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My Christmas Tree!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas! I’m going to share my Christmas Tree with you as well as the 7th item of our Blogmas Advent Calendar. 

I know I’ve shown the initial version of my tree already but I wanted to give more details here for it, and show some newer additions.

my christmas tree featured image

So about the tree itself, it is a fake tree! We only have ever used fake trees, and while I know some people are super into real ones I don’t think I’ll ever try one. For one, I would constantly think the house is going to burn down. Plus I hear they’re really messy? It does sound fun to go pick it out every year but too much of a hassle too. Also my dad loves those pine trees and I think he would just be heartbroken to think that the tree was killed just to put it inside and decorate for less than a month. So I do think that fake is the way to go for me!

Also I do have a white, prelit tree. It’s not the best quality as the fake needles are falling off, the color in the middle of the tree is starting to look weird (it’s a different material and the outer edges), and the top third actually had it’s lights give out one year so we have the dead lights on there with a string of new lights on it. I think this tree is nearing the end of it’s useful life unfortunately but actually I hope my next tree with be a “flocked” snow one where it’s green with fake snow on the ends. But we have two more green trees in the basement, so it seems silly to get more trees when we still have some. Okay, long story short, I went with a white tree! 

The color theme for the bulbs this year is pink! I had them on the tree last year but last year there was a pink/silver theme. This year it’s all pink and it’s a gradient sort of pattern with the dark pink at the bottom and the lighter pink at the top. I love how it turned out! There’s also an angel at the top as it’s pretty much the only silver/white tree topper we have. 

christmas tree 2018

So here’s the tree! You can see the gradient here on it. I love how it turned out! The original plan had been to have silver at the top, but there was enough pink for the entire thing!

Here’s the updated tree though! 

christmas tree decor

These are the more fun ornaments we’ve added since the original photo! Starting on the top left is a pink glitter gumdrop. Going clockwise is a little popsicle ornament that is white and pink. Then at the bottom are a few of the baubles with little diamond ornaments that I found at Target. There’s a light pink and a darker pink as well throughout the tree (my mom did actually find a place for it on the actual tree where it would stay. Then there’s a pink and white candy cane and in the middle is a white and dark pink lollipop! The bigger ornaments are from Walmart and so is the popsicle, the tree skirt is actually from Menards, but everything else is Target!Β 

And below is the finished tree!Β 

2018 christmas tree

Advent Calendar Item #7

So for the 7th item in the Blogmas Advent Calendar I’m dreaming up for you I’m adding… 

blogmas advent calendar bracelet

A bracelet! I actually made this one myself but I’d love to have something similar to it. Maybe it could be a holiday colored bracelet so that you could wear it to your work holiday party or to a family thing if you wanted to. Or it could be like this one so it’d be more useful for New Year’s with the sparkle! 

So that’s my Christmas tree this year! What colors did you end up going with? Also real or fake? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading!

Pamela Silva

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  1. I am with your dad about the real trees! The tradition of cutting them down totally breaks my heart. 😭 I am in love with all the pink ornaments & that big candy cane is awesome! It’s all so lovely, Pamela! A green tree with snow flecks would be wonderful for whenever you need a new one. I like those ones a lot, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, those poor trees!!! Haha glad you liked the candy theme! I really do enjoy the candy cane although the lollipop might be my fave. And it might be awhile before we get a new tree but that’s definitely the next one I want to get!

      Liked by 1 person

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