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My January Favorites

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing my favorites in the month of January.

As you know, I was traveling a bit but I do have a few favorites to share!

First, can it be a whole country? I’m going to pick Mexico! I absolutely loved my trip there this month! More posts and details to come on the trip itself but I had to include it in my favorites!

Next, is how I got to Mexico and back! Aeromexico is the best airline I’ve tried for getting back and forth between the USA and Mexico. The others are either way too expensive or super cheap and then charge for everything. Aeromexico is great, super reliable, and have such great service. I love flying with them!

For my first beauty favorite, it’s for sure the Coola White Tea Moisturizer with SPF50. I got it in a previous FabFitFun box and I think this is literally the main reason why I didn’t get sunburnt! It’s nearly up so I think I will need to repurchase as it’s that good.

Of course, the classic Urban Decay Setting Spray is making the list this month too! I made sure to use it every day to keep all the make up on my face. It’s really a tried and true product for me. I also think the Two Faced Hangover Primer helped a ton too so that’s making it onto this month’s favorites.

The Gucci Bloom Perfume is my favorite fragrance right now. I first had a sample of it, which I quickly ran out of. I had to get the roller ball of the perfume because I missed it so much.

I can’t exactly recall when the Trestique Lip Crayon in Florence Fig came into my life (it was also through a FabFitFun box). It must have been in one of the early boxes I got since I feel like I’ve loved it for awhile. I can’t remember if I ever said on here but I recently discovered it also has a lip balm with it! I can’t believe it took so long to figure that out! Two amazing products in one.

The Soap & Glory Hand Food Lotion was great for travel as well. We ended up going on a mini trip and the water did dry out our skin (more on that place in a later post). Even though this is a hand cream I used it all over out of desperation and it was such a great relief.

Along those same lines is the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream that I use as a night moisturizer. Travel in general dries out my skin, especially with the flights but this really helped my skin feel as if nothing at all happened!

I’m also including the supplement Goldenseal which was recommended by a coworker. She said she would take it when she started feeling sick as it’s meant to boost the immune system. Since I always seem to get sick when I travel I decided to take it ahead of time and during the entire trip. It seems to have worked! I will need to remember to take it again before/during my next trip for sure.

Another product that I forgot to take a photo of is those clear plastic sleeves for the phone. I got one on that same skin drying trip I mentioned (it was fun, I swear!) as I wanted to have another layer of protection on my phone. Technically the phone is water resistant but considering how expensive phones are and that I hadn’t had internet to back up my photos of the trip so far I wasn’t really ready to risk it so I got it as a precaution and my phone stayed perfectly dry the entire time. I’m so happy I got it! I’ve heard that ziplock bags also work but I hadn’t had one at the time and this was a great solution.

Lastly is the ability to work from home! It’s currently -20 degrees, and feels close to -50 where I am with the wind chill. Because it’s so dangerous, my office (and many places around me) have closed for the day to keep employees and the public safe. Before this the snow storm had also kept everyone home so we’ve all worked from home from my team so far this week. I’m so thankful that we’re able to stay safe and warm and keep the roads a little clearer for those that have to go to work as they can’t do their job remote.

jan 2019 favorites

And that’s my favorites for the month! I feel like this post is pretty short this month and hasn’t really changed that much recently. Perhaps I should do quarterly favorites? What do you think? Also, do we share any favorites?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your favorites and feel even more inspired. This morning I was thinking about writing about my empties. I also want to try your hand cream. I have been searching for a good one! Hope you are having a great week!

    ❤ Alana


  2. I love trying new airlines on international flights!! Aeromexico sounds awful- I will keep that in mind if we make a trip to Mexico! I love Coola products too- they smell divine ! Oh my gosh, so many awesome products here I can’t wait to look into. Thanks for the awesome list! Also stay warm- those temps are NUTS

    Liked by 1 person

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