My Winter Overnight Emergency Stay Bag!

Hi everyone! I asked a bit ago if you wanted to see my overnight emergency stay bag for the winter and you said yes so here you go!  I laughed when everyone said yes but added “I’m sorry I’m really nosy” because I just love that so much. I am too and I love that everyone just loves to own it (myself included!). It’s not the most exciting overnight bag but here we go!


So in case you missed it last year, I pack a bag for an “emergency” overnight stay during the winter because I live in Northern Illinois and you just never know when you might need it! I work 22 miles from home, about 45-60 minutes. And I go to school over 50 miles from home, which varies from 60-120 minutes depending on traffic to be honest! Because winters here can bring a lot of snow and ice, I prefer to have a bag packed in case I don’t think I can make it home safely and want to instead book a hotel room and spend the night somewhere close to where I am. This is mainly for school use because it’s so far and I get out quite late. I haven’t had to use it yet and I hope I don’t have to this year either but it’s a peace of mind knowing it’s there!

I don’t have a ton in this bag as it’s meant to be for one night only so here we go! This is my packing list:

  • A small bag of toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and a few other random little items. I’ll likely add things to this the night before I leave such as moisturizer and stuff I use daily. Oh also underwear and socks are stuffed in this tiny bag.
  • Fuzzy sweater from Columbia (the store, not the country) to keep warm! That’s the blue thing. It occurs to me that I should have unfolded the stuff. Fail!
  • Maroon sweater from New York & Company I believe for the next day. I usually have jeans so I can wear those again but I’ll want a fresh top for the day.
  • PJ’s from Walmart! I have a Harry Potter top and Flamingo shorts as well as some workout pants from Aeropostale in case the room is colder or I don’t want to wear my jeans the next day.



It all fits perfectly in my Private Party “Meet me at the Barre” bag that I used over the summer for my ballet class! I don’t have a ton of duffles as I’ve gotten rid of them but this works perfectly! I love that I can still use this bag outside of ballet. I still need to find a change of shoes to keep in the car though as if my shoes get wet for any reason I’ll want a dry pair to change into!

On top of my emergency bag I do have some things that are useful in the winter that I wanted to mention. Other things that I keep in my car in general are below!

  • Ice scraper thing – not only does it get the ice off the windows so I can see, it also has a brush to get any snow off the car too. That’s important as it can fly off the car when moving onto the windshield or other cars and hinder the ability to see.
  • Spare tire & equipment to change the tire – well this is always there but important to check it every once and awhile to make sure it’s still good!
  • Tire pressure checker thing – also important year round!
  • Car charger – same, year round but especially important now.

And that’s really all I have! As I said, it doesn’t have a ton in the bag since it’s meant for one day and only for an emergency. Fingers crossed I won’t need it but it’s nice to have! Let me know if you think I’m forgetting anything!

Thanks for reading!


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    • Thank you! Haha, honestly it came from my dad at first, since he has worked doing snow removal, so he would keep a change of clothes with him in case his clothes got wet through the snow. I’ve just expanded on his idea! 🙂

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    • Haha I don’t mind because I love being nosy on other people’s posts! 🙂 Haha, it’s just so much easier going to school knowing I have a back up plan just in case I can’t make it home!


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