My September Life!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re ready to take a look at all the fun things I’ve been up to this month! I’m happy to say it was a pretty good month! Busy but nice, which is always my favorite.


I think I need to get better at taking photos, personally, but it’s quite alright, I get get quite a few! Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Six Flags Great America


First up, Six Flags of course! My mom and I went over Labor Day weekend to get in one more Hurricane Harbor day for the foreseeable future. We chose not to get a season pass for next year as I’m a little over it for now. I always feel like I chose Six Flags over new experiences because I’ve paid for it already so that was the main reason. So next year we likely won’t go at all as just one day is pretty expensive compared to just getting a season pass. We’re still going to go at least three more times (one time each for Fright Fest, Last Call, and Holiday in the Park) so there will still be some Six Flags stuff here but hopefully I don’t miss it too much next year. It is a bummer that we’ll miss the new coaster Maxx Force but we decided if we miss it too much this year we’ll get one for 2020 again.

Anyway, this visit was okay. We arrived and the park was absolutely packed. Oh that also contributed to not wanting a pass again, it’s just too busy most days to actually enjoy stuff! But we skipped lunch as we’d already eaten, got a nice snack, and hung out by the closed kiddie pool as we ate. My mom kept laughing because the pool was obviously closed but the parents didn’t seem to understand what they were seeing. Lifeguards were posted at the entrances and turning people away, no one was in the pool, and yet the parents kept encouraging their kids to run in. Apparently the life guards literally guarding the entrance and the empty pool wasn’t enough to tip them off. Anyway, I asked one guard if it would open at all and she did say they hadn’t gotten a set answer but it looked very unlikely so it was a nice quiet little area (relatively anyway).

I was a little disappointed as my plan had been to stay in that smaller pool but we headed to the wave pool instead which was packed. I went to the lazy river a few times and once there was a horrible lifeguard who was letting people skip the line but when I went she tried kicking me out! I yelled back at her that I literally had just gotten into the river after waiting in the super long line and she kept trying to get me to turn back. I ignored her and kept going. My pet peeve (well one of them) is when people don’t apply the rules correctly so if she was going to let line cutters in and then try to stop me, who actually followed the rules and waited for my turn, then I wasn’t going to listen of course. So off I went, enjoyed my trip down the lazy river, and she was gone when I got back so I guess there was a shift change in the middle of that thank goodness because I had words for her for when I returned.

After that my mom and I went to the non water areas of the park. We wanted to try the new Italian Beef restaurant. The line wasn’t bad so we got in and then realized it wasn’t bad because first you order and then you go into another line to actually get the food. What! They didn’t even get your order ready while you waited in the line. You literally waited in the line to order, then waited in the line to give your receipt to the employees who messily made the food and gave it out to you. Of course, you had to ask for condiments so it made the wait even longer as everyone tried shouting what they wanted over each other and everything was covered in oil. 10/10 would not go back to that one as it was so frustrating and then it wasn’t even that great.

After that we walked around a bit and then headed home as we were much too full to get on any rides. We didn’t go to Fright Fest although it started this month because I’ve been busy with school but we will go sometime in October! Hopefully we get a quiet day!



So usually my dad gets home right before I do and we have an unspoken rule that whoever gets home first goes to get the mail and whoever gets home last asks the other if they got the mail.


So anyway, I got home before him this time and found a little package waiting for me. I was so confused as my subscription boxes have their own packages and I didn’t recall ordering anything so I figured it might something my sister ordered. But then I realized it was for me from my coworker! My lovely, sweet, amazing coworker got me a Hogwarts journal and a Ravenclaw pin from Universal Studios when she went recently (she lives in Florida and goes allllll the time!). I snapped her a picture and thanked her a million times since then. She’s so thoughtful! I really appreciated her kind gesture and I told her I should have been the one gifting her something considering that she was celebrating her birthday the week after I got them! Anyway, if this isn’t proof that I have the most amazing coworkers, I don’t know what is!



No, I’m not going on tour anytime soon. So at work we have this employee recognition program where you can nominate one person or a team for a Rockstar or Dream Team award respectively. In the four years I’ve worked there I haven’t gotten either as clearly no one appreciated me in that entire time. Well recently my team has gotten really into nominating each other both because we do actually appreciate each other and because we want to take over the company (kidding but am I?). So I was nominated twice in one month! Once from my manager who wrote a lovely entire paragraph about the hard work I’ve been putting in and one from one of my project managers regarding a specific account. One of my coworkers and I agree it would be nice to get recognition in the form of a raise or something but ah well. It’s still nice to be appreciated!


Real quick, since I’m doing separate MBA update posts now, but I spent so much time on campus this month that I’m a little over it now. I much prefer hanging out in the quiet library as you can see here as it’s clean, comfortable, and usually there’s seating available. I tried hanging out in the main campus building but there was a girl yelling about her bedbugs (“WE HAVE THEM ALL OVER THE DORM NOW”) and someone walking around loudly telling terrible jokes to one girl trying to study (“knock knock” “who’s there?” “notebook” “notebook who?” “you’re about to write in your notebook HAHAHAHA” “…”) and I know I’m being super judgmental but wow college kids have such a narrow view of the world and poor fashion sense. Anyway, the library provided such a nice quiet area although the main building provided food, music, and general ambiance so pros and cons to both. I am now back to only going once a week for a few hours during non peak student times but it was nice to be able to study and work on homework in the same places as when I was an undergraduate student there.

My coworker had a party!

I don’t have a photo for this one unfortunately but my coworker recently moved and finished her home renovations so she had us over for a little department party. Her house is so cute and on a river so we got a little tour, got some amazing food, plenty of puppy cuddles with her doggies, hung out on the dock, and then had a little bonfire. It was a good time and I love being able to hang out with my coworkers outside of work too as they’re a good group.

My Uncle Turned 50!


Lastly, we celebrated my uncle’s birthday yesterday! As you can see there was a clear theme here for him. He turned 50 so his daughters started planning a surprise birthday party but seeing as how there had to be a tent involved due to the rain in the forecast and then his sister coming up early from Georgia, they had to tell him. (My dad hadn’t expected to see his sister so he was very surprised and happy!) However he was very touched that they put this all together for him! They invited many more family members (I got to hold an adorable baby cousin for like ten minutes), had a taco truck (it was delicious), and there was a live band (Mexican AF!). It was so fun and as I get older I appreciate these things more and more. We hardly ever see anyone from our family as it is because we live farther away from them and it makes it a bit harder but it was so nice to be able to spend time with them and get to know them more. My sister wasn’t able to go as she was working but everyone kept asking about her and so she felt the love too when I texted her!

Anyway, I was the designated driver for my parents so I didn’t drink but there were so many tequilas lying around that I think my future tequila company will have some fierce competition but if we sponsor his next birthday party it will 1) be the marketing budget for the entire year and 2) also bring in a ton of business as I’m sure they’ll all love it LOL.

So that’s my September! Let me know what you have been up to this month!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Pamela, your life is so beautiful and vibrant! I haven’t been to six flags in forever!! And happy birthday to your uncle. Is that a Modelo cake?! How fun! Sounds like it was all a great time. Thanks for sharing, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha oh my gosh, I am so glad you freakin’ went into the lazy river even though the guard tried to stop you! I wish she would’ve been there so you could’ve served her your words when you got back. 😂 The Italian Beef place sounds so frustrating, too! Hope you make it to Fright Fest this month!

    The gift from your friend in FL was sooo sweet!! ♡ I love that journal so much.

    Congrats on the Rockstar award!! You deserve it!!

    I’m laughing about the college conversations you heard. 😂 The notebook joke is ridic lol.

    Happy birthday to your uncle. Sounds like you had some lovely family time! ♡ That cake is soooo cool lol.

    Happy October, Pamela!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha well I waited my turn!!! I wasn’t going to not go if I followed the rules! I mean I guess another rule is listen to the guard BUT STILL. Yeah I think we’ll stick to pizza or chicken tenders next time. The basics but sooooo good and less frustrating. And so far it looks like storms in the forecast for this weekend but hopefully it’ll clear up and we can go this weekend or maybe the one after!

      Yeah she’s an amazing coworker to have sent the presents! She really didn’t have to but she’s so sweet and a lovely, lovely friend.

      Thank you! I put it up on my wall at my desk like the humble employee I am LOL.

      HAHA I was a little overwhelmed with the convos but I was also like “this is going to be so funny to share at work, class, AND with my blogging friends so I have to get this all down” LOL.

      And thank you! It was a lovely party and I know, the cake was epic. My cousins picked the theme and one of them made the cake to match, which I loved! She’s so talented!

      Happy October Hunida, I hope it’s amazing for youuuuuu!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haahah, well, the guard wasn’t following the rules so she didn’t deserve to be listened to!! Go you!! LOL 😀 & I feel ya, pizza & chicken tenders never fail!!

        You are a lovely friend, too!! She wouldn’t have sent it to you if you didn’t deserve it babe. 😉 ❤

        HAHHA, I'm sorry you had to go through the annoyance of those convos but thanks for taking the time to share 'em with us. 😀 I got a laugh!!

        Oooh wow! Your cousin made the cake herself? That's amazing! She's super talented!

        ❤ ❤ thanks so much!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww I loved reading about your month! 😄 Joshua and I went to Six Flags Over Georgia the first weekend of September! They were having a flash sale on the Six Flags website and we were able to get passes for 2019, but that also includes access to the park in 2018! It was amazing 😍 so he and I enjoyed going.
    Your uncle’s birthday party looks like it was so much fun! I used to have neighbors who were from Mexico, and we were invited to a few of their kids’ birthday parties, and oh my gosh – Mexicans throw the best parties!!! There’s so much food and so many people, and I adore the music, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome! The Labor Day sale is typically the best one I think because you do get the rest of the year and the entire next year, at a great discount so I’m glad you were able to get passes and had a good time!
      And thank you, the party was super fun! Haha honestly yes, they are amazing parties!!! It was so much fun and I loved spending time with family that I don’t see often. And I know my dad enjoyed getting to celebrate his little brother’s birthday a ton! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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