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My First Home Wish List!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas! Today I’m sharing a wish list for my first home and the 8th item in our Blogmas Advent Calendar! 

So lately I’ve been really obsessed with looking at homes up for sale online. I’m not particularly looking to buy my first home quite yet, but it seems like everyone around me (coworkers mainly) were buying new homes and I wanted in on the fun.

my first home wish list featured image

My favorite game was to find the houses listed for a few million and send those to them. Somehow they weren’t all to pleased? How strange.

Anyway, I’ve been doing this for quite a few months so I have a few things I always check for before “saving” a house on the app I am using for fun. I figured it would be nice to share with you my “wish list” for my future home. I’m not particularly close to buying a house yet, as I have a lot of student debt again due to my MBA studies. Even so, it is on my radar and I hope to do it after I pay down my loans a bit, start earning more, and save a bit more for a down payment. Of course, I’d likely rent or have an apartment before then so if you want a “wish list” for my first apartment, let me know! 

Oh! In case you want to see a more of a “dream home” vision I do have a Pinterest board that has some of that in there too. Most of the items on there are for a home office or bedroom as those are my favorite rooms to look at but there’s a few other rooms on there too! 

So here’s a list of what I would love to have in my first home. I am working with the assumption that I would be moving out into my first home on my own and I am aiming for the San Antonio area rather than staying in the Chicago area. Okay, here’s the list! 

  • 3+ Bedrooms, 2+ Baths: I do want a lot of space! Why so much space if it’s just me? Well a few reasons. One, I’m so used to having a work space separate from my bedroom so I would prefer to have a home office in one of the other rooms rather than the master. The third room would be for guests! My parents would probably visit, so would my sister, and since I would be moving away from my friends I’d love to have a guest room for them to stay at (not all at the same time of course). If I had to go with a 2 bedroom and have the home office share with the guest room or even the living areas I could make that work, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. 
  • One or two levels: I currently live in a three floor home and the stairs are so annoying when I have to go from my bathroom to the basement when I’m doing laundry! I think a max of two levels would be great! I actually don’t think this will be a problem since it doesn’t seem like most Texas homes have basements although that just baffles my mind. 
  • Small yard w/ patio & fence: I don’t enjoy being outside so I would hate to have a huge yard with the maintenance that would come with it. My original plan was a big yard so my dad could make it pretty but he doesn’t seem interested in that and it’s a lot of work for when he’s not staying with me to deal with it. However I do need some sort of yard and a fence because I want a puppy! I also want a patio already in because those are so much work and therefore really expensive. Trust me, I have both helped build one and invoiced one and it’s so much! I’d rather have one already in. I don’t want a pool just because I’ve heard they’re expensive to upkeep but in my dream home later on I would love to have one! Oh, and I would prefer sprinklers already in as well. 
  • Close to community areas like parks/libraries/recreational areas/shopping/etc.: Unfortunately San Antonio doesn’t have great public transportation according to my research so I’d like to be close to those areas in order to not have to drive too far when I want to go anywhere. I am currently looking in the northwest area around the Six Flags and SeaWorld area but maybe near the theatre area or Riverwalk would be good too, although I believe the latter are closer to the downtown and I’m thinking more of being on the outer area of the city. Oh, I’d love a community pool as well, but it’s not a “must have” compared to the library and other such items. 
  • Open floor plan: when this trend started gaining speed a few years ago I would roll my eyes. But actually it is nice to be able to decide how big or small you want a space! 
  • Kitchen w/ island: I have one now at my parent’s house and it’s so nice!
  • Living room w/ fireplace: I have one as well and I love it.
  • Master Room w/ walk in closet & vanity space in there or the bathroom: I know, super specific but I really want to have the vanity space out of the master but still easy to access. I also really want a walk in closet as well. I’ve never had one and it seems so nice. 
  • Preferred Little Stuff: here’s some random things I would prefer!
    • White walls – no funky colors to have to paint over, grey is acceptable too 
    • Wood floors – although I’d settle for a nice neutral carpet as most homes don’t come with all wood floors in my price range
    • Dark wood cabinets – light wood just doesn’t appeal to me
    • Steel or black appliances – Also I would prefer space for both a dishwasher and a wine fridge. I would take the dishwasher out for a wine fridge but I’ve been told it lowers the resell value of the home later on if it doesn’t have a dishwasher. Are people really that lazy? I guess so. 
    • Newer home – preferably one owner max. 
    • Marble where possible – granite would work as an acceptable substitute.

So that’s my wish list for my first home! Like I said, it’s a few years off still but hopefully will happen sooner rather than later. 

Advent Calendar Item #8

The 8th item in our Blogmas Advent Calendar is… 

advent calendar skin care

Skin care! I chose a face moisturizer with SPF! I do love this one because it’s so light and it’s great for a make-up free day as well. I would love to have this one or a similar one in the calendar. 

So, do we have any similarities for our first home wish lists? If not, what’s on yours? If you already have had your first home, how realistic are these? Haha, let me know! 

Thanks for reading!

Pamela Silva

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  1. Hahaha I am laughing about you sending your friends houses in the millions. 😂 I’ve never thought so in-depth about a home because I’m not quite sure if I ever want to buy one. I do agree with a lot of the things you said though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha it was the best to send it over and hear “Pamela! I am NOT buying a five MILLION dollar house!!!” And then I’d go “but look at that kitchen!” Hahaha, it was the best. You know I totally understand that. Sometimes I’m not sure if I actually want to buy or not because then you’re just kinda stuck there, you know?

      Liked by 1 person

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