What I Bought in Mexico Featured Image

What I Bought in Mexico

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share what I brought back from Mexico with you.

What I Bought in Mexico Featured Image

I try not to bring too much back, but I just can’t help getting a few things every time! Plus I do get a few gifts from family so I bring that as well. If you missed them, my 2019 trip to Mexico is posted on my blog already. There’s a part 1 and part 2 posted!

Mexico haul 2019 makeup style decor

First up, is my new Coco Pillow. I found the pillow in a market and had to have it! Since the design is on the pillow itself I just keep it as decorative so that it won’t be covered up by a pillow case.

Next, my new Mexico hat! While in Xochimilco it was so sunny and so I bought a hat. I normally don’t wear hats because I don’t think I look good in them but I actually liked this one. It is camo with the Mexico seal on the front. I also have a small red bracelet that my aunt gave me in this photo, and it’s so cute!

Every time I go my mom and I stop at a huge make up store so I pick up a few things. I got a new Bissu foundation in their tone 2, Pinon. I have used tone 3 before but it’s a little dark. I’m worried this one will be too light so I might have to try and mix it with the remaining tone 3 I have.

I also bought two more Jabibe lippies, the red is “dementia” and the nude is “fearless”. I do have some from previous visits so I was excited to try new ones since I do like them. There’s also three nail varnishes called Variant nails Efecto Espejo. I tried one and it chipped immediately, so I’m not sure if it’s the fault of my base/top coat or the varnish itself. I was quite disappointed as it looked pretty when not chipped. At first the chips were very small but after about two days about a quarter of the polish would chip off my nails at a time, so it doesn’t look likely that they are long lasting.

Last for this picture is the pink ballet skirt I got! We passed a dance store in the city center while shopping in Mexico City and I found a cute pink skirt. I’m thinking I might wear it for a ballet class this year.

I think this is my favorite purchase of the trip! I found this shirt in the artesian market in Coyoacan. We had been walking around the market and I’d been looking for a shirt with this type of embroidery as well as a striped shirt. This one was both in one, so I had to get it! I really love it and can’t wait to wear it. It’s a lightweight shirt so I’m waiting for the weather to warm up first.

An item I completely forgot to photograph is a small banner of papel picado themed for Dia de los Muertos. I’ll have to remember to get a photo of it in October when I decorate this year!

Mexico haul 2019 makeup style decor

While in Tolantongo I ended up buying a pair of goggles and a waterproof phone case. This was helpful as I wear contacts so I like to have goggles to keep the water out of my eyes. And while my phone is supposedly water resistant I didn’t want to risk it so I bought the case. It worked perfectly so I wish I’d gotten one sooner for when I would go to other trips, water parks, or just swimming in a local pool.

I also bought three Jordana lipsticks (forgot about them when I did the earlier photo or I would have done a separate makeup photo). I complimented one salesperson at the makeup store for the red she was wearing and she showed me which one it was as well as a few other options. I went with the red she was wearing, 33 Rouge, and two others. The dark 20 Eggplant and the nude with a slight purple undertone, 49 Lavender Lady. I’m excited to try them!

I also have a cousin that sells some items from a catalogue company called Oriflame. I’ve bought stuff from her before, so I was excited to try some more items. I ended up getting a cute watch, a Love Nature Face Toner with Tea Tree for oily skin, and a purple eyeshadow in Copper Plum. My mom actually had to bring them for me as my cousin dropped off the items and so we didn’t know how much I owed her. My mom was staying longer though so I asked her to pay my cousin and bring the items after that was done. I’m excited to try them out!

My mom also brought me a few other things. One is a Bissu eyeshadow quad in 01 tones. She also got me what I think is a highlight from KJ Pearl Pop in White Pearl. And the last bottle is from my aunt who makes her own moisturizer so she sent me a bit. She also sent me a ring which opens because my mom told her that I have a fear that a ring will get stuck on my finger but if I get them too big I worry I’ll lose it. She found me an adjustable one so that I wouldn’t have that issue anymore. How kind!

Here are some gifts I got! My mom apparently decided I needed more presents haha, so she got me a few items. She got me a pack of beauty sponges, three Huayan.JBD brushes/sponge (one face brush, one eyeshadow brush, and one blender sponge), and a body cloth for the shower. I appreciated the gesture!

That’s pretty much all I brought back from Mexico! Well, besides some candy and a few presents for my dad and sister. I hope you enjoyed that little haul. Like I said, I try not to get too much but end up with a bit anyway. Since I don’t buy the typical souvenirs I tend to make up for that in other items clearly!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hahaha I love the Coco pillow, it was made for you!! Such a shame the nail polish wasn’t the best. It’s so hard to find long-lasting formulas. Everything else you got is so fun though! I think the striped shirt is my favorite, too. πŸ™‚

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