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My March Favorites

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing all my March Favorites with you.

my march favorites 2019 featured image

I was surprised to have as many as I did, but then again, aren’t I always? I feel like I never try anything new or something every month but then I look back and there are some new things to add or a different way I’ve enjoyed something.

Plus I recently got some new items so that always helps bring in some new things to the mix!

my march favorites 2019


Make Up

I’ve really been enjoying the Too Faced Hangover Primer. I noticed that after a day of work and school afterwards my makeup would be really patchy and just not looking it’s best. With this primer though it’s really lasted all day and I come home with some shine but the make up is there!

Skin Care

I received the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser in my spring FabFitFun box (my unboxing post is linked there!). I was so happy to get a cleanser because I’d actually run out of mine and hadn’t replaced it at all! I usually have so many samples of cleanser that I never have to buy one but unfortunately I had used them all up already and didn’t have a back up. I’d been using exfoliator which isn’t meant for every day use so I immediately used this cleanser and I have to say, I like it! Which is a relief because it’s a huge bottle. I find that it just feels very refreshing and the scent isn’t too strong, which is great. I’m glad I got it in my box.

For lips I’ve been using the FreshSugar Advanced Therapy lip treatment. I have a little sample from a past Sephora Play subscription box and I do enjoy it but I have to say it’s not very long lasting. I feel like I apply it and then half hour later my lips feel like I haven’t put anything on. It does feel good and seems to work fast but it’s just weird how quickly the balm seems to disappear. Anyway, out of all the ones I’ve been using this one is still the favorite since I have a difficult time with lip balms and it’s so smooth!

The last skin care item is a face moisturizing lotion that I got as a gift from my aunt. She sent back a bottle for me with my mom and I’ve been loving it so much! I don’t remember what ingredients she puts in it but I’ll have to ask her because its so smooth and leaves my skin really soft. I wish I could restock!

Hair Care

It’s so weird that I have a hair item! I’ve been enjoying another FFF box item, the Oaui leave in conditioner. My hair is really long and gets tangled easily so I’ve started using this and it’s really smoothed out the ends. Thank goodness because it was getting really bad! I would say when I first apply it I hate how it feels on my hands but that’s only for a few minutes at the most until I’m done applying the product and can wash my hands. The benefits far outweigh the cons for this one!


Does this next one count as a style item? Who knows but I’ve again been loving the Free People x Understated Leather Starry Eyed Travel Eye Mask in Pink. This one I received from last year’s spring FFF box (again, linked here!). I don’t know why but I go through periods where I just can’t fall asleep easily and I’ve discovered that having a mask on really, really helps. Actually, I do know why, because I stress myself out too much but not the point. Anyway, this mask has a cooling gel in there which is amazing as I don’t even need to put it in the fridge to get the cooling sensation and it has an adjustable strap so it stays put. I love it!

The next item is earrings. I’m pretty sure I included a pair last month but I’ve really been enjoying picking out a pair everyday. I’m so glad my jewelry allergy thing from childhood went away. I’ve mostly remembered to put on a pair every day and the days when I don’t I do notice! I have way too many pairs though as I haven’t worn them all or they’re not all my taste anymore so I might have to go through them and take out the ones I don’t want. For example, I have a pair of snowflakes but I don’t dare wear them in case the snow thinks it’s an invitation to come back!

The last style item is the Summer & Rose Rosie Computer Glasses. I bought these as an add-on for my last FFF box and I’ve really enjoyed them! They’re not prescription but they’re meant to block out blue light from screens. Since I’m looking at screens all day for work, school, blogging, or fun (I mean, they’re all fun but like fun fun, ya know?) I thought it best to try to add some protection to my eyes. I have gotten a ton of compliments on them as well! They’re not the most sturdy but they get the job done and I do notice a difference now when I wear my regular glasses to do work instead of putting in contacts and using the computer glasses. Fun story, everyone asks if they do help prevent headaches. I like to say yes but I did get a headache the first day I wore them, although that’s probably because my coworker John was in the office that day and they only protect against screens, not obnoxious coworkers. Everyone around the office always gets a laugh out of that!


None for this month here! Maybe next month!

Home & Decor

For the home I picked the Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Candle Eucalyptus Spearmint. I wouldn’t say I have a particularly stressful life (again, I make it more stressful than it actually is) but I picked this candle knowing finals week was coming up. Good thing too! It seems to work, I’ve gotten good grades on many assignments as of late!

Next is actually a food choice that I’ll put here! I tried Fitza Pizza, which is a frozen pizza I got at Mariano’s recently. I was there on a Saturday with my mom and a guy was giving samples out to everyone. He was telling us he and his wife make them all by hand in the city Rockford (Chicagoland area will know the city!) and so I figured why not support a local business! We got the “supreme” deep dish pizza and I noticed the box said the ingredients were all natural. I think it said it was gluten free as well but I can’t exactly recall as I forgot to take a photo of the back of the box. It was really yummy although a little pricer than most frozen pizzas. As it was deep dish and a locally handmade pizza though, it makes sense!


For this category I’m going to include my journal. I had a notebook on my desk at home and I randomly grabbed it and started to journal. I have done pretty well at keeping up with it, I normally only miss a day when I go to school so I catch up the next day with two entries in one. I’d been considering trying to start a journal for awhile as I hear it can be really good for you mentally to process your day-to-day but it always felt like work! This time around though, it just felt so natural and I’m really enjoying it. I think it kind of feels like when I write for my blog in a way, so maybe that’s why I am enjoying it too! By the way, my last class is tomorrow night!!!!

So those are my favorites! Let me know what you’ve been enjoying recently!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. The stress relief scent from B+B works is really lovely. I haven’t gotten it in forever… thanks for reminding me about it; I need to restock.

    That pizza sounds soooo good too.

    Thanks for sharing all these great favorites, Pamela!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooo the cleanser sounds nice!! I have the exact same issue with lip balms sometimes, too, & I am cracking up about why you don’t wear your snowflake earrings. 😂

    I definitely want a pair of those blue-light glasses. I am always on my computer!! & again, you have me cracking up 😂 this time about your headache of a co-worker hahaha.

    That frozen pizza you found sounds awesome! Love that they were all made by hand & that they use all natural ingredients!

    Can’t believe you had your last class, Pamela!!! This is so exciting!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha, it’s just too much like tempting the snow if I wear the snowflake earrings!

      I knew you’d love that story about my coworker!!! Hahahaha I do think that they work now though, I worked a whole day without them because I was so busy I forgot them and I had a horrible headache! Def recommend them!!!

      I am so impressed by that frozen pizza, I’m so happy I got it!

      I can barely believe it either! I’m more in like disbelief! I drove straight home from work all this past week and I was so confused. I was like “I can just go home?!?!?!?!”

      Liked by 1 person

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