my november favorites 2018

My November Favorites!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my November favorites with you. Beauty and lifestyle items are included! 

I feel like I don’t have that many but that’s because I don’t have many that I could put in the picture! 

my november favorites 2018

Oh, can I start with one NOT favorite though? Snowstorms. We had a major snowstorm at the start of this week that was bad enough that schools closed and my office was actually closed as well. Luckily I had the day off on Monday already so I wasn’t really worried for myself, knowing I wouldn’t have to leave the house but my coworkers and everyone else that had to work were on my mind. Thank goodness they all were able to stay safely at home! As for me, really the only downside I really experienced is that the library by me lost power so they had to cancel DIY night since they couldn’t open. Hopefully everyone else was able to stay home and not put themselves at risk, it was really coming down fast! 

Okay, onto the favorites! 

my november favorites 2018

First up is my new PS4! I bought a PlayStation 4 during the Black Friday sales and played it most of my extended time off for Thanksgiving. I don’t have the actual system in the photo but I do have my two games there! My PS4 bundle (from Target but I believe all bundles during this sale from multiple places were the same) came with Spider-Man so that got a lot of playtime. Even with all that time I am still only maybe 40% through the main story and I haven’t been putting it off on purpose. There’s just so much to explore! I also don’t know NYC well, where the game is set, so the “landmarks” side objectives are fun for me as I wouldn’t be able to know where to find them to begin with! I did manage to find Alexander and Eliza Hamilton’s tombs in game though, as I remembered they were buried at Trinity Church from the musical Hamilton.

Then on actual Black Friday I found Until Dawn at Gamestop, and I’d wanted to play that game for awhile! My dad had made fun of me the night before about how I only played the Spidey game but I didn’t have another one! I played this all Sunday, when the snowstorm hit and finished the entire game. I got most of the collectibles the first time around as I explored and then looked up a few ahead of time to try to minimize what I missed. I still missed about 8 so then I was going back to find them but got tired, so I’m still missing 2 I think. This is a horror sort of game, and very linear. It makes me laugh that I love both these types of games and open world RPGs, but both have their pros and cons! Oh, and I tried to keep everyone alive but managed to kill off Emily almost at the very end of her playtime. Fail! I’m going to try and play again from just chapter 8 to try and keep everyone alive again, although I read online it always defaults to your original story in the end unless you start over completely. 

I do have a fashion favorite to share. I pulled out my BB Dakota Poncho from last year’s winter FabFitFun box. I recently got my new winter box so I’ll be posting on that soon! But this is a favorite again this year as it’s so comfy, warm, and easy to wear. I will say I do get a ton of static with it but I just suck it up. One of my work friends absolutely loves it and couldn’t stop obsessing over it! 

For skin care, I have finally finished my towelettes so I switched to an actual cleanser. My current fave is the Drunk Elephant Cleanser, which I got from the travel items section at Sephora once. I know that those items usually aren’t worth the price-per-ounce but I really wanted to try some Drunk Elephant items without paying so much. I do really like it and while I probably wouldn’t buy the full size (I have soooo many other trial sizes from subscription boxes and such) I would love to get it again later on. It’s so smooth and leaves my face feeling so clean! 

Another favorite is the Hidrate Water Bottle. I got it at work and positively loved it right away! It’s a “smart” bottle where it connects via bluetooth to my phone. If I’m not drinking enough water, it flashes green light. I mostly keep up with it at work, but can never drink enough at home so that’s something to work towards! 

victoria's secret fuzzy robe

Next is my Victoria’s Secret fuzzy robe, which was a Christmas present from my  mom last year. I absolutely adore it as it’s so comfy and warm. Now that it’s cold out I’m living in it as we don’t like to have the heat up too high. For my parents it keeps heating bills down and for me it keeps my skin happier so instead we bundle up a bit more! (Don’t worry, I’m not freezing either so I’m good with that decision.) Since I sit so much for blogging or playing video games I do get chilly though so that’s why it’s so nice to have handy. 

voting sticker 2018

Voting! This month we had elections in the US and I grabbed a sticker on my way out after casting my ballot. I do enjoy voting and make it a point to go every time. This year I voted early which was a breeze to do in my area. I much prefer it since then I can go on the weekend instead of rushing through before/after work. Most of the candidates I voted for did get elected so I hope they do some good for us! 

christmas tree 2018

Well, I was going to take out my next favorite, my Christmas Tree, as I had a post planned for it for Blogmas but I already included it in a previous post! Oh dear! Well, in case you missed it here’s my tree! I did light pink at the top of the tree and darker pink at the bottom and I love how it turned out! 

Last is a make up favorite, I have the Benefit BB Cream. I know I’ve had that on here a lot but I honestly just love how I look with it! My issue now is that it’s nearly out so I have to decide if I want to repurchase or try something new. I’m just not sure yet! 

Those are my favorites for the month! Let me know what you’ve been enjoying this month. Do we share any favorites? 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. It’s so crazy to me the snowstorms are already in high gear! Stay safe & warm, girl! Ahhh your robe looks sooo cozy. Such a great gift idea actually- I need to remember this. Also, LOVE your tree- I adore the all white! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s so early this year! Hopefully that’s the end of it but that’s really wishful thinking haha. And yes, I’m mad I didn’t think of it myself, I loved it as a gift! And thank you! I love the white tree, I haven’t bothered with the green ones for years haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh! That’s so cool that you can explore NYC in Spiderman! I hope they add that game to the Game Pass catalog so I can give it a shot! 🙂 Same with Until Dawn!

    I’ve been wanting a poncho ever since you first got that one! They seem so cozy. I cannot wait to see what you got in this year’s FFF Winter box!

    I’ve been wanting to try Drunk Elephant products for awhile! & that water bottle sounds so cool and handy! Wow!! I think I drink enough water all the time but I still want it haha. I love your robe, too! What a pretty color!

    Your tree is beautiful!!! Love the color scheme. ♡ & if you do want to try a new BB Cream, can I recommend Marcelle’s Golden Glow? It’s glorious!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooo yeah I don’t know if they will be!

      You should totally get one, they’re sooooo nice! It’s like wearing a blanket in public and everyone agrees it’s okay haha!

      I love the Drunk Elephant products I have tried but it’s so pricey! And the water bottle is fun but I ignore it so often!

      Thank you and oooo I’ll look for that one! I haven’t heard of it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • They definitely not were not on XBOX Game Pass but they were on sale at a “reasonable” price lol.

        Gosh yess, blanket in public is just what I need! Getting a poncho the next time I go shopping, for sure. 😀 & LOL that you ignore your water bottle!!

        Have a good night, Pamela!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahaha sooooo “pass” for now!

        There’s lots of cute ones at Francesca’s all the time but lots of stores do them now because everyone still loves them!

        Have a lovely night Hunida! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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