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What’s in my handbag?

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share with you what i have in my handbag.

whats in my handbag featured image

It’s been so long since I’ve done a post on what I carry in my handbag so it’s long overdue! I’m sharing my “weekend” bag as my work bag and school bag are each very different from each other.

whats in my handbag michael kors navy blue

I am currently enjoying this navy blue Michael Kors bag. It’s a small bag with silver studs all over it, which I love. It’s such a sparkly and beautiful bag that I saw in the store just before the holidays and couldn’t put it back on the shelf. It’s very small, which is my new preference. I’m not quite sure what the style is called, it looks like a small Selma but I can’t find it on the website anymore to check!

whats in my handbag items

Here’s what I have inside! All my usual wallets are much too big and the ones at the store which matched the bag were actually really large for the bag size, which was odd. I am currently using this smaller Steve Madden wallet for some cash, my cards, ID, and a few other items like loyalty cards and such.

I also keep a pair of sunglasses, these are from Loft! They are black with gold at the top and I really should have put them in a case because there’s already a small scratch on them and I just bought them. I always need sunglasses though so I’ll always have a pair.

I usually have at least one lipstick in my bag. I have the Laura Mercier Spiced Rose lipstick. I normally would have a lip balm too but I had the Sephora Rose lip balm in my bag that I took out to go to Mexico (see my previous post on my travel make up and skin care if you’d like).

I stick my Nike gloves into my bag too. I keep these ones in there because they’re so small and I’m worried I’ll lose them if I put them in my coat pocket. They’re so thin and small so they fit perfectly on my hands so I don’t want to lose them! Plus they were a gift from my mom so that makes them more special.

For tech stuff I have a portable charger and cable, earbuds, and sometimes my wall charger. Oh, my earbuds also have the special connector thing since my phone does not have the traditional earbud plug thing. It’s one of those that you either listen to something or you charge the phone. The only downside to my otherwise perfect phone!

So that’s what is in my handbag! Let me know what you keep in your bag, since I’m so curious now.

Thanks for reading!

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      • Haha yes! I think I’m getting a pair in my FabFitFun box for spring. I’ve considered getting designer ones before but seeing how often I break sunglasses I don’t think I’m going to do that haha!

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      • LOL I always break and/or lose sunglasses, too… they never last more than a summer with me!! If you really wanted designer ones, you could get the ones with prescription lenses that way you’d never even take ’em off or you couldn’t see lol. Oh & I would hope they would be less easy to break!!

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