that we had to pass by more often and so we might have annoyed it and it left eventually. I put photos of them on my Instagram in case you want to check it out! (@StarringPamela there and link in my signature.)

We also finally got flowers for the pots and flower beds, so that was fun! When we went to the nursery there were animals on display, parrots and little owls. They were adorable! The colors in the nursery were amazing too, so that was a lovely trip.

Work Outing

arlington racetrack

My office had our summer outing this month! We headed to Arlington Racetrack which is a horse racetrack. We’ve been there a few times for outings as many people do really like to go there. Unfortunately a lot of my team members already had plans for that day to be out of town so they didn’t attend and a couple others were ill, too busy with work, or just didn’t want to go so it was only two of us who went. We stayed for a bit and explored the area but then eventually headed out. Even then, we had a good time!

Work Update

Speaking of work, it was my 5 year work anniversary! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. I have held 3 positions at the company over those 5 years and everyone keeps congratulating me because honestly, 5 years is a long time I feel like for people my age. However, at my company it’s not a huge number as there’s plenty of people who have been there 20 years or more. Even so, I got a letter mailed to me from the president of my company’s parent company and a card mailed to me from the president of my own company so that was nice. My manager also wished me a happy work anniversary about three times although I think that’s because he was trying to make up for forgetting my birthday last month LOL. Them and then two other people wished me a happy 5 year work anniversary. No one else really said anything but oh well! We tend to do things like forget birthdays so honestly, I’m not surprised. Either way, yay to 5 years!

And that’s what my life was like in June! Very low-key overall but so much fun too. A good balance of it all!

Thanks for reading!


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    • It was indeed! And I work in the events industry, so like conventions, cons, marathons, etc. Specifically I work with them to get them hotel rooms for the events and sometimes I get to travel to help onsite!


      • Haha, they’re each fun in their own way! I did retail for a bit after college but it just wasn’t for me. Even so, I learned so much that got me hired as a customer service agent at my current company and I’ve worked up from there! 🙂 Those skills are always useful!


    • Thank you! They do a pretty good job where I work, which is nice. The years 5, 10, 15, etc. are the “milestones” so I got a bit more attention for it than I would have otherwise haha. Even so, it’s always nice 🙂 Hope your team continues to find fun ways to celebrate!


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