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Self Care Sunday Create a Kit Checklist #BirthMay Day 5

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Self Care Sundays! They’re making an appearance for BirthMay and today I’m sharing my “Create a Kit” Checklist for self care.

create a self care kit w/ checklist self care sunday birthmay 2019 featured image

This is my third annual BirthMay! What is BirthMay, you ask? Well I blog every day in May because it’s my birth month! I started BirthMay in 2017 and did it again in 2018 so I knew I had to do it again this year.

Last year I did “Self Care Sundays” and I wanted to continue that this year as well with helping you create a self care kit and provide a fun checklist for you to use!

Here’s my kit! Now, I’ve split the kit into two separate categories. One is stuff kept in the kit and the other is stuff that needs to be gathered when needed. That made the most sense to me, and you’ll see why in a bit!

So first up is the stuff that needs to be gathered since that is pretty straight forward. It’s stuff that maybe doesn’t make sense to keep full time in the kit, so things like a blanket, snacks, and so on. For mine I would grab one set of PJ’s (moon & stars pants with a “snuggle” top) as well as a robe (and/or a blanket). I would also grab a book (Hidden Figures was the winner here) and my journal with a pen. Snacks would be whatever I have on hand and then I’d also grab my bluetooth earbuds and phone. I would also likely pick a tea if I didn’t want the one in my kit and find my heating pad as I tend to use that from time to time so it might not necessarily be in the kit (although it should be).

Before I move on, I should mention the little basket I’m using! I think my mom got it at Target but I can’t quite recall. I chose to use this one because it says “love” and the point of self care is to focus on your love for yourself! Well, at least that’s what it is for me. It’s also a good size to fit everything but not super large either, and easy to carry.

create a self care kit w/ checklist self care sunday birthmay 2019

Next would be items that I keep in the kit full time. That would be items like a candle or a special mug. Here’s what I keep in mine. A pair of fuzzy socks, my beluga mug, a packet of tea, a bath bomb (baths are a good way to relax for me), a face mask, a massage thing, headphones (good place to keep them), and a fuzzy hairband.

The point of having items already in the basket is to make it that much easier to make the time for self care. When you don’t have to gather all the items from around the house, then it’s just easier to carve out time for it. Plus, having a checklist for your kit makes it easier to grab what isn’t already in the kit.


Tada! I made you a checklist! Now that I think about it maybe I should have made more blank lines… But I thought a checklist would be nice so that you not only would have to think about “what do I need to relax?” and instead just go straight for the items you need. Also, when you use up the items you already have a shopping list to replace them for next time.

Of course, maybe your kit will look a little different, maybe instead of a basket you have a box or you have way more or way less items you need to relax. Either way, hopefully this is a good starting point and helpful in curating your perfect relaxation bubble!

So, tell me, what’s going in your self care kit?

Thanks for reading!


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