My Fall 2018 Bucket List!

Hi everyone! So today I wanted to share my fall bucket list with you as well as review how I did on my summer bucket list! I am great at making lists, and dreadful at going back and seeing how I did. It’s a goal of mine to change that so here we are!


Summer Bucket List Review

First, let’s review the summer bucket list I had made, shall we? I copied and pasted my summer list below. Before looking back at it I’m going to admit that I don’t think I’ve looked at it since writing it, which completely defeats the purpose! Honestly it’s a pain point for me. So without looking at it, I’m guessing I didn’t do barely any of the items as I clearly didn’t remember them! So let’s take a look!


  • See a Cubs Game at Wrigley Field
    Alas, I did not do this one. My friends did invite me but I wasn’t able to make it as it was a Thursday night game and I work during the week. Maybe next year!
  • See the “Underwater Beauty” exhibit that just opened at the Shedd Aquarium
    I did do this! My dear sister got my mom and I tickets to the Shedd and we walked through “Underwater Beauty” four times that day. It was an amazing and beautiful exhibit for sure!
  • See the Pixar exhibit that just opened at the Museum of Science and Industry
    I also did this one! My sister and I went specifically for this exhibit and it was so fun and interactive. I absolutely loved learning how much science went into the making of some of my favorite films.
  • Strawberry Picking
    Unfortunately the strawberries did not happen for me. The season is already pretty short and this year the weather didn’t leave for much berry picking opportunities. The entire season is maybe 3-4 weeks, but only one week is optimal and usually I’m busy that week! Maybe next year.
  • Go Grape Stomping
    My work friend and I  haven’t gone yet but we still really want to do this!
  • Six Flags Great America
    Oh yes, I’ve gone soooooo many times! My mom and I actually decided not to get a season pass for next year since she only gets one because of me and I wasn’t really feeling it. I am trying to spend money more sensibly so although I love the park and always have fun, I want to try new things and I feel like the money I would use for a pass could be used for new musicals, travel, or other stuff. We did decide if we miss it a ton we’ll get it again next year but we’re going to try one year without it!
  • Get an A in my Negotiations class
    Accomplished! I did get an A and I think this was one of the most useful classes I’ve ever taken in my life.
  • Go to the Taylor Swift concert
    I did this as well! My sister went with me and we had a blast!
  • Go to every ballet class
    I missed one but that was because of a work outing so I’m not counting that. The class was so fun and I’m hoping to take it again next year!
  • Go to Lollapalooza
    This did not happen. This was mostly a monetary decision as it’s expensive, but also none of my friends wanted to go and plus it’s not really my scene. I was in the city during Lolla though at the aquarium and I could hear the music from the patio there so I mean, I guess I basically went? Traffic sucked.
  • Start working on my dystopian novel
    Oh fudge, I didn’t do this at all! I still love my idea though so I’m going to revisit it and maybe try for NaNoWriMo with it this year? We’ll see how my class is going at that point!
  • Practice Guitar
    Well, I haven’t gotten my guitar fixed yet as I’m having difficulty finding a place that does repairs and is easy to get to but I will!
  • Catch up on my Goodreads reading goal
    I’m not fully caught up yet but I’m trying! I’ve read a lot more this month so far so we’re getting there!

So I did do 6 out of the 13 items I wanted to do. It’s more than I thought but then again the items weren’t really a stretch that I did accomplish. For example, I already had the tswift and Six Flags tickets down so there wasn’t much chance I wouldn’t do those. But it’s nice that I followed through I suppose!

My Fall Bucket List

Okay so I’m going to try to make some more reach goals but keep it to a few so that way I can better remember and review them!

  • Get A’s in my Leadership and Corporate Finance Classes
    I have to include classes somehow, don’t I?
  • Book a flight
    I was going to go to NOLA this month but my manager didn’t approve my time off until this past week and then something came up that I wouldn’t want to miss anyway! I do want to plan at least one trip though so I’m hoping to have concrete plans by the end of the season for early next year. I have at least three trips in mind!
  • Visit at least once for both Six Flags Fright Fest and Last Call
    I’m sure I’ll do this as my mom and I really want to and we still have our season passes. But I also worry we might get lazy and not go if it gets too cold early in the season.
  • Get my guitar fixed
    I will get this done. I will! I will! I do have a few places I looked up recently so I’ll be sure to actually make it to one of those.
  • Do a complete budget for myself
    A few work friends and I want to do a sort of budget “workshop” next month and we’re going to create budgets and stick to them! I have a few things planned so it should be fun!
  • See at least one musical
    I haven’t seen many musicals this year but a theatre near me is playing Sweet Charity that I want to see!
  • Visit a farm!
    A work friend of mine recently got a second job at a pumpkin patch/farm in the area and I’m planning to visit her! I keep joking that they only hired her because she’s tall and she can rescue the kids lost in the corn maze which always makes her laugh hysterically.
  • Look into creating a podcast
    I’m really into podcasts at the moment and I kind of want to start one myself. I was joking with my coworkers that I was going to create one about my campaign to run for mayor of Chicago (also a joke that one of my coworkers started and that I loved). I’m thinking that if I was to start one it’d be about “living our best lives” and would be a sort of motivational (at least I hope it would be) podcast to get everyone not only to see their current lifestyles in a more positive and healthy way, but also about how to continue to improve it in a realistic and non-material way. The goal would be to make sure people are living for their real selves, not for their internet persona.
  • Work on my year goal – “Get it done”
    Every year on my birthday I set a yearly goal for myself. This year it’s “get it done” which is meant to combat my desire to be lazy and unproductive. Of course, it’s nice to have a low key day, but only every once in awhile so I’m trying to make sure most days are productive. I think overall I’m doing great so far but I really want to step up this goal of mine.

I think that’s enough goals for now. I don’t think they’re maybe the most ambitious goals but some of them are more involved. I do like the plans thus far so hopefully I can do all of them!

So that’s my fall bucket list with a review of my summer one! What’s on your fall bucket list? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Where can you go grape stomping in the Midwest?! Sounds like something that I’d like to do as well. I have to get reading too, it’s not like I don’t have the time 😂 What a fun list, hope you check some more off!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We found a few places both in Illinois and in Michigan so we’re considering those but the problem is that we have such busy schedules that we may not make it happen this year haha. We could look at Wisconsin and see if there’s something halfway and you could meet us there maybe!!! Hahahaha you can get so much reading done now! What are you going to read first? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m also guilty of writing lists and then completely forgetting to look at them. I love podcasts, and I also keep wanting to do more with my own podcast. Some stuff just feels like a lot in writing and I’d much rather speak naturally on the subject. I say make a few for yourself and get a feel for it, then when you’re ready to launch it, you’ll have a few already stored up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha yes! I find so many “to do” lists weeks later. 😂 Whoops! I agree, sometimes it’s easier to speak on the topic than to write it out. And thanks for the suggestion, that sounds like a really great idea and I can’t believe I didn’t even consider that! I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done on completing all the items on your summer bucket list!! I hope you have fun doing your fall bucket list 😀 after all your posts about musicals, I’ve been dying to go and see another musical so we are going to see one in London for my dad’s birthday soon 😁 I really hope you get to see sweet charity xx

    Liked by 1 person

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