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My April Favorites

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing my April favorites with you.

my april favorites featured image

I can’t believe how fast the month is flying by! It’s nearly time for BirthMay! But for now, let’s focus on the favorites for the month.

april favorites 2019


Make Up

I’ve really enjoyed the Marc Jacobs Accomplice Concealer that I received in a recent Influenster VoxBox. I didn’t blog about it separately because the campaign for it didn’t require it but I might do so anyway at some point. I laugh at that though because I started blogging thinking I was going to be a mostly beauty blogger and then hardly ever do full product reviews! How silly. I do like how much coverage this provides though. Sometimes it feels silly to put foundation over it since it already does so much!

I also have to shout out the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. You guys know it’s one of my favorites but it did amazing on my Texas trip so I figured might as well throw it in here again.

Skin Care

I’m throwing in my Coola sunscreen/moisturizer in here as it’s just so helpful! I never have to worry about staying out of the sun since I know for sure I won’t burn, even in the amazing Texas sun.


xochi pink escalade drink

Texas burgers in general are amazing. I can’t believe how good they are and the meat is just so great! I love the food in Texas and I’m sad to leave it behind. I specifically enjoyed a burger at a restaurant in Houston called Goat Rodeo. I also loved the food and drinks at a restaurant called Xochi at my hotel, the Marriott Marquis Houston. I loved their tamale with mole sauce and a beautiful drink (pictured above) called the “Pink Escalade”, which was amazing!


My trusty Victoria Secret pink and black bag is my favorite for travel! I can use it for overnight trips or for my personal item on flights. For this Texas trip I checked my main bag and am using this one for my carry on. It still fits under the seat and I don’t need to worry about putting my electronics in my checked bag (which I don’t think you’re supposed to do anyway) or about not having what I need on the plane if I stowed it away. Plus domestic travel is so annoying that there’s no entertainment or anything on the plane so you need it all to keep busy!

My Adidas shoes are so comfy and trusty! I loved wearing them onsite and during my trip. After a fourteen hour day my feet still hurt, but no where near as bad as they otherwise would! I’m so happy I bought them for Mexico and they’re still going strong!

Next is my Mexican inspired shirts! I’m so mad I took out one of mine from my bag and didn’t put it in again because it would have been perfect for the trip! Some stores were even selling it in San Antonio. Instead I brought my shirt from Mexico and then got a new one in San Antonio for FIESTA. I paid a bit more than I would have liked to for the SA one but it was in a boutique so that’s probably why.


I absolutely loved being at the FIRST Championship Houston event! I worked at that event through my company (not FIRST but another one) and it was so fun and high energy. The hours were crazy long so all of us were completely burnt out after this one but it was so worth it to see the show go so smoothly (from our end) and help teams have a marvelous time at the event.

fiesta san antonio 2019 display

I didn’t plan to around FIESTA San Antonio but I’m sure glad I ended up in the city for it! FIESTA is a week (or closer to two I think) of celebrations and it was so fun to see. I almost wish it’d been a regular week so I could just experience the city on it’s own without all the decor and events and such but it was fun and showed me that I’d completely been underestimating San Antonio. There is a lot to see and do, so I’m glad I came to visit! As you know, I’ve been considering moving here so, do I see myself here? I’ll answer that in a separate vacay recap post during BirthMay so stay tuned to find out!


I always stay at the Marriott Marquis when I’m in Houston for work and while I have always enjoyed it, I was so blown away by it this year! I adored the suite I got (photos of it coming soon – also during BirthMay) and it was just a whole new experience discovering Xochi. It was an amazing stay!

I have also really come to enjoy Lyft. While in San Antonio, I used Lyft to get around as I didn’t want to rent a car and have to deal with all the parking fees on top of the rental. I don’t think it would have been much more beneficial to rent a car anyway, I always had a Lyft available to me within 5 minutes it seemed like and while it ended up being more expensive than I had anticipated (I’d estimated it at about $15 round trip from my Airbnb to downtown and it was closer to $25) it probably would have been the same anyway with the rental and parking together so it evened out. Plus the drivers were amazing and had great tips!

I’ve also really enjoyed my Airbnb in San Antonio. I’ve linked the room I had right there for you if you want to check it out! My hosts were amazing and I loved the room/location. Now, Airbnb itself isn’t my favorite, just this listing, and while I probably could have just paid more for a place downtown, this one was just lovely and I don’t have any regrets!


I loved my FIRST power bank! It is so powerful and I’m so glad I now have two (my client gifted me another!) because now I know for sure I’ll never be out of charge.

Home & Decor

I don’t have anything for this category this month! Being away from home for two weeks has a big part in that, ha!

So those are my favorites for this month! What have you been loving?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Lots of good stuff here! I just had a baby and sadly had to ditch all my really good skincare stuff that has retinol in it because I am breastfeeding – I have been using some Pixi and Pacifica products that are all vegan/cruelty free and I have been pretty happy with them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had no idea that retinol couldn’t be used if you were breastfeeding! I’m sorry you had to give them up for now but 100% understandable. Congrats on the beautiful new addition to your family!


  2. I need to try that Coola moisturizer! It sounds so good! & those drinks from Xochi are absolutely beautiful. I love those shirts, too!!

    I am glad everything went smoothly at the FIRST event & I totally get what you mean about wishing it had been a normal week so you could’ve experienced it more but, FIESTA sounds like a blast. I’m super curious to know if you see yourself in San Antonio!! Sounds like a fun city. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Coola moisturizer seems like magic haha. I mean, I don’t usually burn anyway but still seems magical. The Xochi drinks were amazing and beautiful and I wish I could have another haha!

      FIRST and FIESTA were both so much fun in their own way, so I really am so happy that I got to experience them. San Antonio is quite a fun place!

      Liked by 1 person

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