Sweet Charity Musical Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have a musical review for Sweet Charity! I saw this musical over the weekend, and it felt like my first musical in forever!


I have wanted to see this musical for awhile but hadn’t seen it playing anywhere until recently. I was so excited to be able to check it out!

I went to one of my favorite theatres near me, the Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre which is a theatre in the round style stage. Even though it is a smaller theatre it’s still an amazing experience every time!

This musical centers around a dancer named Charity who is dreaming of falling in love and getting married. The story for me wasn’t the strongest and the pacing was off at times. The plot seemed to move by very slowly, as Charity’s love interest isn’t even introduced until right before the end of the first act. Part of the reason seemed to be the long dance numbers throughout the musical. They were really well done and the choreography (originally Bob Fosse) looked great but it did lengthen the amount of time in-between when the characters were able to talk and get the story moving. The story also developed a little differently than I had hoped for the end so maybe that was a factor into it too. However I thought the character of Charity and her fellow dancers was fun to see. I think I did enjoy Act 1 more than Act 2, and it did feel longer as well but I attributed that to the longer dances in it as well.

The music was amazing! I only knew the song “Big Spender” as I had seen a dance class perform this at a dance recital at my college once (I performed with my ballet dance class). It was super fun to see that song again. I really enjoyed “If My Friends Could See Me Now” and “I’m the Bravest Individual”. They were such fun songs and hilarious!

What I really enjoyed in this one was the quality of the acting and the actors themselves. I had seen several of the actors before in musicals at this theatre such as Singin’ in the Rain, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Newsies. One of the actors had been Aladdin in the Broadway version of Aladdin which was cool! They were all amazing and super fun to see, especially when I recognized them. I’m sure if I keep going I’ll start to recognize actors that are ensemble members or some of the crew as well as the main cast!


I did want to add that this theatre does something cool that I hadn’t heard of before until I went to buy the tickets for this musical. Their subscription packages include a much cheaper “preview” week where the director can stop the cast in the middle of the performances to change stuff or fix something. I was so surprised to hear this was a thing! The person at the window was telling me that some people really enjoy that experience and I’d love to see one during preview week and see this happen, although probably not one that I’m super into just to make sure I don’t get disappointed if it stops but I thought that was cool!

Overall, I’m so happy I did get to see it because although maybe it wasn’t my favorite it was still really good, the actors and entire team were phenomenal, and I crossed off a musical from my bucket list! I probably wouldn’t see it again but it was fun and a good time!

And that’s my review of Sweet Charity the musical! It was an entertaining afternoon and I got to catch up with a lovely friend that came with me. Let me know if you’ve seen this musical and what you thought of it if you did!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. How odd that the love interest wouldn’t be introduced until so late into the story! I understand how the choreography was good but just too time-consuming– I felt the same during On Your Feet!!

    That’s really cool that you’re able to recongnize some of the actors & actresses! & the preview shows sound like a lot of fun. I’d love to experience one myself!

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    • Yes, it was so strange! And yes, although the dancing was great, it just felt so long.

      It’s a smaller theatre so I imagine some people who want to stay in the area audition for each musical and they’re good so I can see why they get the parts so often! I need to stop sitting front row so they don’t think I’m a stalker LOL. The preview shows sound so interesting and amazing, I really want to try one sometime! I have already seen Something Rotten! and they’re going to have that musical next year at that theatre so I might try to do preview week for that one.

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