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My Autumnal Decor!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my autumnal decor items that I have!Β I thought it best to separate out the autumn stuff from the October holiday stuff so while this isn’t the biggest post it was nice to highlight each separate!

autumnal decor featured image

So for autumn I actually don’t have a huge amount of items. I feel like it’s such a fleeting moment for me where I live. Summer lasts until late September, but then October’s focus is Halloween and Dia de los Muertos decor for me, then only November gets fall for maybe a week and half before it’s winter. For example, it was just the first snowfall of the season this past weekend so now it feels like winter.

Even so, I’m going to share the few fall items I have because I still think they’re so cute!

autumnal decor flowers wreath leaves postcard candle copper

Can I just start with the fact that I love how these photos turned out for this post? It doesn’t happen often but I feel like I got such a good angle on them, the lamp I use (yes, lamp! I need an upgrade!) for lighting actually worked well for an initial image, and then editing the results was a breeze!

Okay, back to the decor pieces! First is the floral vase on the right! I got all the flowers and the vase from the Dollar Store, so it was super affordable! Both are a nice burgundy sort of color which I love (as does everyone else) at this time of year. I think there are 5 flower sets so $1 a piece and $1 for the vase is $6 total for this cute little piece!

Next is a cute square postcard of sorts that my cousin gifted me when I last visited Mexico. She mentioned one of her friends had given it to her who actually made it and she wanted to pass it on if I liked it and I did! I love it so much as it’s such a cute scene and I keep saying I’m going to get a frame for it and keep forgetting to take it to Michaels for one during their frame sales. I’ll have to make sure to do that for next year as it’s really cute and deserves one.

Then I have two candles with copper tones! The first says “wanderlust” which I believe I got at Target on clearance maybe last year? I can’t imagine I paid more than $10 for it, maybe even $5. I haven’t burned it as it’s so pretty. I also have a candle in a plain copper container from Anderson Lilly I believe, which I got in turn from a past FabFitFun box. I do love it and it smells great, but I also don’t want to burn it as it’s so cute! I’m trying to get through all my candles though so we’re slowly working towards the day when they get picked.

And last in this photo is my autumnal wreath! This cost me $0 (except the property taxes I help my parents pay) and I made it at my local library at one of the DIY events there. We got the wreath, an envelope full of leaves/cranberry sticks/acorns/burlap ribbon, a hot glue gun, and lots of encouragement. Everyone’s wreaths looked so different and beautiful! The ribbon clearly could have been more creative and some people made gorgeous ones but my ombre leaf design was an absolute hit in the room. I absolutely love going to the DIY nights because even though I’m the youngest in the room by about 20 years (except for the librarian that leads the activity who is a year and one day older than me) it’s still super fun and we have an amazing time. Not only was this nice to make for decor but such a great experience overall!

Sidenote: I have made it a point to use the word “autumnal” instead of fall more in my life because one of the ladies said she liked how I said it and that she thinks it’s a beautiful word. I say it more like “autum-un-al” and it’s meant to be more like “autum-nal” so clearly I need to work on how I say it but it is a great word!

autumnal decor monogram bench

Then here are items that are up all year but that I try to highlight more during this time in my home office. I have two marquee letters! I was looking for some for such a long time a few years ago when they were all the rage on YouTube and found these on sale at Michaels. I think I overpaid for them by a lot as I think they were $15 each during the sale or something! Ah, the money spending habits of youth. Anyway, I have both a “P” and a “S” as those are my initials but if I flip them to be “SP” instead of “PS” it could also be the initials of my blog! How fun! The “P” doesn’t light up as well anymore so I’m going to have to change out the batteries and see if that’s the issue or if it’s just the letter itself. I do like them for fall as they remind me of a barn and such.

The letters sit on a wooden bench that I picked up years ago at a local thrift store. It’s so cute and I think it’s meant for dolls but it was so cute that I knew I had to have it! I’m so happy I brought it home as I do really love it. I’m sure I only paid a few dollars, maximum of $5 for it (probably more around $2 or $3).

That’s my autumnal decor! I love the few pieces I have, and I do think I have plenty for how long the season is. Plus a lot of these, as I mentioned, are up year-round, or are just good for multiple seasons. For example the flowers will work for Christmas as well!

Let me know what your favorite pieces to decorate for autumn are. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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