merry christmas eve featured image blogmas advent calendar 2018

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas Eve! Today I’m wishing you an amazing holiday and wrapping up the Blogmas Advent Calendar I’ve been doing for you this month. 

I sure do hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve with loved ones. It’s such a great day to enjoy that time! Normally this is a short post for me as I just generally wish everyone well and then that’s it. But today I’m also going to add in the Blogmas Advent Calendar so if you have a few minutes to spare, let’s go over it all! 

merry christmas eve featured image blogmas advent calendar 2018

Today is the reveal of the 24th item in the advent calendar so this time we’ll do that first! Then, if you missed any of the 24 items of the Blogmas Advent Calendar, they’ll all be below that! 

Advent Calendar Item #24

And the 24th item in the Blogmas Advent Calendar is…

blogmas advent calendar

An actual calendar! This one is the end of 2018 as it’s a school year calendar so it’s going to go into 2019 so I don’t have a 2019 specific calendar but I would totally include one in my advent calendar. They’re so useful and great for planning ahead for things like, well, Blogmas! 

Recap of the Advent Calendar

As promised, here’s all the items in the box! 

Day 1: DIY Felt Santa Hat for a Chair

Day 2: Candle – Holiday Themed

Day 3: Hand Lotion 

Day 4: Rhinestone Cold Weather Knit Headband

Day 5: Face/Eye Sheet Mask

Day 6: Kitchen Dishtowel

Day 7: Sparkly Bracelet

Day 8: Skin Care – Face Moisturizer

Day 9: Notebook Made of Recycled Material

Day 10: Reusable Bag

Day 11: Playing Cards/Game

Day 12: Scarf

Day 13: Eye Mask w/ Cooling Insert

Day 14: Sunglasses

Day 15: Cute Stationary Set

Day 16: Eyeshadow Set

Day 17: Cold Drink Cup

Day 18: Bluetooth Earbuds

Day 19: Perfume Rollerball

Day 20: Fuzzy Socks

Day 21: Fairy Lights

Day 22: Brownie mix

Day 23: Bottle of Wine

Day 24: 2019 Desk Calendar

blogmas advent calendar items 2018

Here’s all the items together! Although 24 items didn’t sound like a lot, it actually was! I can see why everyone always seems to get a calendar or two, since it’s fun to see what the day brings. 

Let me know which items are your favorite, which you didn’t really like, and how excited you’d be for this calendar! Since it was just made up for Blogmas I don’t have any clue how all the items would be packed up, shipped, prices, or anything but it was so fun to imagine and curate. I just hope it’d be fun to open up if it was real! 

Thanks for reading!

Pamela Silva 

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