My August Books & Entertainment!

Hi everyone! I wanted to go over all the books and entertainment of my month! I didn’t think I’d have too much, but it turns out I have a fair amount.



I actually haven’t read any books this month. Actually, I should rephrases that. I haven’t finished a book this month. I’ve been reading bits of books I’ve been reading off and on. I’ve also started my book and readings for my classes starting up in the fall so that stopped my reading of the books I’d been progressing on but oh well. The book I have been assigned for my leadership class is Great Leadership by Antony Bell so I’m hoping it’ll be good!

I’ll read more soon enough I think!


I have greatly been enjoying At Home With…which is hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton. They are of the YouTube channels “Lily Pebbles” and “The Anna Edit” respectively. They interview interesting women on their podcast about their work, lifestyles, and homes while visiting them in their homes and going around each several rooms. I really enjoyed the episodes so far that I’ve listened to from this new season. I would highly recommend!

TV Shows

Do they count as TV shows if it’s only on Netflix that I watch them on? This one was on TV at one point though. I watched a few episodes of my favorite show Parks and Recreation. Specifically I watched the ones where everyone gets the flu and where they try to decide what they’re going to put in the town time capsules. This is my favorite show!


I managed to watch two movies this month! This is actually the first month that I haven’t seen Coco at least once but the month isn’t over yet and I’m writing this early so there’s still hope.


As for the two movies I have seen so far this month they are Black Panther and The Greatest Showman. I watched them both over the weekend. I recently moved my tv to my home office so I could put movies on while I type so that’s working with mixed results right now. I tend to get into the movie and get distracted.

Anyway, I watched The Greatest Showman first and really enjoyed it! My ballet teacher and the other moms there loved the music and my teacher would use it in class so I had wanted to see it for awhile but never found it at the library. Finally I put a hold on it otherwise I doubt I would have ever been able to see it! No spoilers but I thought the  movie was great. I loved the story and music. I thought it was very interesting to see P.T. Barnum’s progression through the movie and see the ups and downs his circus faced. From what I can tell the story is, of course, changed a bit for the sake of entertainment but overall still conveys the message of his hopes and dreams of putting on the greatest show.

As for Black Panther, my sister had been telling me to watch it for ages. I have to admit, it was really good! At first I was confused because there didn’t seem to be any introduction to the characters and seemed much more like a continuation of a story rather than the first movie bringing us Black Panther into the Marvel films. He was introduced in a previous movie but as this was the first proper film I did expect more of an introduction. Instead it felt more of like a heist movie for a good portion of the start. However it was a great film and I thought the story was incredible.

Mobile Games


Well, game. Again. Last week was the first time I got the “Please be Patient” message indicating I’d reached the end of the story that had been released so far. I think I’ve done all the timed events except the duel event where the tickets didn’t recharge at all. At this point Ava Samwise is nearing the end of her fourth year at Hogwarts, befriended a Niffler, has three pets (owl, cat, and toad), soooo many friends it’s low-key obnoxious, and looking forward to her fifth year as a prefect! She’s maxed out her knowledge and working on the others, as well as getting max friendship with Rowan, Ben, Penny, and Bill. It’s still fun but that wait time… Honestly I would prefer the people behind the app hurry up with the story instead of all those timed events they insist on releasing. They’re just too distracting and annoying to have to do classes pointlessly just to get full stars and whatnot for clothing or even to be a prefect. Ah well, at least they are making changes and still experimenting with the game for everyone to enjoy.


For this month I have a few new favorites music-wise.

First is Gabbie Hanna’s “Honestly” music video on YouTube. I have watched her channel for awhile now, including when she was still “The Gabbie Show”. I think the video is just amazing and the song is so fun to listen to. While I don’t think I was her target audience for the song but I really love to watch it and enjoy it all the same.

Next is the “Queen of the Night” aria from The Magic Flute. The Magic Flute is an opera by Mozart and I had been watching a YouTube video of Gabriella of “Velvetgh0st” who mentioned that particular aria. I looked it up and I absolutely loved it. The aria is basically the queen telling her daughter that she needs to kill someone or she’s disowned. The original title is “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” which translates to “Hell’s vengeance boils in my heart” so it’s not a happy song but it sounds great.

For the last song I’ve loved this month is “Me and the Sky” from the musical Come From AwayThe musical is about the planes that were on their way to the US but had to land wherever they could due to the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Come From Away tells the story of thousands of people who were in 38 aircrafts that landed in Newfoundland and the people who took them in. “Me and the Sky” was performed in Chicago recently as part of the Broadway in Chicago concert promoting the upcoming shows in the city and Julie Reiber portrayed Beverly Bass (one of many characters she performs in the musical) for this song. Beverly Bass’ story was so beautiful as she sang of her childhood dreaming of being a pilot, her start flying corpses for a mortician, and early career as the only woman in the cockpit. The song was so inspiring and then made me cry at the end as she sang of getting the message in the air about the attacks and how she now wasn’t sure how to feel about her passion for planes and flying. If the rest of the musical is as amazing and moving as “Me and the Sky” then I can’t wait to see it.


I have three favorites and one honorable mention!

First I have to talk about the Sacconejolys! Their fourth baby boy was born and we got a name! Andrea Luca was born this month and he is fitting in beautifully with the family. I’ve been watching the family vlogs for almost four years and it’s been fun to watch the family go from two kids to four in that time period. I think Andrea looks just like his oldest sibling Emilia, who in turn looks just like their dad. It’s so fun to see baby Alessia start to form her relationship with Andrea as well as Emilia and Eduardo. Welcome to the world Andrea!

Next is the Smosh Summer Games videos! The summer games were only a week long this time, I’m guessing because all Smosh members have traditionally been participants and this summer they’ve been crazy busy with conventions, weddings, and other events. However it was still a ton of fun to watch and I love seeing them compete with each other. In case you haven’t seen the finale yet I won’t spoil who won but I was #TeamInflateabulls.

And lastly is Shane Dawson with two of his collabs. First of the two is of course his amazing series with Jeffree Star “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”. I had never watched Jeffree’s videos and actually knew very little of him at all. Which is weird considering how much time I spend on YouTube but I don’t watch many beauty youtubers anymore and his looks are so over the top it makes sense. Plus I got the sense that he would fall out with a lot of his online friends and the ones that were mentioned I didn’t really know either. So this was basically my introduction to Jeffree. I really enjoyed watching the videos and hearing his story. I’m subscribed now so I can’t wait to see more videos from him! The other series is the one with Molly Burke. I’ve been following Molly for some time now and she’s hilarious! I really enjoy her content. In the series, Shane is learning about Molly’s life as a blind person and even puts on goggles that don’t let him see so he can try to order from Starbucks as a blind person. He also gets his boyfriend to let her try driving as they guide her and it’s all amazing to see! In the videos it’s clear how hard it can be for Molly to do stuff that sighted people can do easily. It was great to see more people exposed to Molly and her life.

My honorable mention is Ariana Grande’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. While it’s not a particularly life-altering or “must see” video in my eyes, it was just a lot of fun. I really loved the part where she was on James’ back and stated in a full Starbucks “I am Ariana Grande and I MUST be carried!” It was so entertaining and I couldn’t stop laughing. Also I’m pretty sure her song “God is a Woman” is probably going to make my favorite songs next month!

So that’s my entertainment for the month! Let me know what you’ve been reading/watching/playing/listening to this month!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hahha oh no! The month is not over yet– you can still fit Coco in! 😂 So happy you finally got to watch The Greatest Showman! I liked it, too but I somehow felt there could have been MORE. I reeeeally wanna see Black Panther, sounds so good & I only hear good things about it!
    Can’t believe you’ve gotten so far in the HP game, wow! Go you!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I might try to watch Coco twice next month to make up for it! I felt like the pacing was weird for Greatest Showman. Like it started slow and then everything was rushed all the way to the end? And then the end was missing something like you said! Black Panther was soooo good! You have to see it! And I don’t like the current outfit thing right now in the game. But it’s still fun to play!

      Liked by 1 person

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