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Unfinished/Disappointing Products

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share some unfinished and disappointing products with you.

unfinished/disappointing products featured image

I just did one of these back in December for Blogmas, also titled My Disappointing/Unfinished Products. I did a clear out of my makeup after that post so I ended up with more items to include. I thought this was the perfect time to share them with the whole “spring cleaning” thing!

unfinished/disappointing products

First, is the Kaja Roller Glow in 01 Cosmic Laundry. I actually received this product free for review purposes from Influenster but I only reviewed this on Instagram, not on my blog. (I should start doing standalone reviews again, shouldn’t I?) I did not enjoy this product at all. The roller didn’t seem to pick up any highlight and instead seemed to pick up my foundation. I couldn’t get any color payout from it so I couldn’t make it work. It was a fun idea, but not useful at all. I only tried it two or three times and that was plenty so while it breaks my heart, I’m just going to throw it out as it really doesn’t work.

Next is a super old eyeshadow palette, the N.Y.C. Individual Eyes Custom Compact for Brown Eyes in 938U Union Square. I used to love this little palette but I’ve had it for so long that I’m sure it’s way expired. Plus, I have so many palettes I like more that it’s just way past time to throw this out!

Another old eyeshadow is a single CoverGirl Eye Enhancer in 440 Shimering Onx. I got this one to use as an eyeliner years ago but I never really used it and I have actual eyeliners or other eyeshadows that I use instead so I’m throwing this out.

The last eyeshadow palette is so old I can’t tell what it is anymore! I have no idea what brand it is or where it came from but again, I have plenty of eyeshadow I love so this is getting thrown out.

Another shadow product and this time it’s the last one! I’m getting rid of this CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast eyeshadow stick. I can’t find the name of it but it was shiny grey on one side and shiny deep purple on the other. I don’t know why I thought I would use this but this is also an old product that will be thrown out!

I have an old No7 Radiant Glow Concealer, elf Eye Primer & Liner Sealer, and Maybelline Expert Wear Velvet Black Eye Liner that all will be thrown out. These products are also super old and were long ago replaced by products I like more so they went unfinished.

Last is a tiny sample of the Benefit Lollitint. This had rolled to the back of the drawer so I didn’t see it until I cleaned out my make up drawers. Now it’s old and didn’t look to be in good shape when I opened it up so I’m going to throw it out.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Once upon a time, I had that same NYC eyeshadow palette lol! Such a bummer about the Kaja product. I want that brand to be good so bad! 😦

    Always love seeing what people throw out from their collection!

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