my chicago bucket list featured image birthmay

My Chicago Bucket List #BirthMay Day 18

Hello everyone! Today I’m finally going to share my Chicago Bucket List for BirthMay!

my chicago bucket list featured image birthmay

This is my third annual BirthMay! What is BirthMay, you ask? Well I blog every day in May because it’s my birth month! I started BirthMay in 2017 and did it again in 2018 so I knew I had to do it again this year.

I’ve been talking about how I want to live somewhere other than Chicago someday and so I have a bucket list of things I want to do before I leave. I don’t know if I am actually going to move away, I really love Chicago but sometimes, I just feel like I need something new! Either way, I have a bucket list so I figured I would finally share it on my blog. I’ve already accomplished one of the things as my list was complied before I published this but I wanted to include them anyway.

Here’s my bucket list! So I have decided to include a few items outside of Chicago but it’s my list so whatever.

I guess I’ll go through each one quickly. So for the first one, Navy Pier, I’ve been before but not in years and I don’t think I did anything besides just walk quickly through the area. I’d love to actually explore and enjoy it.

Next is a night-time event at Millennium Park. I’ve been in the daytime but I’d love to go to a concert or other event there such as the summer taping of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. You can bring a little picnic which sounds lovely!

Next is Lincoln Park Zoo. I actually don’t think I’ve ever been! I’d love to go to it while an event is going on or something.

I’ve never been to a concert at Ravinia Festival Grounds, but I’d love to go. It’s like the Millennium Park where you can bring a picnic but these aren’t free like the Millennium Park ones are. However, some really cool artists have been there before so I’m just waiting for someone I actually want to go see to be there. Oh, this one is not in Chicago but still in the area.

This one is technically in Wisconsin but I want to include it. I would love to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire! It’s actually pretty close to me but I’ve never been. I would love to see it and enjoy it though.

I really want to see a Second City show before I leave too. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler both started out at Second City so it would be really cool to enjoy a show.

The next item is a little pricey but I want to do Tea at the Drake. I believe this is only offered at Christmas but where you dress up super fancy and have tea at the Drake Hotel in the city. I’ll have to find some fancy friends who will go with me!

I really want to see an opera at the Lyric Opera Building. I walk by the opera house nearly every visit to the city as it’s next to the train station and you can sometimes hear little previews of the performances. I am basically waiting for The Magic Flute to be performed as I really want to see that one. I know next to nothing about opera but I still want to experience at least one before I move away.

Melon Bump at the Shedd from Kimalu

The next one I did already! I wanted to have a Beluga Encounter at the Shedd Aquarium. I already completed that one! My amazing sister got me an encounter as a present and we got to meet sweet, sweet Kimalu. I did a blog post about the beluga encounter if you want to check that one out and learn more about this amazing opportunity.

Coming from a non-sporty family I’ve never been to a Chicago Cubs baseball game! (Although I have been to a Chicago Fire soccer game through school.) I’d really love to go to a game though with friends and see what all the fuss is about!

I learned once that Broadway in Chicago does Historic Theatre Tours of certain theatres in the city. I would love to see more about the theatres beyond what I get to see when I go to a musical as well as learning more about their history and architecture.

Something I see on Instagram every year but have never done is to kayak the Chicago River. I really want to try this as it sounds like so much fun!

Lastly, I would love to go to Starved Rock and hike around. Technically I have been before but that was in college and I didn’t appreciate it at all at the time. I would love to be able to make a plan and actually do a hike rather than just walk around aimlessly and then leave.

So one item down, twelve items to go! Also, I think my bucket list might be too pink if such a thing exists but oh well, I love it! I’m thinking I’m going to try and do posts on everything I accomplish from my list so I’ll have to remember to take lots of photos when I get to the rest of the items!

What do you think of my bucket list? Anything I missed? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love that you have a local bucket list. I should make one, too. On your list, I’ve done two things. Cubs games when I was younger (and Cubs Conventions) and hiking Starved Rock multiple times. I would love to do some of the other things you have listed.

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  2. Randomly found your blog and I love it! I live in Chicago, too (suburbs). I recently wrote a blog post which stated my favorite color…and I will quote myself…..”Pink. There are no other colors” πŸ’•

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  3. My husband and I went to Bristol Renaissance Faire last September and it was just an absolutely mind-blowing experience. I wrote about our experience and shared a few photos, if you’d like to take a look 😁 We’ve since moved from Chicago to Seattle but I’ve been bitten by the faire bug and will be checking ones out in the PNW soon.
    I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience if you do end up going!


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