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My Summer Bucket List

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my updates to my spring bucket list and share my new summer bucket list!

my summer bucket list featured image

I really am enjoying doing these seasonally, although I have to get better at checking them to remember to do them!

Spring List Updates

  • Get A’s in my Sales and Project Management classes
    • I can’t find where the strikethrough option is on this new editor but I’m counting this one as done! I got an A- in Sales but honestly, I’m fine with that. I worked hard for both classes and had an overall good final semester so I’m proud of that work.
  • See at least one musical
    • I did see Anastasia and that was the only musical I saw so we’re going to count this one as done as well.
  • Complete BirthMay
    • I did complete this one! All 31 days!
  • Start a workout routine
    • Well, I didn’t do this at all but I’m doing the Blogilates 28 Day Summer Sculpt program so I’m finally getting into it!
  • Plan my next trip
    • I did finish this one! I went to both Houston (for work) and San Antonio (for fun) in the spring and had a blast in both cities.
  • Redecorate my home office – on a budget!
    • I think I’m going to move this and change it for the summer as this one did not happen!
  • Celebrate my graduation!
    • I did it! I had my graduation last month and it was amazing. I’m so happy at what I accomplished!
  • Focus on positivity
    • I think I did a good job at this one! Also, I think it’s starting to spread to the people around me, so that’s amazing to see!
  • Work on my year goal – “get stuff done”
    • This goal is done! I really think I did a good job at embracing this goal and working towards it. I am so grateful I was able to learn this!

That’s seven items checked off! Out of nine so that’s pretty good!

Summer Bucket List

  • See at least one musical.
    • I really want to see Come From Away so I am going to try to go see that this summer when it’s in Chicago. I think that’s it for the ones I want to see this season!
  • Complete a workout program.
    • I kind of have two things in mind for this one. One is my ballet class I signed up for! I know I’m going to miss one day due to work travel but hopefully I make it to the rest of the classes. I also want to complete a Blogilates 28 day program I signed up for as well.
  • Go to the Renaissance Fair.
    • I’ve always wanted to go to the fair but never had anyone to go with so I never did. I tend to do a lot by myself though so I’m not sure why that stopped me. However, I do have a friend at work who wanted to go as well so I might try to go with her!
  • See a Cubs Game at Wrigley Field.
    • I didn’t do this last year but really want to!
  • See Ariana Grande at the United Center.
    • I better go because I already have tickets but it’s still a “to do” so here it is!
  • Catch up on my Goodreads Goal.
    • I’ve only read 4 books so far this year, with a goal of 20. I’m 4 behind schedule!
  • Enjoy California.
    • My work trip is in Cali so I better go to this but I hope to really enjoy it. Even if I’ll be working all day for a couple days I just can’t wait to go see it!
  • Work on positivity.
    • This is going to be a goal that is always ongoing but I am going to leave it here as there’s always room for improvement!
  • Work on my goal: Balance.
    • This is going to be ongoing as well through the year but I love putting it on here so I can track my progress throughout the year and give myself a nice reminder.

So those are my Summer bucket list items! Hopefully I get to most of them!

Thanks for reading!


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