hello blogmas

Hello Blogmas!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 1!

Yes, that’s right I am doing Blogmas this year! I know I mentioned it in a few posts but there was never a specific “announcement” per say so here it is! 

hello blogmas

So, I have done a few things for the whole event. One, I made a new logo! Well I didn’t really make it, the original one with the stars and the blog name I paid for. The little ornaments though I did add through Canva and changed the colors to match my blog. This one was a last minute choice since I did see other bloggers with special new headers and logos and I wanted one too! The other thing is that in my blog post featured images they say “Blogmas” instead of “December” just because I thought it was cute. 

starringpamela blog header christmas

I do have another idea for Blogmas that I want to do. I thought of it while listening to “12 Days of Christmas” the other day on the Christmas music station. 

My idea was to do a pretend advent calendar of sorts here! So at the end of every Blogmas post I’ll put one item I would put in an advent calendar if I was creating one for all my lovely readers on my blog! This idea also comes from when I had the idea that I wanted to start a subscription box, so there was a lot of inspiration for this pretend advent calendar. 

I had considered doing it all in one post and doing only 12 items as a lot of calendars are 12 days rather than 24 but this seemed more fun! 

Advent Calendar Item #1

So the first thing I’m going to reveal is…

blogmas advent chair santa hat

This Santa hat for a chair! I found this a couple of years ago in a store and bought it for my desk chair at work. I’ve since brought it home and just didn’t take it back so it made it onto my chair at home. It’s made of felt so if I was doing the calendar for real, I’d love to have a DIY version of it in the box for the first day to provide an activity in the box to do as well as a cute piece of decor. 

One down, 23 left! Any guesses on what else I might have included in this pretend advent calendar? 

Happy Blogmas to everyone participating and I can’t wait to see what you write in your posts. If you’re not doing Blogmas this year but are supporting bloggers doing it, thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the posts! 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love the new header and that you’ll be doing these surprises for us everyday!!! I didn’t buy an advent calendar this year so your posts will def make up for it. 🙂 I am in love with the santa hat for your chair– too adorbs!!!

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