My Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos Decor!

Hi everyone! Yesterday I procrastinated on homework and blogging to decorate for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos! Don’t give me that look, it had to be done! After all, it’s already so incredible that it’s October so quickly and I really am not fully in the fall spirit yet. I keep forgetting it’s October and then remembering and freaking out that I don’t have all my Christmas presents planned or purchased yet.


So I did my usual routine of straightening up and then realized I had to switch out my closet from my spring/summer clothes to my fall/winter clothes as soon as possible as it it already quite chilly out. After I did that I went looking for my decor pieces. I’ve had most of these since last year or the year before! It’s not much but I think it’s cute little items and I had to put them up! These items are all super budget friendly, so I’ll put how much they were (if I remember or give an estimate) and where I got them in case you want to check out those spaces for similar things.


First is my one new item! It’s a sort of ceramic fake books decoration that I got for $3 at Target. Their “dollar spot” section is amazing for stuff like this! I thought it was so cute! I originally wanted to put it one one of my bookcases but it sort of got lost amongst the books so I put it on my makeup shelves in my bedroom! I think it’s so adorable and helped add some character to it besides a bunch of sponges, brushes, and stuff.


I almost forgot this item! This is a Dia de los Muertos candle holder that I have in my bedroom. I try to have candles in my bedroom, home office, and bathroom but this candle was the only one I currently had going that was small enough to fit! I bought it at Target as well for $5 from their seasonal section. I love how it looks lit up but usually the candle isn’t burning low enough for the entire design to be lit up. It’s still cute though!


You might remember this from last year’s DIY post for Halloween. I made this last year as a quick and easy wreath. I did it at the spur of the moment so if I could do it again and get a proper wreath structure I’d love it and also have my hot glue gun handy but it’s still fun! I put it at the door of my bedroom. I can’t remember where I got the wire from anymore but it was something I had around the house and the ribbons were all $1 each, 3 ribbons total from the Dollar Store.


On the door to my home office I have a banner I bought last year at Target for Dia de los Muertos! I paid $7 for it and it was from their seasonal section. I’m Mexican American so I couldn’t have decor of one holiday and not the other. I have to just take them both and mash them together. That’s the fun of having two cultures after all! I like to think of this banner as being inspired by Frida Kahlo.


On the wall behind my desk I put up a Halloween banner that was probably $3 from Target. (Maybe $5 at the most.) This was from the dollar spot as well (I know it has a different name but I can’t remember if it’s still See Spot Save or something else now. I think it’s something else!) I got this banner two years ago and it’s so sturdy. I love it! I think Wednesday Addams would hate to love it for sure.


The last item from Target’s dollar spot is this bowl that says “Hocus Pocus” on it. I believe I paid either $3 or $5 for it, probably $5. I have prunes in it now because my mother has made it her mission in life to get me to stop eating so much candy and assured me these were tasty snacks that were healthy and would kinda taste like candy. They do not so don’t let your mother trick you like mine did but they’re not bad so I’m eating them.


Lastly are two Dia de los Muertos items. One is a little statue from Michael’s. I can’t remember how much it was but I think it was probably around $10-12 and I believe I bought it at a discount as they always have sales for their seasonal stuff. I also have a little mug that I brought back with me during my last trip to Mexico earlier this year! It says Morelia, although I bought it at a stand in Mexico City. My mom keeps telling me that she wishes she had bought one too and I keep telling her we can go back whenever she wants and we can go get her one! I can’t remember how much I paid at all for this but it can’t have been more than a few dollars due to the exchange rate.


These last items aren’t up because they’re actually going with me to work tomorrow! My desk at work has glass at the top of the little walls and so I got these glass decorations. I did get them for $1 each at the Dollar Store and I don’t think they’ll last past this year but they’re cute so I can’t wait to put them up! Technically we’re not supposed to put stuff on the glass but everyone else does it (in fact they put stuff on my glass for me) so I think I’ll be fine. However the other departments can be jealous of my department and always tattle on us so we shall see what happens.

And that’s my decor! If you were here last year these probably weren’t new to you but I wanted to feature just the stuff for the holidays in a post. Let me know which your favorite was!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. The prunes in the candy dish 😂👌🏼 Go mom, haha! I loved seeing all of your Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos decor, Pamela! It’s great that you mashed them together 😄 The dollar spot area of Target is always fun to browse, haha, I always leave it having bought multiple things, without completely denting my wallet! 😉 Those Halloween decals will look great at your work!

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  2. Love your decorations! We’ll be getting the bulk of ours out soon too, though we’ve got some fall stuff up already (: I’ll have to switch my closet too…cause I think we’ve finally seen our last hot weekend. Excited for fall weather and cooler days

    Liked by 1 person

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