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My Christmas Decor!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my Christmas Decor as well as the 10th item of our Blogmas Advent Calendar! 

These are just a few little things I have around my room and home office, so I thought I’d share them with you!Β 

my christmas decor featured image

I only have a couple items, which surprised me as I thought I had more but I suppose most of the items are now on the tree! 

my christmas decor

So starting in the front I have one of my Christmas mugs from the Christkindlemarket Chicago. I go every year and still need to go for 2018 to get my new mug. This weekend was much too cold but maybe next weekend I’ll go if it doesn’t snow and isn’t too much colder. My back up plan is to have my sister get me one since she lives in the city so it’s easier for her to go! I have more mugs from the previous years and have posted about them from time to time, but it’s been awhile! Maybe next year I’ll have to do a new post with all of them! I have them all displayed on a shelf in a bookcase right now, and they’re so cute! 

Next I have a little knit sweater ornament that was made by a coworker’s mom. I absolutely love how cute it is! I had it at the office last year but brought it home for the tree in case it fit, but I think it’s a little too informal for my tree this year. I’m still considering putting up the mini tree so we shall see, because otherwise I’m not sure where it will go. 

In the back I have a little sign that you guys saw last year when I bought it at Target for I think either $3 or $5. My “Fa La La La La La” sign! I still love how cute it is and so I put it up this year as well. I have it on the top of a bookshelf right now and so it’s sort of “hidden” in a way but it’s facing the door so it’s cute if you spot it. 

Next to the sign in the back are two DIY items I did recently! Slight spoilers for my recap post later this month haha! So two weeks ago DIY night was cancelled because the library lost power during a big snowstorm we had the day before. Since the librarian that oversees the DIY nights already bought the items she decided we could all do both! The jar was the one for the cancelled night, it’s a “snowy mason jar”. Inside it does have an electric fake candle and it glitters and looks so nice! The downside with this one is that the “snow” (epsom salt and glitter) doesn’t stick too well and comes off so easily so I doubt this will get stored as it’ll make a mess and I’ll likely end up throwing it out at the end of the season. Another DIYer said spraying a clear sealant on it might help but I don’t have one and I don’t really think it’s worth getting one just for this jar so I’ll have to think about if it’s worth storing or not. 

Next to it is a “winter wine glass snow globe” that was that particular night’s DIY. We took a cork coaster and glued items to it. I took two trees, two penguins (which I named Harry and Larry) and gave them a green present to match their green bow ties. I’m not sure which is giving which the present but that’s their story. Then there’s fake snow in there and we glued the coaster to the glass. It’s hot glue so it was hard to get it on because the hot glue dries so fast. Then I put the same epsom salt and glitter around the base to try to cover the cork on the coaster as it didn’t look that nice. But again, it comes off really easy so that’s a downside but I think this will be easier to store than the entire jar. Oh, and then I brought home an extra penguin and a snowman just in case I want to do another (but I have no trees or presents now or anything else now so… idk). 

Last in the photo is a painted mason jar that I got from one of my managers last year. She and her kids made some for the department which was so sweet! It used to have candy in it but I ate that and now it has coins in it, which I do not eat or really use but needed storage for it all so there we go. 

blogmas advent chair santa hat

And of course we have the felt Santa hat for the chair! That is also up for decor and I love it! 

Advent Calendar Item #10

So the 10th item in our Blogmas Advent Calendar is…

advent calendar makeup bag

A bag! I used a make up bag on here but then I remembered that I hate when boxes have make up bags because everyone does that and now I have way too many. So I’d probably switch it up to instead of a make up bag it’d be like a tote bag or something larger/more sturdy. That’d also help against plastic bags so that’s perfect!

So that’s my little collection of Christmas Decor! Let me know what you decorate with around your home. 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ooh! I remember your mugs from the market. You have me looking forward to next year already so I can see what mug you get this year!! πŸ˜„ I love love love the sweater ornament, it’s way too cute & so are your DIYs!!

    A tote bag would be great for an advent calendar gift! I agree about the makeup bags. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    • The mugs from the market are so fun! People get so upset if it’s not a boot and I think that’s hilarious because I don’t mind it being something cute like this. And thank you, the DIYs are so fun!!!

      Haha I am glad I included a make up bag because of the size of it (fitting 24 things for a photo is a little rough) but a tote bag is much more useful for sure!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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