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What’s In My Handbag? #BirthMay Day 20

Hello everyone! For today’s BirthMay post I’m sharing what’s in my springtime handbag!

what's in my handbag featured image

This is my third annual BirthMay! What is BirthMay, you ask? Well I blog every day in May because it’s my birth month! I started BirthMay in 2017 and did it again in 2018 so I knew I had to do it again this year.

So I figured I would share what’s in my handbag because 1) I know y’all are nosy and 2) don’t worry so am I! By the way, this is more of a what’s in my bag mixed with a sort of clean out my bag sort of post because not everything pictured will make it back into the bag. So let’s find out what made the cut!

After removing all the receipts flying around in there and putting my business cards and work badge back into my bag (I know, how dare I pretend my workplace is a secret), here’s what we ended up with!

I carry around this baby pink Michael Kors handbag. I know the brand is just everywhere but I really do love this cute little bag! Unfortunately I don’t have a matching wallet so I use this hot pink Coach wristlet. I’m pretty sure I’m probably not supposed to mix brands like this but oh well.

I also have a pair of Target sunglasses because I can’t go anywhere without sunglasses. I just got this pink sunglasses case from my mother for my birthday! I keep my Summer & Rose blue light computer glasses in my bag as well so I can have them at work and at home as needed. I am ordering another pair (I got these from a FabFitFun order) so I can just keep these at work and have a pair for myself at home and not have to take them back and forth.

I can’t be without my Sony earbuds and my Google Pixel earbud adapter for my phone. Plus I have two powerbanks because I went to Chicago two weekends ago and worried my phone would die. I don’t need two on a regular basis so only my FIRST one with go back in with the charger cord.

I have my Nike gloves because it’s still chilly out and I like to have them in the mornings for the steering wheel. I have a few random bandaids, extra contacts, two pens, and a car freshener I keep forgetting to switch out in my car. I think all of that will go back in except for one of the pens since I don’t really need two.

Makeup wise I have quite a bit! I have my MAC powder, Trestique lipstick/lip balm, Sephora lip balm, Bite Beauty lipstick, Wet n Wild concealer, Kat Von D concealer, YSL Mon Paris perfume sample, and a mint. The mint isn’t make up but I thought it was a good stopping point. I think I’ll take out the Wet n Wild concealer, Bite Beauty Lipstick, and Sephora lip balm as that is just duplicate products.

Also, not pictured because they weren’t in there but I’ll usually also have my Hidrate water bottle (bluetooth water bottle that tracks how much water I have), my actual phone charger, and a scarf.

This bag is perfect as it fits everything! It doesn’t have a zipper for the main area though so I usually am a little more watchful of it when I’m out just in case. It can be annoying as then I have to have it within eyesight but normally I’m at work where it’s okay to leave it or in my car going to the shops so it’s not so bad. I do really fall victim to the whole thing more room more stuff cycle so I try to do a little clean out (receipts and such) every week and then do a reorganization every two or three weeks.

And that’s my handbag! What do you keep in yours? Do you also do the more room more stuff thing?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Who says you can’t mix brands?! Lol it’s no biggie, right? I love the color of that Coach wristlet. 😍 & I totally need to buy a pair of those bluelight glasses still. My purse doesn’t have a zipper for the main part either & I’m always paranoid when I go out, too!

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