My Lively October!

Hi everyone! I’m here to share all my hobbies for October with you! I really do like sharing these every month, it’s fun!


I think at the end of every month I just overlook everything that I’ve done until I really think about it and write it out. It’s so nice to have these to look back on!


I do have to say, I’m sad I didn’t read any books this month! I am now four books behind on my reading challenge unfortunately so I really need to get on this!


Movies & TV

I started watching the show Designated Survivor recently on Netflix. Technically I started watching it twice as I started to watch it with my dad, then he had a day off work because of the rain (he’s a landscaper so he can’t work if it’s bad weather) and then he kept watching it. So I had to watch it on my own! I seriously can’t watch anything with him! Either way, I love the show so far. It’s so griping and really pulled me in immediately. I am not very far in but I can’t wait to continue it!

Oh! I actually watched Coco again this month! It’s still one of my favorite films ever. It’s so sweet and I couldn’t go another month without seeing it. I know I talk about it so much so I will leave that here!

Hmmm, can I also put the AMAs here? The AMAs are the American Music Awards and Taylor Swift opened with “I Did Something Bad” which I absolutely loved! I also really enjoyed Cardi B’s “I Like It” performance and Camila Cabello’s “Consequences”. I didn’t watch the entire awards show but those performances were amazing!


I’ve loved Alyce Rocha’s playthrough of the new Tomb Raider: Shadow of the Tomb Raider video game. I started watching it last month from a bunch of gamers but she’s the first one that I’ve seen that’s completed the game. I actually still need to watch the last part of the game, but I plan to do so after I’m done with the next series!

So the next series is, of course, Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul. Now, I didn’t even realize that there were two Pauls to be honest. I thought Jake and Logan were one person since I literally knew almost nothing about them except for that suicide forest scandal one of them had (I still can’t remember which one had that video) (Update it was Logan – I’m watching the final part now and Shane just brought it up). I just really enjoy Shane’s series like this so I wanted to see this too. I don’t think it’s as good as the others because it’s so long and so many people were involved. Plus they were all saying multiple times “I don’t know if I can say this” or something along those lines. Personally I thought Jake seemed very inconsistent with how he was portrayed as in the interview with Shane he seemed very impulsive for example (when he deleted a video when Shane asked why it was still up) as opposed to the manipulative person he had been described as. It was still interesting, but just didn’t resonate as much with me as the others.

The last YouTuber I wanted to feature is Katytastic’s writing vlogs. I’ve been following Kat’s channel for a few years now and watching her write a book and other booktubers get book deals is amazing. I can’t wait to learn more about her book, right now referred to as “Book” only, and eventually read it!



So the first song I really enjoyed this month is “If My Friends Could See Me Now” from the musical Sweet Charity. I saw this musical recently at the Marriott Theatre and here’s a clip of the show from their YouTube channel. I also did a review of the musical on my blog!

Next is the entire album of Red by Taylor Swift. I’ve decided to continue to get her albums from the library since I actually don’t really know her older stuff. I do really like it so far and I can’t wait to get to know more of the songs. Right now my favorite new (to me) song is “Red”.

Lastly, pretty much all the songs I mentioned earlier from the AMAs!


My main podcast has been Pod Save America which is a podcast done by some members of President Obama’s staff. Lately they’ve been really focused on the midterm elections coming up next month. I’m a firm believer in voting and I also am really hopeful we’ll be able to flip Congress to get our country back on track.

I’ve also been enjoying a podcast called The Influencer Podcast. This one deals with a lot of relevant items that people that could be considered “influencers” would think about. I don’t do this full time, and I don’t intend to ever do so, but it’s very interesting and I enjoy it nevertheless.



I’m still playing Hogwarts Mystery! Ava Samwise Quagmire is currently searching the castle for werewolves. She’s a 5th year prefect in detention, has a magnificent closet now, and has way too many friends. Right now the only ones from before that she doesn’t have a full friendship with are Barnaby, Andre, and Charlie. The new ones, Badeea and Jae are at level 2 already though so I’m happy about that! I hate the “house events” just like everyone else and I wish that there was a better emphasis on the story but I also don’t want it to end!

Active Life

Working Out

So I haven’t been super into working out but my friend and I have been taking walks during our lunch breaks outside. We find that it’s so nice to be able to get out of the building, not have to worry about changing for the fitness center, and get some fresh air before winter sets in. We are probably not going to be able to keep doing it for long but for now we’re enjoying it while we can!

Creative Life

So I went to the library for a DIY night only to find that it was cancelled and not yet rescheduled! I am looking forward to the next one so hopefully next month will have something here.


I thought about entering a contest through my library for a short story for this month’s contest. It’s themed around Halloween and the general “spooky” thing which is great, but honestly not my genre of writing. I haven’t thought of a good idea yet and I don’t think I’d be able to write something in time, especially since I haven’t done my final paper for my leadership class yet. Yikes!

And that’s my round up of my hobbies! Let me know what you’ve been up to if you’d like in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I thought they were the same person too 😂 It’s totally bizarre that they’re super famous with millions of followers. I like Shane Dawson too, only reason I watched but really just learned a bunch of useless crap about people who are famous for no reason whom I don’t care about. Damn Shane for sucking everybody in!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome post, Pamela! That Harry Potter game looks like a lot of fun (what system is that on?), and you should totally go for the writing contest hehe, that sounds like a lot of fun! You’d be great at that 😊🎃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Maggie! The game is a mobile game so either the apple store or the google store will have it. It’s a lot of waiting but still fun when you can progress! And I might see if I can write something up this week or over the weekend since the deadline is the 31st! 😀 Thank you for the encouragement!!!


  3. Oh snap, I don’t know if my comment went through or not. So feel free to delete if this is a duplicate- but I always love reading your updates! I also loved the AMA’s this year!!


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