My February Life 2019 Featured Image

My February Life

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to recap my life in February.

My February Life 2019 Featured Image

I feel like it’s been a very quiet month since most of it has been dedicated to school. Plus it’s a tough month since the weather is always crazy and there’s just never anything to do!

(Tiny) MBA Update

I’m not planning to do a “halfway through the semester” update because this semester is so compacted but I feel like an update is sort of necessary too. So much is happening! I finally got an email saying that that I was graduating in May so I’ve been told to order my cap and gown. The deadline is April something so I’m going to aim to order it next month.

Classes are good so far. I’m happy with these professors and we’re learning a lot. I really wish I only had class once a week because I’m so used to that from last year but oh well!

Chicago Adventure

I had a whole weekend in Chicago and it was amazing! I arrived on Saturday and went to the Chicago Cultural Center to see the exhibit they were promoting about the film/musical Chicago. It ended up being a super tiny area so that was sort of strange that they’d promoted it so much on their Instagram. There were many other really cool exhibits (they change out regularly) so that was good to see and enjoy. I left fairly quickly though as my sister and her roommates were picking up lunch for everyone after taking their dog to the vet.

Chicago Cultural Center February 2019

Once I arrived I stayed the night at my sister’s and we had a great time! The dog kept trying to get me to play with her so I played fetch a couple of times with her and then she would try to aggressively love me by leaping up onto me. How rude but also she’s such a cutie!

SUE the TREX Field Museum

The next day my sister and I left to visit the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium. We got to see SUE the TREX’s new suite at the Field (SUE’s name has to be in all caps according to SUE’s Twitter account). The Field is free all month so we thought it would be packed but it wasn’t terrible. We were given a complimentary entry into their “Underground Adventure” exhibit. That was so nice and unexpected! We walked around the lobby area first to say hi to Maximo the Titanosaur and got to see a fun presentation of a dino head by an employee before going into the “Ancient Americas” section. I think that exhibit is my one of my favorites at the Field, especially the Pawnee Earth Lodge area. We then went into their learning lab, Grainger Science Hub, and my sister ran into one of her college friends who volunteers at the Field. We played the game to match the footprints to different animals and dinos.

Once that was done we headed into the “Underground Adventure” exhibit which was interesting but a little crowded with children running around. The theme of the exhibit is that you’re “shrunk” to be a quarter of an inch tall and then you can explore the soil. There’s tons of crawling critters featured (not the actual ones, they’re fake because otherwise they wouldn’t be to our new scale) and then at the end there was an interactive learning area. It was pretty fun actually! We only spent a few minutes in the last area because kids were in there so we didn’t want to take up space in the interactive portions when the kids could enjoy it (loudly).

Finally, we headed upstairs to get to the “Evolving Planet” exhibit. In that one you go through the evolutionary cycles of the Earth and all the mass extinctions thus far. SUE’s new suite is there too so we spent some time admiring SUE and the new learning experiences of the area. There was a few informational areas that would tell us more about SUE the specimen vs. SUE the internet personality, SUE’s ribs, SUE’s history, and more. It was so interesting and a great new way to get to know SUE.

Shedd Aquarium Belugas

After the Field my sister and I went to the Shedd. You might notice this is an older photo. That’s because I didn’t get many this time, since most of the visit was a no photos allowed visit. Why? Well we did a beluga encounter! I won’t go too much into this because I have a whole post coming for that. I don’t have the photos yet at the time of writing this so that’s why you get an older photo of the belugas, but I can’t wait to share more about that encounter!

Chicago Roosevelt Road to Shedd Aquarium

At the end of the day we headed back to the train station so I could go home. It was a great weekend and I’m glad I got to have some fun in this dreary weather.

That was my month! I know it was super low-key, but after the action packed January, maybe it was necessary. Let me know what you’ve been up to this month. I hope you had some great adventures.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. The underground adventure sounds so cool!!! How nice of them to give you a free ticket. πŸ€— Looking forward to reading about the belugas!! Also, congratulations on the graduating e-mail! Yay!!

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    • It was pretty cool and the theme was really well done, but the pathways were much too narrow for all the parents with slow moving children or GIANT strollers. We had to skip a spot because a woman went in with a stroller and then tried to turn around her stroller rather than just backing up! And the beluga adventure will be up next week haha. I can’t wait for that to be up! Thank you, I can’t wait for graduation!!! πŸ™‚

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