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My December Life

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas! Today I am going to share my December life as well as the 22nd item of the Blogmas Advent Calendar.

I am moving this post up by a day from it’s usual spot so that I can fit something else in tomorrow!

my december life featured image

So this month is pretty action packed, for everyone I think. So many holidays! I know those holidays haven’t occurred quite yet so I’ll have to update you on those later! For now, here’s my December so far.

End of the Fall Semester

elmhurst college nativity

I know I did an entire post on this recently where I just complained a lot about how terrible it was, so here’s a happier moment of the semester. I mentioned I try to get to campus early and so usually I’ll grab dinner before going to class. This month I showed up for class, went to campus dining hall, and then found that it was a free holiday dinner night! That was so nice and I met some lovely undergraduate students and chatted with them a bit about their semester. After that I went to be miserable in class, but it was a great moment of holiday cheer!

Christkindlmarket and the Art Institute

sister christmas market pillow me

This month I also went downtown to see my sister, some of her friends, and the Christmas Market! I did a post on that as well but it was a lovely day that resulted in me getting my Christmas mug for this year (check out the post to see it).

art institute of chicago

The Art Institute was super fun as well! It was so nice to walk around and see some beautiful art. I put up a picture of my favorite piece on my post as well (the Dali) if you want to see it!

Work Celebrations

work friends

This month is full of work celebrations! Here’s a photo of myself in between two of my tall friends from work at our office holiday party. Never mind the retirement balloons in the background, another party was coming in after us. Anyway, it was a ton of fun! We were at a local bar and while I think the space was maybe a tiny bit cramped by the bar and high tables, it was still great! We also took a team photo of everyone who was in town for the party. I didn’t win anything in the raffle this year but I did get a $25 gift card for finding a new piece of business for our sales team to explore.

We also had a team lunch and I baked cookies for it! Everyone seemed to enjoy them which was nice because I usually think I’m bad at cookies but looks like I’m improving! (I put in a ton of vanilla on accident.) I did win the team present though! One of my team mates wrapped a gift in about 15 layers of wrapping paper and a few layers of plastic wrap and we had to try to open it wearing mittens. I somehow ended up winning! It was candy, popcorn, and a gift card to a movie theatre so I can’t wait to use it!

I’m writing this early (on Thursday night) and I’m really hopeful that the president of the company sends everyone out to Christmas break early tomorrow! Usually he does. I do have to work a few hours during the break (technically the company is on break after the 21st until January 2nd) so I would love to get the break started early!

More Chicago Days

As you’re reading this I think I’m still in Chicago! So if all went according to plan, last night I saw a musical, this morning I went to the Shedd Aquarium and did a behind the scenes tour, and maybe am currently watching another musical if there were still tickets left! Who knows! But it was all probably a ton of fun, and if it was, you get a post all about the adventure tomorrow.

Advent Calendar Item #22

The 22nd item in the Blogmas Advent Calendar is…

blogmas advent calendar brownie cup mix and topping

A mug brownie mix! I got these products for free at Six Flags Great America (sometimes items are sponsored to be given out at the park’s exit). To be honest I haven’t tried them but I would love to include some sort of yummy treat like this one in an advent calendar if I could!

So that’s my December! Let me know what you’ve been up to this month. Anything fun?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You look soooo cute in the photo between your tall friends hahah! The little party you guys had sounds so fun!! That’s awesome you were able to win that present, I can only imagine how funny it must’ve been to watch you open it!! Can’t wait to read about the musicals you attended. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha I literally tell them to walk on either side so it looks like I have body guards. Thank you! And it was fun, we always do lunches together but since it was the holiday one we got our lunch brought in and the game was fun! I did write my review for the final two musicals I saw and they’re scheduled for next month! Hopefully nothing goes wrong with them since I can’t be sure I’ll have internet to fix them so we’ll see HAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

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