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How to Focus on the Positive!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas and today we’re focusing on positivity!

Also, it is day 6 of Blogmas so the 6th item of the advent calendar I’m doing will be revealed! 

how to focus on the positive featured image

Now, I don’t usually do posts like this although I always want to. The reason that I don’t is that sometimes I get that “imposter syndrome” thing where I feel I don’t have enough knowledge to talk about something more “real” I suppose. 

Even so, this topic has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. Even more so since I’ve seen many YouTube videos suddenly on this subject as well. 

Does it seem to you that negativity tries to strike in a sort of a wave? First one little thing happens and then suddenly it’s like a wall of negativity is coming towards you. At least that’s what it feels like to me. (Just as I typed that it started pouring outside and hitting the windows around me, how rude. Oh, now it seems to also be hail. Lovely.)

So what do we do when it seems like the world is out to get us down? Well, it’s tough but hopefully a few of the things I do will help you. 

For the little things I have little tricks! These are for not “sweating the small stuff”, and more for things such as distractions. 

First, I try to take a deep breath and keep my head from going haywire. I find that taking a moment, or even trying to do so, will help out quite a bit.

Should that fail, I then try to count backwards from five. I actually like to do this a lot when driving. I’m not a confident driver even though I’ve been driving for about 12 years. I hate the snow and even rain can cause me stress. So I use this one a lot while driving in those conditions just because it helps take some focus off the utter terror of being in danger. 

I also will try to take moments to focus on gratitude for the good things in my life. This is usually when I get annoyed, since if I’m feeling the negativity around me then I’m already a grouch. So I take a minute to remind myself that there’s so much good around me and recognize it. I have my lovely family, I get to go to school, I have my blog, and so on. I add a little thank you out to the world to instead  Making the conscious decision to focus on the positive will help bring those items forward in your mind rather than leaving them in the background overshadowed by the bad. 

And then I make sure to take the time for some self-care. I did “Self-Care Sundays” last BirthMay. So if you need ideas for self-care that you can do at home, outside the home, in social settings, and specifically for the mind you can go back and read some of those posts! Sometimes I’ll take an entire day over the weekend to just focus on myself, take a random day off work, or just take as much time as I can. It’s so worth it and I hope you find the value of it when you try it as well. 

Advent Calendar Item #6

And so your 6th Blogmas advent calendar item is… 

blogmas advent calendar dish towel

A dish towel! This one was from Target and I thought the play on Biggie’s lyrics was hilarious so I had to get it! I would probably pick something a little more neutral for it as decor in kitchens vary so much by taste. But I do like the idea of having useful household items in the calendar!

So that’s how I focus on the positive instead of letting the negative get me down! Do you have any other tips? Let me know if you do! 

Thanks for reading!

Pamela Silva

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  1. I would self-identify as a confident driver, but that doesn’t cancel out my driving anxiety one bit- I still despise driving because everyone else on the road seems like they have no idea what they’re doing haha I love the tea towel though- a good pun goes a long way!

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  2. I loved this post, Pamela!! I know what you mean about feeling the negativity around you & it automatically making you grouchy. I’ll keep these little distractions & tricks in mind. Thanks for sharing with us! ♡ & ooooh how in love am I with that towel!! Too freakin’ cute & the play on words is hilarious! 😂

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