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My Lively May #BirthMay Day 22

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing my updates on my hobbies with you for BirthMay!

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This is my third annual BirthMay! What is BirthMay, you ask? Well I blog every day in May because it’s my birth month! I started BirthMay in 2017 and did it again in 2018 so I knew I had to do it again this year.


This month I received a book free for review purposes. Wise Millennial by Peter Nobel Darrow was sent to me so I could review it and that post will be up tomorrow. While I did get it for free the review has opinions that are my own so I’ll leave anything else on the book for that post.


I watched The First Monday in May documentary on Netflix. Coincidentally, I watched it the Friday before the first Monday so I was super amped for the Met Gala. If you don’t know, this documentary centers around the Met Gala and all the preparation that goes into it. As someone in event planning, these kind of things are fascinating to me. The entire event is to raise money for the Costume Institute and has a different theme every year that the guests are expected to follow in awesome and crazy ways. The documentary followed the curator Andrew Bolton through the 2015 Met Gala of China: Through the Looking Glass. I loved seeing how everything is planned, designed, and how it all comes together in the end. It was extremely enjoyable and I would recommend it!

TV Shows

I haven’t watched any new episodes of anything! I need to get on this!


Unfortunately there weren’t any musicals for me this month! There were a few really good ones in Chicago but I’ve seen them already and wasn’t quite at the point where I wanted to see them again just yet.


I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s debut album Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman album as well. The first one I “borrowed” from my sister and the second one I legit borrowed from the library. My aux cord doesn’t work in my car and my phone can’t plug into those cords anymore anyway so CDs it is!

My coworker just introduced me to Jeff Kaale music from the YouTube channel Czech Vibes Sound. The music is more ambiance and I love it for work so it’s not distracting but also drowns out the noises of the office. I really loved the song “Mai tai”.


This month I’ve been loving Carrie Hope Fletcher’s series of “May, Myself and I” on her channel. Every day has a different prompt and she does a short video centered on that topic. Sometimes it’s what you’d expect, usually it’s better, and they’re always great.

I really loved ASMR Darling’s video “ASMR Spa Day Treatment”. It sounded so real! There’s a part where she “leaves” the room through a door that sounds like it’s behind the listener and I was so confused because I was sitting at my desk with my back to a solid wall! It was great.

I enjoyed the Try Guys “The Try Guys Try 13 Future Technologies At Google” where they went to an I/O event by Google and tried so many new tech gadgets that looked really cool. Oh, I also loved their “The Try Wives Make Custom Wine” where two member’s wives and now one of their girlfriends try things too. This time they made wine and it was hilarious!

I watched Geek & Sundry’s video “Pandemic | Game the Game”. During the video the people in the video played the board game Pandemic. It’s one of the few board games I’ve played (hardly anyone I know likes them and it’s a SHAME because they’re FUN) and so I love seeing people play the game. The goal is to “beat” the board and fight diseases threatening the world. In order to win you have to cure each disease but it’s tougher to do than you’d think! The channel did an intro video called “How to Play Pandemic” so if this sounds interesting then watch that first!


I started listening to the new Try Guys Try Pod Podcast. I’ve been following the Try Guys’ YouTube channel for a few months I would say and I knew I’d enjoy it. It’s a little more explicit than I expected but I’m totally on board!

I also started listening to Dear Hank and John, the podcast by the vlogbrothers John and Hank Green. I really enjoyed the one where they talked about “desk swords” aka letter openers. Basically the podcast is the brothers answering questions sent in by the listeners and it doesn’t seem like they necessarily give the best advice but they give advice so there you go. Exactly what is promised.

Video Games

I have been playing Hogwarts Mystery still. Ava Samwise Quagmire finally got the the portrait from Peeves in the main story line, unlocked Talbott as a friend, and has been working through the missions as well as friendships. Badeea is now level 9 friendship and Talbott is already level 3. Since he was supposed to be added in year 3 (I think) but I’m already on year 5 it’s super easy and fast to get through his friendship requirements. I might focus on getting him to level 5 ahead of Jae because even though I try to do them in order I think him having been a friend since a few years ago might make him a higher friendship requirement than I’m expecting for later missions. For example, when picking friends to join you on missions the ones that are either the best choice or have been friends the longest with you have the highest level requirements so I think I’ll do that.

I’ve played a bit of Blades: Elder Scrolls but the gameplay just isn’t that fun unfortunately. The main story is really difficult unless you’re way above the recommended level so it’s a long time in-between playing the main story. Normally, for Elder Scrolls, it wouldn’t be an issue at all because the side quests can be just as exciting or even more so. Unfortunately the side quests for this game are quite repetitive and get boring quick. If you’ve played Skyrim it’s like the dungeons and such only and nothing else. I knew it would be different because, well, it’s a mobile game and not the same as a console, but there’s no actual adventure to it so that is disappointing. I’ll probably try it again every so often to see if stuff is added but it might just not be for me.

I have played a bit more of Spider-Man this month. Last I checked I was 73% of the way through the story. I must be a bit farther along by now. I was quite annoyed because I had decided I was going to try to finish up some of the objectives before going back to the main missions because I had a feeling that the last few locked categories of objectives would be unlocked soon and I worried I’d feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with them. Well, I accidentally triggered the next mission of the main story thinking I was close to a photo location I was looking for and then chaos did erupt. Now when I’m crossing the city there’s danger everywhere and I can’t keep up with it all! I think I’m going to try to forge ahead with the story instead of trying to finish those objectives as I’m fairly certain it’s the type of game where you can complete them after the main story if you missed stuff since it’s an open world game. Maybe I’ll look that up first though!


I started to learn to cook! I tried cooking ham, cheese, egg, and croissant cups so if you want to see that journey feel free to check it out but it was great fun.

Active Life

Ummm, I’ve done terribly at this again! Yikes!

Creative Life

I’ve done a few things this month! First I designed a checklist for a work project that was a ton of fun and I wish I could show it but it has our branding on it so I don’t think I can.

Then I did a DIY project! This was at the library and was fairly easy. First you draw the vase, cut the canvas where the flowers go, then hot glue the flowers in place on the back. I loved this project and I think I might still do something with the vases before I consider it to be “done”.

DIY night 3D flower art

Then I did another DIY project! We did hot air balloon button art. We were handed a silver shiny paper with the outline done, then we got bowls of buttons to look through for the project. Immediately I started pulling out the pink in what I thought was a quiet manner but everyone quickly noticed and they offered me all the pink buttons they found. They’re so sweet! I ended up also using purple and some of the lighter colors to fill up my balloon. The hot glue gun left a lot of the glue strings but it was still super fun and it was great for being a nice mindfulness project. I think the basket had room for improvement but it’s still cute! Anyway, this was a really fun project.

hot air balloon button art diy

So that’s how Lively I’ve been this month! Let me know what hobbies you’ve been partaking in this month. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I had never known much about the Met Gala until this year, I learned that they were themed & that the guests wore costumes. I’m so gonna check that documentary out soon! It sounds so cool! I definitely need to see all the new gadgets at Google, too!

    You’re getting so far in the HP & Spiderman games. I love reading your updates on them each month! 😄

    The people at your library sound so sweet. Awesome projects!

    Liked by 1 person

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