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My Houston OOTDs #BirthMay Day 8

Hello everyone! Today for BirthMay I want to share my outfits from my trip to Houston.

my houston ootds featured image

This is my third annual BirthMay! What is BirthMay, you ask? Well I blog every day in May because it’s my birth month! I started BirthMay in 2017 and did it again in 2018 so I knew I had to do it again this year.

I love sharing my travel outfits though so I’m going to do that here. Hope you enjoy them!

my houston ootds

Day 1 – Set Up

I actually forgot my actual day 1, which was my travel outfit, but oh well! This is what I wore for set up. I had on jeans, a black cardigan, and a pink patterned top. I don’t remember where I got the top (I want to say JC Penny but I’m not completely sure as it was so long ago) but the cardigan I believe was from Target years ago and the jeans are Gap I think. I also had my Adidas shoes.

Day 2 – Opening Day

I wore black dress pants from Loft, a yellow top that my mom got me (the brand is By & By but I’m not sure from where), and a grey cardigan that I believe was from TJ Maxx.

Day 3 – Busy Registration Day

For the big day I wore grey dress pants from the Target brand A New Day. The top is also from A New Day and I had a black cardigan from Target but that’s a few years old now as well. On this day someone who works for the client stopped by the registration desk and I don’t know her well but I recognized her shirt from Target and she recognized mine! Target is such a great thing to bond over.

Day 4 – Slightly Less Busy Registration Day

I went back to my black dress pants and wore a bright pink top I found at TJ Maxx. The background this year at the registration desk was black and the temps all wore black so I really stood out!

Day 5 – Slightly Busier Than Expected Registration Day

These day titles are getting a little crazy now. On this day I wore black dress pants, a flower shirt from Loft, and the long sleeve black cardigan.

Day 6 – Last Day of Registration

For the last day I wore black dress pants (really creative, I know), the grey cardigan, and a pink top from Loft. Looking back I should have worn a darker color as we were putting stuff away and I had to keep checking my shirt to make sure it didn’t get dirty!

And those are my outfits! Which one was your favorite? I mean, I guess they mostly look the same sooooo hopefully you liked all of them?

Thanks for reading!


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