If We Were Having Coffee – November 2018

Hi everyone! Want to grab a cup of coffee and sit to chat with me?

Or tea if you prefer. I hope so!


I had a strange October to tell you the truth. November seems like it’s shaping up to be a weird month too but hopefully in a good way!

So today I’m having a chai tea latte, which I’m been craving a ton as I am trying to limit my Starbucks habits.

Lets get chatting!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how I decided to vote early this year! Gotta get those damn Republicans out right??? Anyway, I usually wait until Election Day but there have been so many early voting opportunities and I know how I’m voting so what’s the point of waiting! My parents went with to vote as well and my sister voted by mail. I got a sticker for voting on top of that!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how I have a new business idea! A boutique! My coworkers were talking about them and I thought that was the cutest idea ever! So now I want to sell a bit of clothing, home goods, and gifts! I hear online boutiques are all the rage now but I would like a physical store I think. Personally I’m waiting until after college to start seriously considering this idea, among others, but I know my dream is to start my own business. One of my college buddies is currently starting a hat business right now though and I am so in awe of her! I decided as a warm up I’m going to start a shop on Postmark. I can share my shop with you guys if you want! Let me know if that’s something you might be interested in seeing!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about how the other night I had a dream that I forgot to go to work! I have a total of 29 vacation days to use up this year and I have so many still left that I have been taking random days. So in my dream I thought I had a vacation day and when I “woke up” in my dream I didn’t go to work. By 10am in my dream I realized I didn’t have the day off and freaked out! I called my manager to explain what happened and he said “oh I didn’t realize you weren’t here” and overall didn’t care so when I woke up for real I was REAL ANNOYED. Because if someone in your dream annoys you then you get to be annoyed IRL with them, right? Anyway everyone at work agreed this was correct logic although all my manager said was “lol”. But then last night I had a dream that I was working onsite at an event and there were dinosaurs. I have to stop dreaming about work, I’m telling you.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how I’m watching vlogs about families or couples from the US that have gone to live in Mexico and it looks like so much fun! I’m so tempted to tell my parents I want to live in Mexico but I think they’d think I’m crazy! However the cost of living is amazing compared to here so they travel a lot and get so many cool experiences! If I could find a job where I could work from home all the time I’d totally do that, since I’d just need wifi. Maybe I should think about that for my next job!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how I backed up my computer finally! I bought an external hard drive years ago when my laptop died years ago and couldn’t be restored. So when I had the broken parts replaced it was a like a brand new laptop, and I bought an external hard drive to make sure I didn’t lose everything again. I hadn’t used it since I didn’t use my laptop much anymore but since I started blogging nearly 3 years ago and starting grad school a year and a half ago I use it all the time and figured it was time.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I’ve turned in my final paper for my leadership class! It ended up being 9 pages long and I hope I did well on it. I went to turn it in before my class and the hallway was split into two as the entrance was in the middle. I spotted a classmate at a door on the right so I headed over to say hi (he was in both of my classes this semester) and he was talking to the director of the program. At that moment they were talking about our leadership class and I chimed in that it was one of my favorites, as well as adding how I thought negotiations should be required for undergrad students. It was such a great course! We left soon after that and my classmate showed me where I had to turn in my paper (under the door of our professor’s office on the left side of the hallway) and we headed off. He revealed that he had spoken to the director of the program a bit about our corporate finance class, the one where our professor suddenly was let go, and how disappointed he was. I wish I had been there early enough to mention that too! I might try to see if he’s in his office next time I’m on campus to mention this but honestly at this point nothing we say will change the situation so is it worth it? I trust the director so I’m sure he did all he could but I’m still disappointed about the situation and “resolution” as our current professor is terrible. Back to leadership though, it’s so great to know that the paper is handed in and to be fully done for the semester for that class! One more to go for this semester and two more in the spring before I’m done! UPDATE: So I first wrote this post about a week ago and I didn’t want to remove what I’d written before because it was true at the time that I wasn’t planning to go back and try to find other solutions, I just wanted to voice my opinion. Well at the last class I decided I am not going to pay for that subpar “class” that we have now and I’m now looking to be refunded or credited towards a future class. As far as I’m concerned I paid for a full semester course and got less than half of that because this professor is teaching at a maybe high school level (we can’t use any technology in the class among SO many other issues I have). Sorry, I don’t mean to rant here to you but I don’t want to feel like I’m being dishonest by not letting you know this update.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that winter is creeping in! It’s not cold enough to require a giant jacket yet but most mornings I have to scrape the frost off my windows on the car. Not long now before we get the first snow, which I’m disappointed about but it is what it is in northern Illinois! Just keep your fingers crossed it falls on weekends only and not when I have to drive to work or to school since I’m not a confident driver in those conditions!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how I now get to work from home on Fridays! I finally managed to get permission to work from home on Fridays instead of the office due to class on Thursdays. I made it work all last year and then half of this semester but it’s rough and I was finally able to get this perk. I feel already that I’m much more productive as it’s quiet and there are less distractions but it is a bit of an adjustment. At work I have every link I need saved, all the documents I need, and so on but at home I found myself digging through old emails trying to find the one link I needed or asking coworkers. I got there in the end though and making it work! Oh, and I realized how much water I drink at work as I didn’t at all on Friday and was feeling so dehydrated when I went to bed! Also something I need to work on! And fun story of when I was working from home. My parents went out during the day (my mom does not have a job currently so she’s always home and my dad had the day off as landscape season is winding down fast) and I was expecting a book to be delivered from Barnes and Noble. I heard a ton of commotion and thought it was them so I peeked out from my curtain in my home office and saw the UPS person wave to me! I waved back and thought it was so funny! Then I ran down to get my book because 1) I was excited and 2) didn’t want my parents to see it and judge me for buying yet another book. But I’m so happy it’s here! (Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas!) The second time I worked from home I did some laundry, started cleaning the bathroom during my lunch break, ran a bunch of errands during the hour that I would normally be driving home after clocking out. It’s AMAZING!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m really starting to get worried about my inability to relax. I mentioned before that if I go even one day without doing something major like a mass clean out of my closet, homework, blogging, or just something in general I feel physically ill. I’ll feel queasy, restless, and trapped in my home (and I love my home). So I’m wondering, is this normal or something I should be worried about? I feel like I should be able to relax and have a day off without feeling like I’m wasting my life away. Any thoughts?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that because November is both the month of Thanksgiving in the US as well as my blogaversary everywhere I want to say that I’m thankful for you! Yes, YOU! If you’ve supported my blog in any way throughout the year, thank you so much for doing so.



So, what would you tell me if we were having coffee? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I have a co-worker who turns her she-shed into a holiday boutique for November/December. It’s amazing! I also have a love for boutiques, I always look for them when I’m traveling, you never know what you’ll find. I can’t relax either, I don’t know if it is a problem but I could just be sitting on the couch and then something else comes to mind that I could be doing and I get started. It can be a pain, I know what you mean!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg that sounds amazing that she does that! It must be fun to just do it for a short bit of time since it does seem like a lot of work but that’s a great time to do a boutique! Haha, at least there’s someone else that gets me! I did manage to treat myself to a few hours of Netflix this weekend but only after I started my Poshmark store haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for handing in your final paper and being able to work from home on Fridays! External hard drives are so useful, I’ve been meaning to get one for a few years but I haven’t yet 😛 I feel similar to you on my days off, you feel like there’s things you need to do like clean or there’s errands to run but I just want to relax and sleep and I feel that’s not an acceptable use of time. I recently had some time off from work and I was able to sleep in but I couldn’t and now that I’m back at work I feel tired and waking up early isn’t as easy haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so happy for both of those things for sure! I recommend an external hard drive! I lost all my photos from when I studied abroad when I lost my files and didn’t have anything backed up, plus all my old homework and projects which I do like to keep. And yes, I just always feel like I should be doing something else and just can’t relax but then feel so tired when I’m back at work. Haha hope you do get some rest soon though!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Go you for voting & even doing it early!! ♡ Totally interested in seeing your Postmark shop, link us! Living in Mexico would be so awesome– I’d love to move out of the country but am afraid to.

    You totally deserve a refund for that class. You signed up for a different professor & this one sounds horrible.

    It’s funny how you’re not wearing a big coat yet but you’re scraping frost every morning. Over here, we’d be completely bundled up if that were the case lol. I hope you don’t have to drive through too much snow!

    Working from home sounds so awesome! Congratulations on getting the opportunity to do so!! 🤗

    You deserve to relax once in awhile!! Maybe you should take a chill out day once a month or so?? & like schedule it as if it’s another chore you HAVE to do!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I much prefer the early voting! It’s sooooo much easier. I work an hour from home during the week so it’s kinda annoying trying to do it the day of, but early voting on a Saturday morning is so much more doable. And I shall link my Poshmark! I finally got the link updated so it’ll be easier to share now. I would love to move to another country for a bit, but I’d settle for a different state for now haha!

      I did chat with the director of my program and we decided that because it’s already week 11 out of 16 it doesn’t make sense because I’d lose out on a semester’s worth of class anyway. But he’s getting involved now to get the class back up to an adequate level so I’m glad I spoke up, even if it is four weeks that were basically wasted of that class.

      HAHAHA I was just thinking today that I seriously need to get out the big coats. I’m freezing just walking out to my car and then out of my car into whatever building I’m heading into. I think I’m going to be able to avoid driving in the snow this week which is AWESOME haha!

      Thank you! I really want my next job to be only work from home so I can have that experience. I really love working in an office too but I don’t like dealing with the commute sometimes! I’m so happy I get to try this out for a bit!

      And you’re right, if I schedule it then it will hopefully feel like I have to do it! I’m going to try that!!! 🙂 That’s such a great idea Hunida!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohhh yay!! I’m so excited to see your Poshmark boutique. 😀

        Ahh, even though you’re not getting a refund, at least they’re going to try to make the class better now!

        My sister is the same way!! She doesn’t bring out her big coat until it’s reeeeally necessary!! & YAY for no snow this week!! 😀

        I would love to work from home, too! Seems so nice!! I know you’ll find a job that allows you to do it full-time. 🙂

        Hope you fit in some time for yourself, Pamela! You deserve it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Awwwww you’re so sweet!

        Yes, I’m really hopeful we can still get some learning in!!! We shall see.

        Hahaha it’s just so burdensome but I really do need to get it out soon or I’ll freeze.

        I sure hope so! It’s tough these days because everyone is looking for it so competition is bigger I feel for those jobs.

        Thank you! Hoping to squeeze in some me time this weekend!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I really need to go find it!!! It was 20 degrees out today already, and I didn’t need to go out luckily but the day when I have to venture out in those temperatures is coming fast… And thank you! You do wonders for my confidence!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Girl, that is so exciting about the boutique idea!! Definitely run with it! You are such a hard woker, no doubt you could make it happen 🙂

    Ahhh I hate dreams like that!! I had one recently just like that too.

    Congrats on being all finished up with your paper! Woohoo!

    In regards to the relaxing- I feel like seasons of life ebb and flow like that. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have a second to breathe, and then sometimes we find ourselves with a quiet afternoon. I hope you can find some time to take care of you! What a fun month!!! I loved reading this post and all your updates 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww thank you Mackenzie!! I want to start really looking into it soon, right now I’ve found a lot of boutique owners on youtube and instagram that provide great insight on what it’s like to actually have a shop up and running and it sounds exciting!

      Haha I really dislike dreaming about work because I’m like, can I clock in for this? The answer is always no though LOL. But yeah those dreams always are just so jarring!

      Thanks! I’m so glad to be done with the paper and have it turned in!!!

      Hmmm I never thought of it that way! But yes that is sooooo accurate! Thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed the updates! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s great that you had the awesome business idea for a boutique! It’s great that you get to work home on Fridays too I know my Dad does that and it’s a nice break from having to drive out to work every morning xx


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