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My May Life #BirthMay Day 26

Hello everyone! Today for BirthMay I’m sharing an overview of my life this month!

my may life featured image

This is my third annual BirthMay! What is BirthMay, you ask? Well I blog every day in May because it’s my birth month! I started BirthMay in 2017 and did it again in 2018 so I knew I had to do it again this year.

This month has been a roller coaster of emotions. Nothing drastic in the grand scheme of things but it was just so strange. Lots of ups, lots of downs, and I’m grateful for my family and friends for being there for me. Overall in terms of stuff that happened, it’s been a quiet month. After last month and stuff I have planned though, I’m not sad about that!

Work Outings & Cryptic Work Updates

This month I feel like I spent quite a lot of time at work outings! We went out as a department for drinks after work because our senior VP was in town and he always likes to hang with us before he goes. The only other time (I know, two is a BIG number for us haha) was to say goodbye to a coworker who left for a new opportunity at a new company. I miss her so much as she was one of my work besties! However it was the right choice for her and I’m proud of her for making that choice.

Currently I’m preparing for one more departure from my coworkers in the coming weeks. She and I worked a lot together and I’m going to miss her as well as she was such a great friend as well. She taught me a lot and I’m sorry to see her go but she’s off to do amazing things so I’m proud of her as well!

I did go out again with a friend I met on my onsite trip to Houston. She worked an event in Chicago so I went off to meet her and we ended up at Headquarters Barcade which was a bar and an arcade in one! It was in the River North neighborhood which I’d wanted to start to explore anyway so I was so excited! This was just us meeting up since we became fast friends onsite and I was happy to be able to see her!

Oh! We got work swag this month! Every year our managers try to get us something new and this year we got North Face jackets! I picked the Ventura style I think it was in “Pink Salt”. I have decided to accept that pink is my brand now because everyone when they asked what I got immediately knew I’d chosen the pink color. I love it! It’s really more of just a windbreaker but it’s really nice and we’re happy we got them.

In terms of me, I have a new opportunity to travel for work! I don’t want to say exactly what the event is or where I’ll be just yet as I get weird about these things (like if I share too early then it won’t happen) but I’m super excited. I’ll share a hint though, it’s on the west coast this time!

Landscape Side Hustle

This month I finally joined in on landscape season! My dad has his own business and I usually help on weekends but I was so busy in April I wasn’t able to due to travel! Now, I’m home and back to work! We’ve been getting everything at our client’s home ready for the summer and it’s going great!

My Birthday!

The whole reason for this series of posts! I turned 28 years back on day 12 of this series and it’s been a journey so far. I think it’s going to be a challenging year of growth, but not in a bad way. It’ll probably be difficult at times I’m sure but I think it’ll be well worth it in the end. Do you ever just get a feeling that you think you know how the year will go?


Well technically this hasn’t happened yet since it’s this week (OMG!!!!) but I needed to put it in here! I finally got my cap and gown (what a journey) and then I freaked out and went to look for a dress as nothing I had really convinced me. I managed to get one same day because I’m that efficient – except that I spent two hours at the mall trying on a million dresses at a million stores only to go back to the only one I’d put on hold at the first store. But hey! I got a dress! Now I am going to pick some shoes out, make an appointment for nails (fingers and toes) before the big day, hot glue a headband to my cap so I don’t have to fuss with bobby pins, and plan my make up I guess.

What do I think the day will go like? Well I requested a half day at work so I’m planning to work from home, shower and get some basics done, then head to Elmhurst early and do my make up at the school hopefully in a bathroom I guess? Maybe I should just take the entire day off… Then we rehearse a bit before, presumably we get done quickly because it’s kinda like walk, sit, stand, walk, smile!, walk, sit, HATS IN THE AIR!, and then you’re done, right? I mean, it can’t be that hard and at this point we’ve done this for 8th grade, high school, and undergrad at least so I think we get it.

Then more photos, drinks with classmates, and FREEDOM! Our diplomas, I believe, will be mailed out after so once I get that I’ll have to get a frame for it. I’m thinking of getting a double frame for that one and my undergrad one together or just getting the same version I have for my undergrad diploma that has a spot for the tassel as my new one is actually the school colors and not just plain black. We’ll see!

That’s pretty much my May life. I think I did a good job of showing the highs and not so much the lows but I’m not quite ready to share those yet. So, what was your May like?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve been having the weirdest rollercoaster of emotions this month too!! Gotta be something in the air. It just means next month will be better for us both, right? 🙂

    Ok North Face jackets?! What a nice gift! And “pink salt” color sounds so lovely.

    And I am with you in the SAME boat about it being a challenging year of growth. You’ve got this, girl!!

    Congrats on graduating!! You are amazing. I know that stress of trying on a zillion dresses to only find one- such an annoyance when you *have* to find something.

    Can’t wait to hear how graduation goes! Enjoy every bit!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I hope June will be much better with the emotions haha!

      And yes! We were so surprised when we saw the options! I absolutely love the color and I’m so happy they gave them to us!

      You’ve got this too! It’s going to be a great year for you!!!

      And thank you! Haha, the dress was so much harder to find than I thought it would be. And yes, the stress of it didn’t help!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!!! I can’t wait for Cali!!!! 😀 And graduation was such an adventure haha. There was a kid that got mud on me so… that put a damper on it but I’ve moved on! (Mostly!)


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