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Spring Mini Book Unhaul #BirthMay Day 17

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a bit of a spring cleaning sort of post for BirthMay. I’m sharing some books I’ve “unhauled” recently.

spring mini book unhaul featured image

This is my third annual BirthMay! What is BirthMay, you ask? Well I blog every day in May because it’s my birth month! I started BirthMay in 2017 and did it again in 2018 so I knew I had to do it again this year.

So I decided to get rid of one of my tall bookshelves in my home office so I have a ton of books I don’t know where to put. I’d meant to go through them and see what I can get rid of anyway, and I’m sure there’s a lot more I could still do, but here’s the ones I came up with just from moving that around.

The Books

spring mini book unhaul

First is a vintage sort of book called American in Italy. I picked it up at a library book sale but it never really caught my interest so I know I won’t read it.

I also have a sort of fancy version of Black Beauty but that story makes me sad and I know I won’t read that one either.

Next is a really beautiful version of Moby Dick. I sort of decided to keep it last minute and maybe do a DIY with it to turn it into a book box. It’s just so beautiful!

I have an older and sort of beat up copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I would love to keep it but I just know I won’t read it and I’d prefer it to go to a good home.

I also unhauled The Making of the President 1972. I also got this one in a library book sale but I know I won’t ready it. That also goes for Homemade Cookies and Chocolate, which are essentially cookbooks. I figured I would likely go online for any recipes before ever remembering I have these so they might as well be unhauled.

I’m also going to get rid of Queen Victoria’s Sketchbook. It was nice but ultimately I thought I’d get something different out of it. It was also a library book sale book so I don’t mind getting rid of it. This also goes for the copy of The Nutcracker.

I’ve had a copy of the Quran for awhile, which I got at my college. During a religious holiday celebration they were giving them out to everyone in the student lounge. I was busy studying and so I accepted it because I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t want to say no but I know I won’t read it. Religion just isn’t really my thing so I might as well pass it on.

There’s two ARCs (advance reader copy) that I got when I went to BookCon a few years ago when it was held in Chicago. I have Girl in Pieces and We Are Unprepared. I never read the first one of those and the second one I didn’t really enjoy so I don’t want to keep them. I legally can’t sell them so I’m hoping they’ll be accepted as donations.

The copy of Estee Lauder is also a library book sale book and I did like it but I won’t read it again so off it goes.

The last item is a copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes but it’s only volume two so it’s not actually complete. I found it at the library sale and I had planned to keep looking to see if they would put the first volume out but never saw it. I figured it was time to say goodbye to this one.

Getting Rid of Them

So I decided I would take my books to Half Priced Books, a bookstore chain that will pay for books (or other entertainment items like video games, movies, cd’s, etc.) or take them off your hands to recycle them. I’d only ever bought one or two items from them and I hadn’t ever sold to them but I figured why not! Last year it was clear that books are not hot items for garage sales so I didn’t want to hold onto them in hopes that someone will come by that appreciates a good book. My hope going into it was that Half Priced Books would take them all, either buying them from me or taking them to recycle for some of the more beat up books or the ARCs which I image they can’t sell either.

I stopped at Half Priced Books after work one day to drop off the books. I did end up taking out Moby Dick and put in another book, Three Cups of Tea because I had two copies of it somehow. I walked in and was directed to a desk at the back of the store where I had to give a government issued ID. I then walked around the store a bit and then the guy saw me walk by and told me that they were done researching the books and were ready with my amount.

I ended up getting $3! Unfortunately I didn’t really see what books made it into which pile so I’m not sure which ones contributed to the $3. I want to say that I spotted Queen Victoria’s Sketchbook in the pile of books I was paid on and the Sherlock Holmes one in the pile of “donations” but I could be wrong on that.

I had no idea what to expect but I figured the amount, if anything, would be small since a lot of the books weren’t in great condition and were old library books that likely weren’t sellable due to the stickers and such. I hadn’t really found anything but a magnet that I liked for my sister so I got that for her. I found it a little funny that they were like “browse around for something” but the whole point of getting rid of books was to get rid of stuff not buy stuff. I did end up getting that magnet though so I guess that worked for them. Either way you can chose to just take the cash. I definitely plan to get another stack of books together so I can get rid of a few more. I really loved that I didn’t have to take anything back with me! Plus, as I said, anything they don’t pay on is accepted for free and they either recycle it or donate it. Much better than throwing it out!

So that’s my mini unhaul! It was 14 books in total although I did end up taking one out of the pile just in case I do want to do a DIY project with it. We’ll see! It makes me sad to say goodbye to these books (also I totally didn’t Marie Kondo it at all) but I’m excited for them to hopefully go onto a good home. I also can’t wait to read more of the books on my shelves so they can also eventually leave my shelf and make it to another.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I don’t think I own any physical books. I lost ’em all somewhere, somehow. I love that you brought yours to the store for someone else to enjoy!

    I read A Girl in Pieces last year. It was heartbreaking but the writing a little messy, I hadn’t heard of We Are Unprepared before though.

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