little christmas tree featured image

My Little Christmas Tree

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas! I wanted to share my little Christmas tree that I finally put up and the 15th Blogmas Advent Calendar item with you.

I had only put up the big tree and then got tired but eventually I put up the little tree last weekend. I love it! 

little christmas tree featured image

My big tree always has a color theme so I use the mini tree for all the fun ornaments that don’t fit that theme. I thought of doing another large tree but that was too much. 

As you can see there’s so many fun ornaments! I don’t have a tree topper for this little tree so I should look for one. But I do have a Beanie Baby, ballerina, carousel, birds, vintage, Christkindlemarket, and more fun ornaments. As you can see, the tree sort of leans which I didn’t realize right away so it was already decorated by the time I noticed. I ended up putting the beanie baby on the tree to try to add weight to the other side after taking the photos and it mostly works. 

Advent Calendar Item #15

The 15th item in the Blogmas Advent Calendar is… 

advent calendar stationary set

A stationary set! It’s meant to be an organizational note taking sort of set, with post-its and note pads and everything you could possibly need. It’s so cute and I wanted to include something like it in the calendar. I think it would be very useful as well as adorable to have on a desk! 

And that’s my little tree! Let me know what you do with your fun ornaments! Also, how many trees do you have in your home? 

Thanks for reading!


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