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My Instagram Best Nine 2018!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas! I’m going to share my Instagram Best Nine for 2018 as well as the 20th item of the Blogmas Advent Calendar!

We’re nearly at the end of Blogmas and I’m not ready for it at all!

instagram best nine featured image

No, really I’m not prepared. I used to be a week ahead for posts and now I’m writing this the day before it goes live. Yikes! What I do have already done though is my advent calendar so at least there’s that.

So onto the Best Nine for 2018!

instagram best nine 2018

Tada! Now, I will admit that my best nine did originally include two posts of products but I didn’t want those in there because they’re not like actually posts on my life. It didn’t feel like it was real to include them somehow! So here’s the Best Nine that I did have!

From the top row down, left to right on each row:

  1. Ballet Mirror Selfie! Honestly ballet always does the best on my insta, I’m not sure why but I appreciate that everyone seems to love me doing one of my favorite things! It’s funny this is the top one because this photo actually was such a headache to try to edit and still didn’t look how I wanted it to look. Still, everyone loved it!
  2. View from my Flight: Lake Michigan Edition! I love looking out the window and seeing my beautiful Chicago. Getting this photo from the plane on the way back from Mexico almost made me feel better about coming back to the frozen tundra of the midwest. Almost.
  3. On the streets of Morelia! Shout out to my sister for the photo credit! She took this photo at my request in Mexico while we walked around the city of Morelia. It’s a beautiful city and I absolutely love every moment we spend there. My dad lived in the city for awhile before he moved to the US and it’s close to the town where both my parents are originally from, which is why it’s so near and dear to us.
  4. At the Shedd! Shout out to my mom for taking this one! As much as everyone loves to complain about the winters here, Chicago summers are truly spectacular. This one was from a day at the Shedd Aquarium when my mom and I stepped out onto the patio to enjoy the view of the lake and the sounds of Lollapalooza.
  5. Angel Wings at O’Hare! Again, my sister the photography genius took this one. This was on our way to Mexico. That day was so stressful. I worked a full day, went to one of my two evening classes that day, raced to the airport, accidentally took the exit to the long way around to the airport, arrived later than I wanted to (still super early though), and then stressed because my dad had to drive home in the snow after a day of driving me all around the Chicagoland area to all these places. I felt so bad! The things he does for me, he’s truly the best dad! Either way, my sister offered to take this photo of me and I couldn’t refuse!
  6. Ballet Ready! As I mentioned, ballet is a hit on my insta. Here’s my adorable ballet bag and my trusty ballet slippers. I love packing my bag for class and getting ready to head out. It’s one of the best feelings going to dance!
  7. My Dream (Castle) Home! My sister took this one of me at the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. We tried to wait for people to get out of the hallway but alas, it was too busy. Either way, this was a spectacular spot and I loved seeing the castle, the guided tour we did, and then walking about. My aunt joined my sister, mom, and I that day and then we enjoyed a piano concert at the castle before heading out to the Anthropology Museum in the Chapultepec Park, heading down Reforma, and then finally going back to my aunt’s home. Clearly, travel and Mexico are also a hit on my insta too!
  8. Grad Student in the Sun! Awwww, happier days as a graduate student! More on my current grad school adventures in my post tomorrow, but this one was from the spring semester I believe. I always get to campus early because traffic is horrendous if I don’t leave work early to beat at least part of it so when it’s nice I take a stroll through the campus. Here I am in front of my school’s library and fountain.
  9. Ballerina in Blue! I love how I just started naming my top nine photos hahahaha! I’m going to use those names for when I post them on my insta, probably for New Year’s Eve before I start a new “theme”. Anyway, here’s another ballet mirror selfie! This was the last class of the summer I believe and I was so sad for it to end. I really do enjoy the class and taking an hour or so a week to dance. I always learn something new and this year it was amazing. I remember at one point I said I had only taken ballet as an adult and my teacher was so surprised, saying she thought I’d taken it as a child because I was so good. Granted, we do fairly easy stuff. It’s not a total beginner course but not quite an intermediate either I don’t think. But still it was nice to hear that my hard work has paid off! I really hope to take the class again next summer.

So that’s my top nine! Mexico, ballet, school, and city exploring seem to be the most liked parts of my year on insta. I would say if I had picked my best nine, it probably would have been similar to this. Maybe a musical would have made it in rather than so much ballet but I’m not going to complain. Overall, I’ve had a good year and I’m so excited to see what 2019 brings.

Advent Calendar Item #20

And the 20th Blogmas Advent Calendar Item is…

blogmas advent calendar fuzzy socks pointe studio

Fuzzy socks! These ones are Pointe Studio that I got in a recent FabFitFun sale because the ones they included in a box before were so good that I had to have another pair! I figured if I loved them so much, maybe so would you! I’d love to include these because they are aloe infused I believe, or something like that. They’re so comfy and cozy, they’d be great for the winter season!

That’s my Instagram Best Nine for 2018! Which is your favorite from my best nine? I’m curious!

Thanks for reading!

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