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My Sweetener World Tour Review

Hello everyone! I recently went to the Sweetener World Tour concert in Chicago and wanted to share that experience with you.

sweetener world tour review featured image

This is Ariana Grande’s tour for her albums Sweetener and thank u, next. When I saw she was touring I knew I had to try to see her! This is my experience seeing Ariana perform and a review of the concert.


I had actually forgotten the day the tickets went on sale so I missed the first date to buy tickets. I decided to hold off until the week of the concert to buy them as someone said they go really cheap last minute as opposed to the high prices the scalpers were charging. However, a second date was announced and I bought two tickets right away!

Originally the concerts started at 7:30pm and were in April but the time was changed to 8pm pretty quickly. A little after that the dates were changed completely to June. I have to say, I was a tad disappointed that I had to wait longer but actually I ended up preferring it. June is just a great month for concerts!

I ended up taking a half day off work so I could leave early to not rush to the concert as well as the next day so I wouldn’t have to rush home afterwards and stress about making it to the train late at night or early the next morning. It worked out well although I think I would have been fine to get the train. Now I know for next time!

The Concert

The concert was at the United Center. I’d never been before but it was super easy to get to. It was really funny because I knew the Chicago basketball team, the Bulls, plays there but when my sister mentioned there was ice under the floor I learned the Blackhawks also play there! Who knew! It was amazing because the venue was nice and small (well compared to Soldier Field were I saw Taylor Swift) and so it felt intimate but was so nice and cool.

In terms of security, we felt super secure! We had to scan our tickets three times. Once after passing through security to be scanned past that area, once to get onto the second level where our seats were, and once to get into our section on the second floor. I’m sure we would have had to scan again if we left our section and wanted to go back in. I had bought us little clear bags for concerts as it’s pretty common now that you can’t enter with more than that. The bags were all checked as we went through the metal detectors (if there was a question on anything there were more officers to check that without holding up the lines – a girl in front of us was pulled aside for her prescription to be checked). Of course, even if they did hold up the lines it’s important that we all be checked throughly to ensure everyone’s safety so we didn’t mind anything about all these checks.

We had taken the blue line to get to the United Center and it was easy to find as we followed all the kids with lyric references, thigh high boots, and the long ponytails. Ari fans sure are subtle LOL. We were about an hour early so we took out time walking over, checked out the merch a bit (didn’t buy anything – wow those prices!), and then just sat in our seats and chilled out a bit before the openers started.

The first opener was a duo called Social House. I didn’t know them at all or any of their music but it was a good time. One of the guys wore what looked like slippers on stage and that was a little confusing but maybe he had an early bedtime after the concert, who knows. I liked the idea at any rate and I would totes do it.

In fact, I decided I’m going to put out an album called Pajama Party and my tour performance is going to be themed around bedtime. All the songs will be a different genre and be themed around bedtime. My sister was, um, supportive? She didn’t outright tell me she hated the idea anyway! Be sure to follow my blog for my album release date and to learn when tickets go on sale for the Pajama Party Tour. I’ve already planned the genres, acts, and outfits so all that’s left is an album and some fans HAHA.

Back to the concert! The second opener was Normani, who I also did not know. She was fun to watch as well although her dance moves were not family friendly. They certainly were impressive though. Another amazing thing about here was that everyone on the stage was female. She had female dancers and musicians with her so that was really cool to see. She did her music for the first half of her performance but then the second half seemed to be covers of other artists. I thought that was strange but my sister said it might be that she’s not so well known so she wanted to also do songs that everyone would know. Since people want to sing and dance at concerts then it might be that they wanted to give people an introduction to the artist but wanted them to have fun and remember they had a good time to increase the chances they’ll explore her music more. I liked her performance, as I said, and I plan to look up her music so I’d say that worked!

sweetener world tour stage

Together the openers took about an hour. After that we sat for half an hour waiting for Ari. At this point, I was ready for a nap! I had worked part of the day already and my sister had worked the whole day, so we were winding down. Plus it was our usual bedtime! In fact, anyone over an age of “teen” seemed to be tiring out. Also my sister said her favorite thing was when the crowd was going wild cheering and me going “but nothing is happening…???” Haha, we still had a good time though and once Ariana came out we were wide awake again! For the first three-fourths of her performance anyway!

The concert was so fun! The songs and stage were great, Ariana sounded amazing, and the dancing was so good! I thought it was weird that there were so many pauses where we were left in the literal dark. I’d only been to one concert before this and usually in between there were videos to watch but there wasn’t always for these so it was just a little strange. Most of the time though we ended up sitting down in our seats for a bit while we waited for Ariana to reappear so it was a nice break either way! (There was also some more cheering at nothing.)

For the music though it was great! Ariana did a lot of crowd favorites and a lot of hard work went into the staging of it all for sure. The “God is a Woman”, “thank u, next”, and “7 rings” performances were all the same staging as I’d seen in videos of award shows performances or festivals she’s done but it was really cool to see them live and in person. The projections on the background of the stage were really cool too, particularly the galaxy ones. I really enjoyed hearing some of my other favorites like “NASA”, “No Tears Left to Cry”, “Side to Side”, “Successful”, “Bloodline”, and “The Light is Coming”. Of course, they were all great but since I really love those then I doubly enjoyed them. The entire show was fun and well put together!

One more fun little thing, before Ariana began there was a video that was played that said “37 urgent texts went out to make sure everything was ready” and I’m so curious what all 37 of those texts were!

So that’s my thoughts on the Sweetener World Tour! It was so fun to experience although I do wish it had been over the weekend. Maybe next time it will be!

Thanks for reading!


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    • I don’t know if I can pick a favorite! For the last few days it’s been “successful” but today I think “God is a Woman” has to be it because I need that energy after the day I had! I loved seeing her live though, it was amazing!!!

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