How I Edit My Instagram Photos

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hello everyone! Today I figured I would share how I edit my photos for Instagram!

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Also, if you’ve noticed I haven’t replied to your comments or caught up on your own blogs, I’m hard at work for all my final presentations/exams/papers due over the course of this week and next. It’s been taking up more of my time than I thought it would so that’s why I’ve been absent but I did want to get a post up for you!

Once I’m a little more caught up with my studies, I’ll be sure to go back and read every post as well as answer your comments. Thank you so, so much for being so patient while I’m trying to get this all done!

Now, onto how I edit my photos!

Recently I changed how I edit my photos for Instagram. I used to edit them the same as my blog photos, although curiously I haven’t done any post on how I edit my blog photos. So if you want to know how I do that, let me know!

Step One: Take a Photo

So first, photo shoot time! Whether I’m photographing my face or something else, I pretty much edit all my photos the same. There’s some added steps I take though if it’s of me so I had a mini photo shoot just for this post!

How I Edit My Instagram Photos Original

Here I am! So this is the original photo, taken on my front facing camera on my Google Pixel 2. I haven’t done anything yet besides take a million photos and pick the one I liked the best. I’m kind of surprised this is the winner! I normally hate selfies when my mouth is closed. Also don’t mind the eyebrows, I kept having to cancel my appointments and I haven’t been able to find a good day to make another.

Step Two: Begin the Edits

Once I select which photo I like best, I open it in an app called Snapseed. Here’s what I do at this step!

How I Edit My Instagram Photos Snapseed

I fixed the white balance a bit so it doesn’t look as yellow and did a bit of the “healing” option to fix some of the major bumps on my face. I like my photos to be cooler rather than warm. After I’ve done that I just save it.

Step 3: Final Edits and Color

Next, I go to VSCO and open the photo from Snapseed. This is the final app before Instagram!

How I Edit My Instagram Photos VSCO

So I copy my edits from photo to photo but here’s basically what I do to get this one.

  • Exposure +2
  • Contrast +2
  • Saturation +2
  • Tone – Shadows +2
  • White Balance – Temperature +1
  • White Balance – Tint +6
  • Skin Tone -3

I do prefer higher exposure and contrast. I wanted a more of a “bright & pink” theme on my Instagram so I add a +6 tint to it, which is the highest it’ll go. And then to make my skin less pink I do -3 for that. For most photos these edits will work pretty well but usually I do have to make slight adjustments to the exposure or temperature.

Step 4: Instagram

As promised, it’s time for Instagram! Nearly there!

How I Edit My Instagram Photos Instagram

For this step all I do is select the “Ludwig” filter, tone that down to a 25, and then it’s ready to post!

So that’s how I edit my Instagram photos! I’m liking the pink as it’s super easy to create a more consistent look to my photos but I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it up. Maybe I’ll do batches of colors? The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. All I ever do to my photos is turn up the ‘sharpening’ level with my phone’s built-in editor lol I need to do better. 😛

    Fun post, Pamela!! We so understand how busy you are. ♡ I hope all goes well with you finals!!

    Liked by 1 person

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