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My November Life!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my life updates with you! 

It’s been an quiet month so there’s not too much here. However it was still pretty nice and so here we go!

my november life 2018 featured image

Dia de los Muertos

It was Dia de los Muertos this month! It fell on Thursday for the start of the holiday and since I was in school I wasn’t able to do much on that day but the next day I was working from home and took off to the store to get a bunch of marigolds and set up a mini ofrenda for my grandmother and great-grandmother. It was nice! My mom provided a candle, my dad had a photo I used, I had papel picado and the marigolds, and that’s it! Next year I hope to do a better job with it as we just put it on the kitchen island but I believe it’s supposed to have like elevated areas like stairs and so on. 

My new Poshmark shop

I started a Poshmark shop! You don’t have to check it out if you don’t want but in case you do, my shop is also under StarringPamela to make it easier for you. I’ll also add my shop link to my signature on this post and all going forward! 

I’m seeing that it is hard to get sales, as I’m just selling stuff I no longer need/want but I wanted to try it out and hopefully I’ll get a sale eventually. There’s apparently a lot of people that sell full time and buy things specifically to put them on their Poshmark store which I find strange but hey, to each their own. I’ve learned that a lot of people now treat it like a social media site rather than an online store, which is frustrating because I’m not on it to be social, I literally just want to get rid of some stuff that either don’t fit or just not my style anymore. Hopefully if I keep sharing my stuff I’ll get sales eventually though. 

Six Flags Great America

Last Call

So this month I went to the Last Call Fall Festival at Six Flags Great America! I was incredibly disappointed this year actually! Last year I remember I had a ton of fun with my sister as the coasters were all open and there were no lines whatsoever at most of them since nearly everyone was drinking and eating for the food festival. It kind of works like most food festivals like Taste of Chicago where you buy tickets and use those tickets to then buy food. 

This year was the exact opposite. People were still eating and drinking but there were no rides available! My mom and I arrived around 1pm and kept hearing people say the rides were going to open. Well by the time it was 3pm we were finally able to get on a coaster and then we walked to go to another only to find that actually most of them were still closed. So we basically went just to eat lunch, grab a snack, and ride one ride. It was sooooo boring! I do have a friend from high school who works at the park as a performer for the shows and she said Holiday in the Park would be much better and there would be shows around to see. If she hadn’t said that then I wouldn’t have bothered going but decided I would! 

Holiday in the Park

I also managed to get to Holiday in the Park this weekend! I went on Black Friday, which as the first day for the event. It was amazing! I loved it so much more than Last Call for sure. The entire park was covered in lights and displays. The park was open 2pm-9pm which was a lot later than I would normally go but I adjusted. So at first my mom and I walked in and realized a show was starting soon, so we sat through “Loony Toons Christmas” which as the costumed characters doing Christmas songs. Some of the lyrics were replaced by puns based on the characters performing. It was nice enough, but definitely a kid’s show and I kinda wish we had skipped it. We left in order to walk around and we did ride one ride, X-Flight, which is our favorite in the park. Then we walked back to the theatre so we could catch the main show, Wonderland at the Grand. 

Wonderland at the Grand was so cute! It didn’t have a story like most of their shows do, but it did have a reoccurring theme of the performers taking a snow globe off the wall and shaking it to signify a change in the acts and the stage. Each portion had a different theme of sorts, one was a family singing around the fireplace, another was a ballet portion themed for the Nutcracker, and more such stuff. I have started to recognize the performers as the same ones from the Fright Fest shows. Plus my high school friend is in it so I get to see her in them as well. It’s pretty fun and I’m sad to think this might be my last visit for awhile as that was likely the last above 30 degrees day of the year and I didn’t get a season pass for next year. If it is my last visit, it’s been fun! 


Yay! We made it to Thanksgiving! I really needed this break guys. So I had Thursday and Friday off from work already, and I had requested the Wednesday before and the Monday after the weekend (so tomorrow) to lengthen the holiday. Originally I wanted that time off because we were trying to plan a family getaway but it didn’t end up happening. Since I still had a lot of vacation days left though, I wanted to keep the days off as I need to make sure I use them all this year. Now, I’m just glad to be out of the office for a few extra days and we’re getting a lot of snow today (I’m writing this yesterday but forecasts say 7-12 inches) so I’m glad to not have to worry about a messy commute tomorrow. 

christmas tree 2018

Also, I did get a PlayStation 4 for the Black Friday sales so I’ve been playing Spiderman nearly everyday (it came with my bundle). I’m glad I get another day to play it! I used the rest of the long weekend to finish my Christmas shopping, put up the tree (pictured above, please note the ombre pink effect), and my sister dropped by for a bit with one of her roommates! Oh, fun story. When putting up the tree I snapped a photo of a fake tall plant my mom has and joked that it was my tree, just needed to put up lights. Only like three people snapped me back about how funny I was! I did eventually reveal my actual tree and people did seem to like it better. Either way, I love how it turned out! 

My 3 Year Blogaversary!!!

Yes, it is my 3 year blogging anniversary! I started Starring Pamela on November 24th and published my first actual post on here on November 26th. I’m so happy I did as I’ve found something I really, really love to do. I know that if I didn’t have my blog I’d likely have found another creative outlet but I feel like blogging really suits me and I enjoy it so much. So if you’re following me, liking my posts, commenting, reading anything I write, thank you! You’re amazing and I’m so happy to have you around. 

And that’s my November life! Let me know, what has been your favorite blog post from me over the past 3 years? Anything fun that happened to you this past month? I’m curious!

Thanks for reading!


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