My Fall Product Empties!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my fall empties with you. I had so many empties I thought for sure it was also a summer empties but turns out I just used a ton of stuff!


My empties bucket was so full by this time and I’m so happy to finally be able to throw it all out into the garbage bin or recycle bin depending on the item. I have a ton of beauty stuff but also some food items.

By the way I also have some disappointing products that I think I will save in case I decide to do Blogmas, which I feel like I have enough time for. Especially since I’m on a blogging roll lately!

So let’s get started!


Make Up


I had so many items I used up and I’m so excited to go through these!

  • NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray – I really liked this setting spray, it’s a great drugstore option for sure! I didn’t really enjoy the actual spray of the bottle as I thought it wasn’t the best. I haven’t repurchased as I have a lot of the Urban Decay spray right now, which is my favorite but I would down the line if I needed to get a spray!
  • NYX First Base Primer Spray – I also liked this primer spray! NYX in general makes great stuff. I haven’t repurchased as I have primers I’m trying to use up and I do prefer non-spray primers but I did really enjoy it while I had it.
  • MARS Pro-Prime – I had two tiny samples of this and I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I expected to. I also think it might have been the open packaging as it dried out fast. I wouldn’t purchase this though.
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – It occurs to me that I went through a ton of primer this season. I really like this primer but there are cheaper ones I like better so I don’t think I’ll repurchase.
  • Honest Beauty Invisible Blurring Powder – I liked this powder a ton, and I’m so upset it’s all used up! I liked how light it was and so nice to put on. I would consider purchasing a full size at some point, but I also have a lot of powder to use up for the time being!
  • Real Techniques Sponge Blender – I have had this blender for awhile and I’m sad to see it go but they do hold a lot of bacteria and it builds up, even with frequent washing. Even then they don’t hold up too well so it’s time to get rid of it! I’m not planning to repurchase as I don’t like blenders as much as other people (I feel like they soak up a ton of product) and I recently got another in a subscription box I have. Maybe someday!
  • Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector Skin Tint w/ SPF 25 – I really liked this product! It’s too dark for me now so perfect timing to run out! I really liked  how much it covered while not feeling too heavy.
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer – I got this sample in a box and I actually didn’t enjoy it. It felt grainy in a sense and I didn’t really like that in the primer, plus it was super hard to get out of this bottle. While a full size likely wouldn’t have that last issue it just wasn’t fun to use.
  • Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush – I recently repurchased this brush! There’s an outlet store by me that sells it, which is great because I’m not sure the regular stores still do. Anyway, this brush is meant to be used with their mineral foundation but I use it as a setting powder brush because I love the size and how it applies the product. It was time to replace as the hairs were falling out and the handle kept flying off! The lady at the store seemed horrified that I had had it for so long but now I can throw it out and give her peace of mind I guess!
  • E.L.F. Professional Foundation Brush – I never enjoyed this brush but kept trying to make it work. It’s way too stiff and never properly blended out my foundation though so I am so glad to be rid of it. I bought it long ago as I had been building up my collection on a budget and don’t feel bad getting rid of it now!
  • Maybelline Master Prime Primer in 100 Blur + Smooth – I am going to repurchase this once I work through my stash of primers. I do really like it and it’s so budget friendly!

Skin Care


I don’t have as many skin care products as I would like so clearly I need to work on this next!

  • Pond’s Original Fresh MoistureClean Towelettes – I love using cleansing towelettes but I know they’re bad for the environment so I’m trying to move away from using them so often! I’m trying to use up my stash! These were okay, but not my favorite as they felt a little too dry and fragranced.
  • Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask – I really liked this mask! I don’t like super messy masks normally but this was worth it. It felt so nice and luxurious. I only used it for one mask before it dried out but it was so nice while it lasted. I probably wouldn’t repurchase just because I have so many other masks.
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – This is my favorite cleansing towelettes! They stay moist, do a great job of removing most of my makeup fast, and I really love using them. Although, again I’m trying to move away from them.
  • Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Night Cream – I love this night cream. I was so sad to finish the little pot since I enjoyed it so much. It’s very rich and creamy. I won’t repurchase as I have many, many night cream samples and items I’ve been sent but I do enjoy it a lot.
  • Belif Tru Cream Aqua Bomb – I liked this moisturizer because it was so cooling and hydrating but it wasn’t my favorite ever. Still fun to try though!
  • Estee Lauder Day Wear – The blue version of this is my all time favorite moisturizer and I did still like the purple but wouldn’t chose it over the blue. Still amazing though!
  • Eucerin Daily Protection Face Lotion w/ SPF 30 – I have really enjoyed this lotion a ton over the years and this isn’t technically an empty but rather me getting rid of the bottle because SPF doesn’t last in products that long and so if I didn’t use it up by now it won’t last much longer. I now have other face products with SPF that I like more though so I don’t think I’ll repurchase.
  • Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – I liked this micellar water a ton although I am making my way through a different bottle that I don’t think I’ll repurchase just yet.
  • Trader Joe’s Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil – I really liked this cleanser for a long time but I haven’t repurchased this because I have so many different samples for cleansers too! I probably would down the road though as my skin likes tea tree oil.
  • Farmacy Honey Drop Moisturizer – I loved this moisturizer so much! I didn’t repurchase because of the price but it was amazing and I loved it so much.
  • Olay Daily Clean water activated cloths – I loved these because they come packaged dry and just need water to remove makeup. Again, trying to not buy more of these, but they were great for travel. I still have a few lying around in some makeup bags I have but they’re mostly all gone so I figured I’d just include these here!
  • The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner – I really enjoyed this toner but all the Body Shop stores by me closed so I haven’t repurchased this recently. I finally used up the last tiny bit and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I remembered so I don’t think I’ll repurchase now either although they are in Ulta now.

Body & Bath Products


I didn’t have too many of these either so I put them together.

  • Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo – (Hunida, it’s this one!!!!!) I love this shampoo! My hair is so picky with the products I can use and this shampoo is great. It’s also very cheap, which is funny because I literally tried so many expensive shampoos and this is the one that has worked the best for me.
  • Dove Dry Spray Invisible Antiperspirant – I love this deodorant! It’s regularly a favorite and while I don’t currently have one it’s one of my all time favorites.
  • Thann Body Wash – I loved the scent of this body wash so much that I brought it back with me from my hotel in Houston earlier this year! It smells of orange and tangerine which are some of my favorite scents. I am so sad it’s gone but hopefully the hotel will have the same kind for me to bring back next spring!
  • Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo – This was an Influenster product I received free so I could review it. I did like it but it wasn’t as great as my Suave one so I haven’t bought a full size although they are in Ulta now.
  • Raw Sugar Natural Hand Wash in Lemon Sugar – I loved this hand wash and really enjoyed it. I actually did intend to buy this when I needed hand wash recently but it’s quite pricey! I ended up going with a cheaper option but maybe it it’s on sale next time I need some I’ll pick it up.
  • Bath & Body Works Fresh Strawberries Hand Lotion and Sanitizer – Neither of these are particularly empty but the thing is that they are both a little old so I’m throwing them out. I did really love the scent though and I’m sad to see them go!
  • Crest Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste – I loved this little sample! I regularly have samples to use when I travel but recently I used this up as it’s been open for awhile. I did really like it!
  • Crest 3-D White Toothpaste – This is my all-time favorite toothpaste but can be pricey compared to other options so I haven’t bought this again as I’m waiting for it to be on sale but I can’t wait to have this again!
  • YSL Mon Paris – This fragrance is amazing! I love it! I would love to buy a full size but I don’t go through perfume that fast and I’d hate to see it go to waste. Hopefully I get another sample soon.
  • Burberry My Burberry Blush – another sample from a box that I loved!
  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar – this one might have to be purchased. My mom told me she loved it every time I sprayed this on so I think this one is might have to be my signature scent!



I have a few food/snacks/teas to share here! There’s not a ton as usually I forget to save the wrappers and therefore don’t remember them by the time an empties comes around!

  • Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Glitter Gum – This was so fun and yummy! I haven’t bought more gum though as my jaw pops a ton and I have general issues with it locking that my dentist says isn’t going to get better. I think I’m going to have to avoid gum as I do notice it’s worse when I chew a lot of gum.
  • Quaker Breakfast Flats Snack Bars in Banana Honey Nut – These are delicious! I love how great they taste and I actually don’t often like banana. I bought theses for a class assignment in marketing last year and wasn’t too interested in them so I didn’t buy them but I tried them recently and really liked them.
  • Luna Rica Cashew Butter Fruit & Nut Bar – I got this in a subscription box and it was good but not my favorite snack bar. I do want to try more Luna bars as well as Larabars and RXBars but I haven’t yet so maybe there’ll be more next time!
  • Simple Loose Leaf Teas – I used to get a subscription box that you might have seen me review before and here’s the teas I’ve used up. Basically they were my some of my favorites which is why they were used up first!
    • Kashmiri Chai
    • Lily Yin Hao
    • Green Berry Delight
    • Berry Chamomile

My Fall Empties Pin


So that’s my fall empties! Let me know if you have tried any of these things. Also, any tips for using up products you don’t like? I have so many of those and feel bad throwing them out but I don’t like using them either!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I had read so many good things about that Nars primer so it was the first one I ever bought & it made me think primers were useless! Hated it lol. I’ve always wanted to try Honest Beauty & have been looking for a powder… I’ll have to check that one out! & what?! Okay, Suave? I’m gonna buy it when I run out of my current shampoo & see if I can save myself a whole lot of $ lol. I’m jealous the deodorant spray works for you… my sweat & odor is too strong!! 😭 The lemon sugar hand wash sounds like it smells delicious! I’m gonna look for it! & I loved that Burberry Blush, too!

    I don’t have any advice about using things you don’t like! I just stash it all away because I feel bad throwing it away, too lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha yes, so many products that I’ve gotten have been ones people love but I can’t get to work for me! I hope you enjoy the powder, it was great! And yes, look for Suave and the daily clarifying one because it’ll get your hair clean and keep it that way too! I’m using a strawberry Suave one right now because I love strawberries and while it’s good, it’s not the same. I think as it’s getting to be winter and there are more layers I’ve been sweating more so idk how much longer I can make it work, but I do really like it. And the hand wash was amazing, I need to keep an eye out for a sale for it! Haha, I haven’t found a Burberry product I don’t like, although to be honest I haven’t tried many as I haven’t splurged on them as much as I would like.
      Haha, yes, it feels so wasteful to throw it out so I just can’t do it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m the same!! I wonder why I can’t get all of these “super good” things to work right for me lol. I’m definitely gonna buy that Suave shampoo next!! Thank you for showing it to me. ❤

        I've never bought a Burberry product! I just got the sample too, hehe. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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