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Holiday Decor at the Office

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas with the holiday decor at my workplace! Also, we’re revealing the 18th item in the Blogmas Advent Calendar. 

I thought it would be nice to show the decorations around the office where I work since I had a large part in the decorating this year. 

holiday decor at the office featured image

I’m on the social committee (I joke that I try to join as many committees as possible) so we always decorate. This year I did quite a bit so here’s the results!

holiday decor at the office

The main item is the tree! We have a tree that was prelit and when the lights stopped working two of my team members at the time cut off every light. We clearly need to invest in a new tree! 

We also have an electric menorah in order to be inclusive and one of my team members who is Jewish lights up a new bulb every day. We do leave it up until the tree comes down after the holidays too though, so it’s equal still. Although it took all day to find the menorah the day we put everything up… 

holiday decor at the office

We also used snowflakes around the office! We put them on room signs and windows, as well as doors at times. There was a snowflake tree topper but at first we couldn’t find it so I put the Santa hat at the top. Someone found it eventually and replaced it but it was ugly so I changed it back. Anyway, you can see some of the snow flakes on the column as well.

holiday decor at the office

Most of the decor stuck to the front of the office as we don’t have a ton but some made it to the break room as well. As you can see, we had a few things on the tables and that’s pretty much it! We don’t do too much as it’s a pain to then take it down again but it’s fun and people do appreciate it. 

holiday decor at the office

Seriously though, we need to get a new tree and new bulbs soon. I threatened to throw the tree out after this season and no one is particularly opposed so if I do that, we have to get a new tree next year, right? 

Advent Calendar Item #18

The 18th item in the Blogmas Advent Calendar is…

advent calendar bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth headphones! I love them so much as it makes life so much easier. I like to listen on headphones because sometimes the YouTubers I watch aren’t the most *ahem* parent-friendly in their language or topics so this makes it easier when cleaning and such to still listen to videos. Also I tend to listen to ASMR when I’m falling asleep and it helps to not have a cord that could choke me to death in the night. I do enjoy using them a lot. I would love to use these in the calendar if possible from Phillips as the battery life is amazing. 

And that’s the office decor! Let me know what your workplace does to decorate for the holidays. Anything fun? 

Thanks for reading!


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