My August Favorites!

Hi everyone! Today, I’m sharing my August favorites! I have a couple of favorites to share this month so let’s get into it!


This month’s favorites are a little all over the place, as I have had a low-key sort of month. I don’t think any of these have made an appearance either at all or in awhile so I’m super excited to show them off!


So first up is my brand new Alfred Teapot. I got this one recently in my newest FabFitFun fall box. I just got it but it’s amazing! I feel so fancy pouring the tea into my mug, and it’s just less messy. I used to avoid tea sometimes because it’s such a pain to get the strainer out of the mug but now I just have to pour out the tea. At first I thought it would be way too small as it’s much shorter than the mug I was going to use but it’s so wide and so it was actually plenty of tea so it all worked out well! I don’t think it particularly keeps the tea warm if you pour out a bit at a time but that’s okay, as I don’t drink my tea too hot as I don’t like burning my tongue too much. I do have to say, I have to keep a washcloth or something nearby as the handle can be a little hot and it can spill a bit, but minor details as I get used to using it.

Next is my ballet slippers! I loved taking ballet again this summer and I’m so, so happy with these slippers. When I first started taking ballet in undergrad as a fun elective I used the Payless slippers that are cute enough but they are quite stiff, plastic, and not as cute at these. These are Angelo Luzio Body Wrappers canvas ballet slippers. I also love these because they’re split sole, so they bend more easily. I would 100% buy these again once these become too dirty (which they might be soon).

I have a chocolate favorite this month! So I’m really loving the Cruz 1879 Fresh Ground Coffee Thins Latte Flavor! I have no idea where to buy them or anything really about them as a coworker knows I like them and always gives me some when her sister gives her the chocolates. There’s also an espresso but the latte is my favorite. It really does taste like coffee and they’re great!

So for beauty favorites I have a few. I have really been loving the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation in 108 Caramel Beige. I had bought this one originally and was about to throw it out a few weeks ago as it was much too dark. But this summer I have gotten quite the tan (I don’t even know how, I wear SPF all the time and try not to stay in the sun too long) and this color is proving to be perfect! I am so happy I didn’t get rid of it. I really love how easy it is to apply without too much blending and the coverage is great.

For hair I’ve been loving the Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer. I got this in a past Voxbox for free from Influenster and I would always forget to use it. Now I’m more used to it and I do feel that it helps dry the hair faster and gives me nicer waves. My coworker asked what I use on my hair and this was the only change so I’m sure that’s it!

Back to the face, I recently rediscovered the NYX First Base Primer Spray. I am trying to finish products that are a little older and forgotten before they go bad. This spray doesn’t take much product to feel effective and the spray is pretty good. It also settles quickly so that’s nice in the morning when I’m not in a hurry necessarily, but I don’t have that much time to let it dry. I do like it and think it’s a great drugstore primer.

Last of the beauty favorites is the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer in M25. I love how nice this concealer goes on and how easy it is to blend out as well. That’s the key to becoming a favorite product, be easy to use! I feel like even just a little bit of this goes quite far so that’s nice as it’s not a very cheap product. Worth every penny though!


The last favorite I have for the month is Roti! My coworker has a friend who gave us vouchers for Roti as she works on their marketing team. We went to Roti for a lunch break and it was amazing! I am really excited to go back, especially as the employees were so nice (except the cashier that was trying to rush us along and then taking a phone call when we were finally ready to check out). It was delicious, more on the healthy side, and I would go again!

And that’s my August Favorites! Let me know what products you’ve been enjoying this month. Any favorites we share?

Thanks for reading!


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