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My April Life

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing bits of my April life with you!

This is also my last post before BirthMay so I have to get this done and work on those posts ASAP! In the meantime though, here’s s little recap of my month.

Around Town

So this time I’m doing my life post based on location. It seems easier that way since it feels like I was in so many places! So I started the month by voting. We had elections for local offices this month so I cast my ballot and got a nice sticker for it.

Also, my local library is really, really ramping up their awesome programs! I participated in the usual DIY night, went to my first guitar lesson, and also attended my first sewing lesson! Plus, it’s all free! (Well, I mean, taxes pay for it but otherwise it’s not additional out of pocket.) My calendar is quickly filled up each month with things the library is offering that are so interesting and fun to experience so I make sure to go to as much as possible now.

Houston Work Trip

Houston Discover Green

I won’t go too much into this because I have a full post on my trip coming up on Thursday this week, but I wanted to share a tiny bit anyway! I loved being in Houston and we had a great event. I went for work, so I didn’t get too see a ton of the city but I did experience a few new things there and I’m so happy with how the trip went.

San Antonio Vacay Trip

san antonio riverwalk selena's bridge

This post will be up on Friday this week! (If I get it done… Houston is done but this one is not!) I loved San Antonio as it was such a great town to take a trip to! I ended up accidentally being there for their big Fiesta event, and it made the trip a little more difficult but also more fun in the end too. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Back Home

And now I’m home! I came home to snow so that was slightly annoying but luckily it held off until I was safely in my house and playing video games to really get going. It’s since melted since yesterday for the most part so at least there’s that. But we all seriously can’t believe that there was snow so late in the season.

So that’s my life this month! I know, this was very short but the trip recaps will be much, much longer! Hope you had a good month too!

Thanks for reading!


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