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My Disappointing/Unfinished Products!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas! Today I’m going to share some products that were disappointing and/or unfinished as well as the 12th Blogmas Advent Calendar item!

Also I can’t believe we’re already halfway through Blogmas, that’s so exciting! I hope you guys are still enjoying yourselves if you’re participating in any way! 

disappointing/unfinished products featured image

As I mentioned, these products are items that I didn’t like or just didn’t get to finish before they went off. I actually was going to throw them out but stopped myself in order to save them for this post. Now I actually can get rid of them! 

I also already have some empties so I was tempted to throw those in too but I’ll save those for another time. 

Here’s the disappointing and unfinished products!

disappointing/unfinished products

First up is the Genmaicha tea that I got in my Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company tea box when I was still a subscriber. This is the only tea I absolutely hated from the boxes so overall the subscription was still great, but this tea was horrible. I took one sip and dumped out the cup!

Next is the V8 Hydrate Beverage in Strawberry Cucumber. This item I got as a sponsored item in my Winter FabFitFun box. I did have high hopes for it but thought I might enjoy it somewhat because I love strawberry and cucumber. However, it had a really weird aftertaste and it was enough that I couldn’t finish it at all. 

Another disappointing product was the Physician’s Formula All-Over Blur Super CC Cream. My mom got me this actually and I had been so excited as I see a lot of YouTubers who really enjoy things from this brand. But this had such a weird texture, went on super streaky, and moved around so much! It was terrible and while it’s mostly used that’s only because I tried so many times to make it work and each time had to use so much product to get a “wearable” look out of it. Either way it looked bad and I ended up taking it off and starting over each time. 

The next few items are nail polishes that I just didn’t use before they separated in the bottles and that I likely wouldn’t use again so I’m throwing them out. 

  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in 110 Snow Storm – I bought this for a Red, White, and Blue look for 4th of July maybe 3-4 years ago so it’s super old now. I liked it, but it’s just too old to use now!
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in 06 Pink Promise – this was a favorite for a long time but now it’s old and separated as well. It was close to being transparent and had glitter so it was fun but it’s time to get rid of it. 
  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in 175 Ever Reddy – Same as Snow Storm, it was bought for that look and just too old now. 
  • Aero Live Love Dream in Pop Quiz – really old and chipped sooooo easily! 
  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in 285 Mint Mojito – Same as Snow Storm and Ever Reddy, and it wasn’t even the right blue!
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 330 Grey Area – I loved this one but it’s so old! 
  • Ulta Salon Formula in Material Girl – I liked the color and glitter of it but it was so hard to get off so I just never really used it. Now it’s so old so that’s enough of that! 

The next three are perfume samples that I just didn’t enjoy! I think I’ll save these for my sister because funnily enough, we have completely opposite tastes in perfume! If I hate one, she likes it and vice versa. It’s super handy for shopping for perfumes for each other I guess!

  • Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose – I actually liked this at first but it’s just a weird scent after the initial moment. So weird!
  • Vera Wang Embrace – I can’t even smell it through the cap so I don’t remember what I didn’t like about it. 
  • Stella by Stella McCartney – Also can’t smell it through the cap, I’m guessing it’s a blessing. 

Advent Calendar Item #12

The 12th item in the Blogmas Advent Calendar is…

advent calendar scarf

A scarf! I used this light one I got once at Michael’s but since it’s winter perhaps I should have done a cold-weather one? I’m not sure but some sort of scarf would be in the Blogmas advent calendar for sure! 

And those are my disappointing and/or unfinished products! Let me know if you’ve tried any of those items before, I’m curious! 

Thanks for reading!


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