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My March Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing with you all about my life in March!

my march life featured image

This is a short little update, but don’t worry! Next month will be so fun!

(Tiny) MBA Update

elmhurst college

Well I’m writing this early so I guess I can’t say for sure but if all goes well I will be done with school when you read this!!!! My last class met on Tuesday and hopefully I’ll have taken my final already (it’s a take home). This semester was challenging but amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end this journey. My MBA update for the semester will be up next week!

Chicago Adventure

james. m. nederlander theatre anastasia

I love these adventures. So I took a little trip to the city for a musical! I met up with my sister and one of her friends so we could go see Anastasia. I’m going to post a separate review on the musical next week so look forward to that but for now I’ll just detail out the day.

So our tickets were for Friday night at 7:30pm. I worked that morning but took the afternoon off because I still had a few hours of time to use at work. Our fiscal year ends at the end of March so I had to use those last 3 hours otherwise I’d lose them anyway so it worked out. We picked Friday because we bought the tickets pretty last minute and so we were limited in seating options to be near each other as well as reasonably priced. Oh, how I miss having a subscription.

Since the musical was so late I used those 3 hours to take my final for my last class (it was take home), shower, eat, and get ready to leave. Then I took the train downtown to meet up with my sister and her friend!

macy's flower show chicago state st 2019

I arrived before them so I walked around a bit and found the Macy’s Flower Show happening at their State St location. I thought it was cute but was let down by the theme this year. When I walked in it sounded like a space theme but it ended up being more like an alien theme (think like the movie Avatar). It was okay but not the best I’ve seen. Then I hung out at Block 37 which is a building full of stores until my sister arrived and off we went to find dinner. We then eventually met up with a friend at the theatre before going in. My review of Anastasia will be up next week!

And there you have it, my life in March! Like I said, it was short, mostly because of the school thing but next month I’m travelling and it’ll be much more exciting! I’m off to Houston for work for a week and the following week I’m in San Antonio for fun. Be sure to follow me over on my Instagram as I’m sure I’ll keep you updated there throughout that entire time.

Thanks for reading!


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