My Lively August and MBA Update!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing some of my more active hobbies and giving you a little MBA Update! 

I have a couple of things so let’s get into it all!


Active Life



Well, that was the end of my summer ballet class! How sad am I? Very. I really miss it. The number of people in attendance was way down at the end  of the class, which was odd. I can’t exactly recall but I think there were only five students in the second to last class and then four in the last one when we started with about 15 I think. But it was fun and we got to do a lot more of the fun stuff across the floor. I did see the class was offered during the fall but it’s during the day. The reasoning for this is that the place is quite small and so they have to prioritize the classes for the kids that they know will sell. Even if it wasn’t offered during the day though I wouldn’t have been able to take it as I know I’ll be much too busy with classes starting up so I’m not upset about it. I do miss it though, as it was so fun and such a great way to end the day.


Working Out

So at work one of my coworkers and I had been heading down to the building’s gym and walking on the treadmill for our lunch period. This month another coworker started joining us! We don’t get too much of a real workout in I suppose, as we actively try not to get sweaty but it’s fun and we get a chance to get moving as well as complain about work. Win-win! We haven’t been as often as we would like as sometimes we forget our workout items, chose to go to Food Truck Fridays instead, or just don’t feel like it. But it’s nice to go and we plan to keep doing it.

MBA Update

I know what you must be thinking. Did you just do an MBA Update in a separate post last week? I sure did! But this post generally includes an MBA Update so now I feel like I have to include it. So I did get the book I ordered on Friday after all that I mentioned in my post and did start it over the weekend. The funny thing is that I printed out all my readings for my class that starts this week and had them at work to read on the treadmill. I didn’t read them on the treadmill then forgot them at work! So I’m playing a lot of catch-up now.

That’s pretty much the only update right now on this because I just did that post last week so feel free to check it out if you missed it last week!

And that’s my active life and mini MBA update for August! Next month I will likely change my posts for the last week of the month. I tend to do a separate MBA update post and want the “Lively” to encompass all my hobbies. Plus I want to combine more of them so there’s not so many.

So, let me know what you’ve been up to this month. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Isn’t there a winter ballet class schedule that you can sign up for too? It is a shame to miss out on it till next summer since you love it so. In the second shot, I thought you were showing off your newly acquired lob 🙂 You study on the treadmill?! Dude you are dedicated! xx


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